Sharing city project focuses on developing sharing economy in the Helsinki metropolitan area.
In the sharing economy the consumers or inhabitants produce services to each other and co-create completely new services. The project aims first, to promote the key elements of sharing city thinking, and second, to increase awareness of the benefits and impacts of sharing economy to the Helsinki region, and what would it require from the city. During the first year, the project studied closely the leading sharing cities of the world, and arranged workshops in cooperation with the local city authorities and interest groups.

As a result of the project, 3 pilot projects will be conducted (providing examples and guidelines on how to co-create service platforms and concepts for inhabitants & companies), online handbook of sharing economy will be created and disseminated (including examples on how to promote sharing economy), new start-ups will be established, new ways to organize city services will be invented, and conference papers will be published.
The driving forces behind the sharing economy phenomenon are digitalization and social media. In the second year, the activities focus on implementing three pilot projects of sharing economy: one in Helsinki, one in Espoo and one in Vantaa region. They have been the enabling factors for matching supply and demand, as well as cooperation between consumers and inhabitants.

Furthermore, the project team organizes an idea camp for students and participates in the international debate of sharing economy phenomenon.
Sharing economy is based on communality, exploiting local settings, as well as on networks of individuals and communities, and hence it creates economic, environment-friendly and social benefits.

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