German automobile giant BMW has launched car sharing service under brand name ReachNow in Seattle.
BMW ReachNow will offer short-term rentals, delivery service, long term car rentals and chauffeur service.
ReachNow service will cost $39 signup fee and customers will have to pay 49 cents per minute while driving the vehicle.
General Motors has also tested similar services in Ann Arbor, Michigan under brand name Car2Go. BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer said, "Our customers rightly expect uncomplicated and fast solutions to their individual mobility needs, especially in metropolitan regions. Private car owners will also have the option to rent out their vehicle to ReachNow while they are on vacation.

A detailed report on Seattle Times Rachel Lerman by informed, “ReachNow’s headquarters, at 2118 Third Ave., will employ 40 people by the end of the year, and will include a storefront to explain the service and help people sign up. It is not allowed to reproduce, copy or translate a part or parts of the content on Maine News Online website. If you are posting download links here, you must have a topic with many messages to post (required 5+ messages). BMW’s ReachNow will offer short term, long term and group rental options and the company is testing waters in Seattle.
BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer said that BMW has jumped in car rental segment to offer fast solutions to customers’ mobility requirements.
As car-sharing services have become popular in the recent years, automobile companies are looking seriously at car-sharing segment.

This will help ReachNow to increase its fleet size without adding additional cost for new vehicles. BMW launched its DriveNow service, rolling it out in major German cities, Vienna and parts of London with a model that allows users to make one-way journeys without having to return the car to the point of departure. ReachNow Seattle project currently has 370 BMW and Mini vehicles in its fleet and the company will add more in near future. DriveNow has been a profitable venture for BMW and the company claims that 450,000 registered users have benefited from its car sharing service in Europe.

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