Joomla HD Video Share Plugin Joomla HD video share is a powerful video share extension for Joomla based websites, developed by Apptha. Live streaming can be fdone through RTMP, Live Telecast, Amazon S3 Live Streaming video features. You can play videos on all mobile devices like iPhone, Android and Smartphones with HTML5 support. If you are trying to promote sharing on Facebook within your website, this WordPress plugin could be perfect for you! This plugin is perfect for engaging each visit for the maximum shares and potential that is possible! As you can see above, there is a simple admin section for editing the plugin and the output text. After enabled YouTube video finishes playing, a overlay with message and button will appear. Share count is coded into this plugin, so when someone shares it via Facebook, it adds another share to the share count.
Works the best for viral content sites and depending on the text wording you decide to go with, it will work great with nearly any site that uses YouTube videos.
Easy to turn the feature off on some videos, simply remove the short code and use the normal YouTube video embedded player. 1 Site License — This will work if you are going to install this on only ONE (1) website at a time.

2 Site License — This will work if you are going to install this on only TWO (2) website at a time. When you press the “Buy Now” button and purchase this plugin, you agree without dispute that you will use this plugin only for yourself and on your own personally owned site. If you only want this plugin alone, the price is $127 as a standalone plugin which requires a separate file.
By purchasing this plugin and completing a PayPal purchase you agree to our Terms & Conditions.
The WordPress Video Site along with the Video Stream works the out-of- the- box way, giving all sophisticated video blogger the best music destination. Apart from readily built options, you can custom modify our Joomla HD Video Share according to your needs. This plugin allows users to add, delete, manage and share videos in all major social networking sites.
We haven’t had any issues with this plugin working on any site yet, however we will do anything necessary to make sure it is working on your site, or a full refund will be given.
You also agree that you will ONLY use this plugin on ONE (1) site, OR if you purchase the 2 site license you agree that you will ONLY use it for two (2) sites. The video gallery plugin has an in-built HDFLV Player, which is unique for its video and audio quality, shows six different modules, supports video upload from YouTube, manage videos in categories, control n number of videos, flexible video settings and social share icons. The Video theme gives a multitude of options to enhance the look and feel of the WordPress Video Site such as Show Video Categories in Top Menu, Video Search Option in header, widgets for popular, recent and featured videos, easy switch over to home page content, Facebook comments for videos etc.

Our support engineers will oversee the integration or installation of our HD Video Share component to your website and will be ready to assist you if help is required. Or if you have already purchased the other plugin we’ll give you the standalone plugin that others will receive for the full price. You also agree that you will not redistribute this plugin in any way or sell our code and plugin to anyone else under any circumstances.
The Video Stream theme accompanies the WordPress plugin Gallery to gear up the effect of a music sharing site.
The WordPress music theme has professional niche theme design, perfectly carved for a music portal. If we find multiple sites using this plugin without proper licensing, we WILL do our job to make sure remedy and proper action is taken. While it has proved incredible results for other sites, we cannot guarantee that you will have the same results.

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