As Twitter continues to gain in popularity, so do the number and types of applications for it. Some apps enhance how we interact with Twitter, some make it easier to access Twitter from remote locations, others allow you to expand your tweets to include photos and compress URLs for sharing. Twitc – This isn’t really a video hosting service so much as it is a file hosting service for Twitter. TwitLENS – Handling both images and video, TwitLENS allows multiple uploads at once, up to 50mb per file, mobile uploads, and even anonymous uploading. Yfrog – Also a picture sharing app, yfrog has one thing that no one else does: total simplicity. There are plenty of other apps for video sharing, of course, but these are the top pics for us.

Overall, each of us here at Rev2 have a different favorite because we each use Twitter a little differently.
This past Monday, at the GI Sicherheit 2016 security conference in Bonn, Germany, two researchers unveiled details about a new type of attack on Android devices called Surreptitious Sharing.
The two explain that the normal behavior would have been to send the files as serialized content via the Intent API, and not to use file scheme URIs. They say that the easiest way to mitigate this issue is not to allow certain MIME types when transferring or sharing data inside apps, and more precisely by disallowing URI file schemes.
When the user clicked the link, an emailing app would be opened, and the user would send his IMAP passwords to the attacker. Researchers said that they had tested four emailing apps for this issue and found all four vulnerable.

In their second attack, the researchers created another malicious app, which encouraged users to share an audio file via an IM app.
As before, the share link for the audio file was hijacked to point to the user's IM app conversation database file. Researchers tested IM apps like Skype, Threema, Signal, Telegram, Snapchat, Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. For more in-depth technical details, the Surreptitious Sharing on Android research paper is available online for everyone to read.

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