SharePoint 2013 introduces numerous new or improved social media functions that make it easier for people in companies to work together. Like Facebook, My Site in SharePoint 2013 gives each employee his or her own profile page which is usually synchronised with the Active Directory. Facebook reached one billion users in October 2012, more than half of which use the social network daily.
There can be no doubt that social media has become an inextricable part of our daily lives. The My Site function familiar to users of previous SharePoint versions has been further developed and improved for the 2013 version. Other central social media components include comment functions, information sharing with selected people and personal evaluations of all documents, images, lists and blog entries.
To ensure the comprehensive exchange of information throughout the company, SharePoint offers both blogging functions and an advanced search function that can access elements such as documents, blogs, news and My Site pages.
To follow the activities of specified SharePoint users, SharePoint 2013 offers a news feed function. The final function that promotes cross-location networking between employees and merits mention in this regard is Lync, the internal messaging and presence information tool.
Thanks to its new social media functions, SharePoint 2013 makes it significantly easier for employees in different locations to network with each other and enables centralised storage of information so that it can be accessed at any time. Notwithstanding the extension of SharePoint to enable its use as a social media tool, the use of social media is a strategic and cultural decision that must be made by each company individually irrespective of the technical options available. Group Photo Sharing Is Great for Sports teams, Families, Clubs, Weddings and moreOne of the coolest things you can do these days with your digital photos is share them on line with your friends and family. Group share sites are popular for sports teams, family reunions, school, social clubs, weddings, babies and other special occasions. Your site can be public or password protected, and you can set permission options so only the people you invite can gain access and view your photos and other media.
Group sites are also very popular for wedding planning as well as for photos and video of the big day. Secret tip: Shutterfly is the only service that I know of that lets group members download original, full resolution images from the group site to their own PC. Did you ever want to collaborate with someone to make a special photo book, such as for a 50th birthday, a farewell gift for a co-worker, a sporting event, etc? I especially like Mixbook because of their array of scrapbook-style backgrounds, stickers and shapes.
We have a fantastic giveaway today from Shutterfly!  To celebrate the launch of their new feature, Share Sites, they’re giving away a 5 MP Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ3 camera, plus a $50 gift card to one lucky Weddingbee reader! To enter this contest please tell us — how would you use the Panasonic digital camera and $50 Shutterfly gift certificate if you won?  You have until 9pm PST Thursday to enter.  Good luck!
And you can still enter the L’ezu Shoe Giveaway and the Plum Blossom Press Invitation Giveaway!
I would use the camera to take pictures for my scrapbook that I’m making for my wedding. Hi, thanks for the screenshot, i got a question , im not able to get the My sites with default screenshot you have,, In ex: the news feed share message is not there…It also take more than 10 minutes to create the community site? It may take a little while, but in the meantime you can edit your profile or change your photo. The startup, which spaces out users' tweets to hit feeds at optimal times, has acquired a Wordpress add-on called Digg Digg (no affiliation to the content ranking site) that makes it easy to insert share button docks on Wordpress blogs.

Digg Digg had more than 300,000 users when Buffer acquired it and included buttons for social sites such as Twitter, Google Plus, Facebok, Digg and LinkedIn. Buffer's sharing tool has 120,000 registered users (about 30% of whom are monthly active users), and it's hard to argue that giving people a way to spread their tweets throughout the day — even when they're not online — isn't a good idea.
The Digg Digg acquisition, which came with new Buffer buttons on 300,000 sites, fits well with the startup's strategy of becoming ubiquitous on the web.
Widrich says Buffer plans to eventually extend the functionality of the social sharing dock to Typepad and Blogger.
Twitter and Linkedin, with 600 million and 175 million users respectively, are also major social networks.
This development is the result of various factors, including globalisation and the urge felt by many internet users to be able to express their views and receive feedback from other users at all times. Social media is primarily used for public relations purposes in social networks as well as for microblogging. In the fields of social media and collaboration, SharePoint 2013 offers a diverse range of functions. One improvement is the clearer presentation of information relevant to the respective user on My Site in SharePoint 2013. And with the FAST search technology now integrated as standard, it is possible to connect and reliably index as well as search other systems in the environment.
The integration of Lync and SharePoint makes it possible to ascertain the current presence state of employees at any time in SharePoint as well.
For example, the Yammer and Skype products recently acquired by Microsoft will be increasingly integrated into existing products such as SharePoint and to open up new possibilities for covering social media requirements internally. Acceptance of the use of social media within a company may vary across generations and parts of the business; however, the need for an efficient solution enabling simple communication and a secure flow of information will only continue to grow.
While there are many different ways to share, there are two ways that I think are especially fun and useful: free group sharing sites (who doesn't like something nice for nothing) and group collaboration for making photo books and other projects. It's an easy way for a group of people to have access and contribute to a large number of photos and share information.
There are also sections with a calendar of upcoming events, members' roster with contact info, a comments section similar to the Facebook format, and integration with Facebook. Group members can order copies, or, depending on how you set permissions, members can create their own photo books from shared pictures. They offer tremendous flexibility including  the ability to insert your own text boxes, change the size of photos and even the page layouts, add shadows and transparency. You can have whatever else you'd like in the rest of the tag, and we'll maintain any custom "value" you set. All screenshots are taken from the Office 365 version of SharePoint and i will be installing the server edition asap and will post any differences. Tweet-timing app Buffer wants your site to have one just like it — but with a Buffer button. The startup's problem, however, is that it's also a very simple idea and would be easy for a larger Twitter client to imitate. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. In addition to these three platforms, which currently dominate web-based communication and information gathering, YouTube and Wikipedia are also noteworthy actors.
These trends underscore the importance for worldwide networking and the capacity for exchanging information across national borders.

But they are becoming increasingly important within companies as well, as nearly every company today must have the capability to work efficiently with other locations within the organisation.
Another enhancement in SharePoint 2013 is the option of using hashtags and mentions in microblogging. Lync also makes it simple to exchange information quickly and secures suitable means of communication even between remote locations, for instance via telephone, video conference or desktop sharing.
SharePoint already has a Yammer app representing the first stage of integration of SharePoint and Yammer. For instance, I recently made a group share site for my college sorority alumnae association through Shutterfly, which offers free, customized group share sites.
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These functions are already familiar from Twitter and have now been integrated in SharePoint. SharePoint 2013 enables filtering of search results by specific criteria using a horizontal .
For example, news feeds display all microblog entries from the respective users and can be subscribed to individually.
Likewise, Skype is already integrated in Lync to extend Lync’s functionality for use with external contacts as well.
They have a collaborative scrapbook editor for creating photo books and other projects like calendars.
Youtube can also boast impressive user numbers: an astonishing 25 hours of video material is uploaded to the site worldwide every minute. Moreover, the increasingly common blurring of the line between private time and work life means that many people are no longer physically present at the company while doing their work. Users create public profiles to make contact information and shared colleagues visible to everyone in SharePoint, share personal information, make specific knowledge available publicly and display all activities in a clear manner. The new SharePoint version also allows users to follow changes to any My Site page and documents or pages via My Site. Also standard is an “Ask me about” function in which experiences and knowledge can be assigned to a user’s profile through the addition of keywords and tags. In addition to the SharePoint search function, which enables users to find information in a structured manner, there is also a standard Wiki which, like Wikipedia, allows all users to edit and add information.
For example, a user can start a book then invite friends (via a pop-up window where they enter their friend's emails on an invitation request) to upload their pictures and add them to the book and contribute to the design.

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