I have two new business colleagues, Yvonne and Hank Charneskey who are videographers.  Their company is Von Henry Media, and they help people make videos.
If you are a for-profit company, one of my clients held a meeting to celebrate finishing an iPad training application, and having all participants on the project see the presentation.  We didn’t get to video it, unfortunately. This entry was posted in Blogs, Branding, Customer Relationships, Personal stories, Reaching Prospects, Social Media, Testimonials, Videos, Web content and tagged Blogging, branding, communication, connecting with customers, content marketing, internet marketing, reaching prospects, top reasons to work with you, web content. Every business would like to produce a video that goes viral—one that will grab the attention of your customers and cause them to buy into what you are selling.
Looking to produce a video and drive promotional efforts that will cause your target audience to take action?
I’m sure when you went to law school, you did so with every intention of being the best lawyer you could be. There are no law professors in law school who teach you about the economics of practicing law. Seems to me that’s a pretty pathetic way to teach lawyers and then throw them into the marketplace and let them fend for themselves.
Unless you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth and go to work for a family law firm or you find a trusted mentor who teaches you the practice of law from the inside out, you’re like many of us who simply have no clue.
You may also have heard the saying “If I only knew then what I know now…” that typically refers to some idea or money-making strategy that would have dramatically improved your business had you know it earlier in time.
I looked up what kind of production companies are out there producing the kind of videos that I was interested in. We had a lengthy chat about making them, and the value they bring to companies of all sizes, both for profit and non-profit.
Do a physical tour of your location, and place the video on your “About Us” page to shed light on what it’s like at your company.

Connect with your customers by showing off your employees, their faces, voices, and personalities. Ask some of your favorite customers if you can video them.  Give them your questions in advance so they provide the conversation you want to include. It’s a great way to connect with prospective donors, and tell them how their charitable donations benefit a cause. For non-profits, show off someone who has benefited from your organization, and why you mattered in their life.
This is a sensational idea that was suggested by Brendan Cournoyer, Content Marketing Manager at Brainshark. Making a video isn’t too hard, but creating one with enough impact to have it listed as one of the Most Viewed videos on YouTube is quite difficult. Let us know what you think video can do for your company by sharing your experiences in our comments section.
Smart lawyers learn all they can from smarter attorneys who have already done it and are doing it well.
I came away incredibly impressed with what they said is happening in the world of video today. Your competition is your best teacher so take a look at what they produced and examine what worked and what didn’t. Take your time with the script until it becomes the exact map of what you want to say down to the last seconds of the video.
Many companies use their own employees in the video, but it’s important to find actors who will bolster your brand and keep your viewer engaged. You don’t want your video to look like an amateur made it so assemble a team of seasoned professionals that are able to give you a seamless product.

It’s important you have buy in from your management team on the video so make sure to keep them involved in every stage of the project.
One of the best tools we have today to educate and teach our potential clients and viewers who are searching for information is the use of educational attorney video. Our meeting raised some big thoughts for me about videos, and here’s what my musings have brought forth so far. One of my clients, Bottom Line Process Technologies, is an equipment manufacturer.  You can see demos of their equipment on their website, as well as YouTube.
Either way, the need to understand that legal marketing is key to a successful legal career. Video allows a viewer the ability to see us, hear us and get to know us before they ever meet us. We were looking for someone who understood our needs and yet had the expertise to be able to pull all of the necessary components of producing a video and getting it uploaded. You will get noticed if you have targeted your video to your specific audience in the most engaging way possible. YouTube and other search engines have breakdowns of every possible market for both consumer and business videos.
You can choose from the list of those prospects that meet your criteria, but don’t forget to include other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as podcasts, your company’s blog, other independent blogs and websites in your marketing efforts.

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