This year’s list of sharing enterprises and organizations designated by Seoul includes various companies and organizations who practice the spirit of sharing in a wide range of areas such as space, skills and products.
Dreaming Acorn is a non-profit community organization in Dongjak-gu promoting communal child rearing and helping parents share experience and skills with others.
Run Piano is a project that installs donated used pianos that are barely played and almost neglected in local public spaces. Recycle City allows people trade any used items that they no longer need, from electronics, furniture, clothes, toys, books, leisure gear, to miscellaneous daily goods. Busking TV is a “cultural platform” that allows users to share information about street performances happening around the world.
Sangsang Woori provides various educational programs to retirees and preliminary retirees to help them prepare for the second chapter of one’s life. It organises events such as Talk  Concert: My 2nd Youth while provide mentoring services to retirees who want to start a business to help them find business opportunities, establish a business model and write a business plan. In addition, it runs a co-working place called “Sangsang Canvas” where lectures and events for seniors are provided and social interaction and synergy across generations takes place. Honghap Valley is an online community that provides working spaces to start-ups and helps them collaborate.
In addition to the seven companies and organizations above, Benefition is selected by Seoul as the company who will receive administrative support from the city.
It has been three years since CC Korea began to run Share Hub with the support of the Seoul city government sharing economy companies and many people who believe in the value of sharing. Despite limited Internet bandwidth, file-sharing websites appear relatively popular in Sub-Saharan countries.
There are relatively fewer sites with local African content for African users than sites with American content for American users, for example.
Within the last few years there has been an effort to improve data collection about the availability, utilization and effectiveness of services across all key sectors responsible for VAWG response. Ideally, service delivery data collection should be done through a national system that can collect, track and report data on VAWG in a manner that is aligned at the sub-national and local levels.
In order to introduce safety and ethics into data collection, and to address the challenges that limit the availability of service delivery data in humanitarian settings, an initiative to develop a standardized data collection and analysis mechanism was launched in 2006 by UNOCHA, UNHCR, and the IRC: the Gender-based Violence Information Management System (GBVIMS).
The intention of the GBVIMS is both to assist service providers to better understand the cases being reported as well as to enable actors to share data internally across project sites and externally with agencies for broader trends analysis and improved VAWG coordination.

GBV Classification Tool: a set of six types of GBV to standardize GBV definitions and the incident classification process. Incident Recorder (IR): an MS Excel database designed to simplify and improve data collection, compilation and analysis. GBV Information Sharing Protocol Template: a protocol template that outlines guiding principles on the safe and ethical sharing of VAWG data and best-practice to follow when developing an inter-agency information sharing protocol.
Enhanced Programming Resulting from the GBVIMS: GBVIMS data helps shape programs by informing program staff about acts of violence, survivor and perpetrator profiles, and gaps in service provision.
In East Africa, data from the GBVIMS was used to dispel myths that sexual violence was committed primarily by strangers. WHO Ethical and Safety Recommendations for Researching, Documenting and Monitoring Sexual Violence in Emergencies (WHO, 2007). Sketch App Sources provides free and premium design resources for Sketch App.We curate hundreds of resources to make designing, prototyping, and iterating faster and more enjoyable.
Run Piano is inspired by artist Luke Jerram’s project placing street pianos around Birmingham in 2008.
Anyone can share videos of street performances or promote busking events through Busking TV and even borrow equipment. The word “Honghap” is a combibnation of “Hongdae” and “Hapjeong” and means the cultural area around the campus with young atmosphere which has attracted start-ups in various fields such as ICT, design and content. Share Hub hopes “sharing” becomes a way of life in our daily life and a key to a sustainable future. Furthermore, the data we can obtain must be carefully examined before assumptions can be formed. As a result, sites that transcend language and culture, such as those used for file-sharing, rank higher in African nations. Today, the GBVIMS is an inter-agency initiative governed by a Steering Committee made up of representatives from UNHCR, UNFPA, IRC and UNICEF. The purpose of the GBVIMS is to harmonize data collection on VAWG in humanitarian settings, to provide a simple system for VAWG project managers to collect, store and analyze their data, and to enable the safe and ethical sharing of reported VAWG incident data. This provides access to the expertise of organizations that developed the GBVIMS and have implemented the GBVIMS in multiple countries.
Dreaming Acorn dreams of a community that shares the value of togetherness and add some happiness to the lives its members.

Some passers-by stopped and played the pianos while some others sang and danced to the music.
If you want to sell a small product, you can visit the shop and ask for quotes while they provide pick-up service for large-sized items or bulk items. Some spaces are offered for buskers by affiliated partners with advance reservation, including Gwanak-gu Office, COEX, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Daehan Cinema and CGV Daegu Academy. Honghap Valley not only shares working spaces for start-ups but also helps connecting start-up developers and designers as well as start-ups and established companies so that they can share resources needed for marketing and PR, thereby creating a reciprocal link that benefits established companies and start-ups alike. This infographic shows various sharing activities in Seoul Sharing City such as performance, movie, exhibition, food, shopping and travel. Based on lists of the top 100 websites in selected nations, it seems that the average African Internet user visits RapidShare more often than the typical web user in America or the United Kingdom.
Interestingly, South Africa only has one file sharing site in the top 100, but Sudan has five such sites. The source file included desktop and Mobile views, so make sure you open the other two pages. Later, the project has spread to many parks and streets around the world and finally to Korea. In addition, it provides support for promotional activities such as poster printing, video shooting for busking TV.
The only problem is that in the United States, these sites are often utilized to download movies, videos, and music albums.
Adding more value to the idea, Run Piano places pianos in local child centres so that they can be used in art education for disadvantaged children. It’s hard to believe that African users are downloading such large files (50+ MB) over slow connections. A piano that was no longer used has been creating a new type of sharing that connects people, spaces and arts.

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