Posted March 6, 2011 – Luminance, a free open source HDR software, will be the ninth HDR program to be tested and reviewed by Captain Kimo. Loading the exposure for creating a new HDR image in Luminance is done by simply clicking the new HDR image button.
Tone mapping is where Luminance becomes inconvenient because to see a preview of the HDR image I have to constantly click the apply button.
Note preview image is best kept small unless you want to wait for forever for each preview to render.
Final verdict… Luminance has a lot of potential, but for Windows users looking for a free HDR software I recommend Fusion or Picturenaut. Tech Blog - I have been looking for a collage software recently to be used for my fiances project and been searching on Google for a full feature collage software that is of course free :) then I found Shape Collage the software is very good that allows you to collage images in various shape, it gives you a lot of control over how your collage will look like such as randomness, transparency, shapes, size, and image quality, I know that Picasa also offers a collage feature but I find it very limiting compared to Shape Collages, if your looking for a good collage software checkout Shape Collage, check out Demo video below. I was looking forward to re-testing this particular HDR program since there was a lot of talk about it on the comment section of my original HDR software round up. I remember the version that I tested before required multiple installs before I was able to use the program, but the installation with this version was simple.

This will bring up the HDR Creation Wizard, click next to begin the process of loading your image. Luminance has no live preview… actually the preview image is the final image, so every time the apply button is clicked a new HDR image is created. Once you get the preview image you want you can then apply it to a large resolution preview. Note the highest resolution file that I was able to process was1536x1023 without Luminance crashing. However I had to delete the program as after a few days of using got a error message saying problem may be due to recently installed software or software. Unfortunately there are still a number of bugs with this version… at least for Windows users.
In the next window you’ll be able to load your exposure, it can be a single RAW file or multiple images.
Neither one are complicated, in fact one of the operators has only a single control function.

Also once the higher resolution preview is processed you can apply a level adjustments to that image by clicking the Adjust Levels button on the top menu. I didn’t notice this earlier, it would have been helpful on some of the images had I known.
I just used the default options provided because I didn’t have the patients to keep clicking the apply button to see a new preview. Also after a few collages I got the shape collage title right smack in the middle of my shape.

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