Your Website Spokesperson quickly and easily guides you through the steps to create your own talking spokesperson.
Feel free to click on the links above to learn more about how a website spokesperson can benefit your business, or to start your order today! Media contacts, which extends to the person listed on your news release or website, need to understand their role and be ready for what the responsibility brings. Here are some tips to ensure your spokesperson is the best possible representation of your company.
If you are listed as the media contact on a news release, then being prepared begins by being aware that the news release has gone out, and what it’s about!
If you are routing inquiries, you need to be equipped with access to your spokesperson’s calendar, a means for tracking incoming calls and conversations, and a media brief template that you can complete and share with spokespeople for each interview booked. Experts speaking on behalf of your organization, from project leads to scientists to senior executives, need to be properly prepared for the media. Without repeating the same words over and over again, encourage your spokesperson to reinforce your message by ensuring the idea of at least one of your key messages is conveyed in every answer you give.
The experts over at PR News cannot stress this enough and illustrate it in a great example.
If your company is in the midst of a crisis or scandal, a sure way to exacerbate the issue is for your spokesperson to blatantly lie or knowingly mislead a reporter or journalist. For a detailed look at how to handle tough questions from the media, download our free white paper today from our Knowledge Centre here. Recently, actor Ben Curtis told Bloomberg that he could turn the troubled Dell computer company around.
The whole thing got us thinking about tech spokespeople, both real and fictional, official and not. Adriana is the resident writer-slash-culture vulture who has written about everything from smartphones, tablets, apps, accessories, and small biz technology to cooking, fashion, pop culture, newsmakers and the arts. We're the largest and most active group of non-believers and progressive believers in the Philippines.
Every human being has the same rights regardless of race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation. Promoting critical thinking and the scientific method; debunking fallacies and superstition. I recorded this video interview with Frank when I got home from COMELEC before writing this post.

I was about to explain how education actually leads to being pro-RH when I saw Ken being approached by several BUHAY members.
At this point we were all huddled between the elevators and the COMELEC reception, where several security personnel were watching. We explain that RH isn’t abortion, which is what he keeps on implying, but he disagrees. DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the position of the Filipino Freethinkers. And if they really did throw the first shot (so to speak), you can have them jailed for assault and battery. Our large number of professional models and simplified ordering process lets you place your order entirely online - without having to talk to a salesperson. This is a brief but detailed document that highlights key points about an upcoming interview, including date, time, location or call information, reporter name, photo and social handles, links to past articles written on similar issues, potential angles they may pursue and key messages that the spokesperson needs to share. These people may be exceptional in their roles, but interviews with journalists can be terrifying for the unprepared.
Be sure to book time in their schedules prior to announcement day to ensure they’re not on planes or booked in other meetings when reporters are likely to want interviews. Simply jotting down the three key messages that are most important to the story is a great way to do this. While you may think you are giving a superior and intellectual answer, you are more than likely just confusing your listener. Ken had initially said yes out of fear and confusion; their demeanor had given him the impression that they might harm him. The BUHAY member I’d been speaking to, the one who asked whether I was educated, started talking. As I was exiting the building, the BUHAY spokesperson blocked my path, holding a cameraphone to my face. The other guy, who was wearing a lighter gray suit, is the notorious ROMULO MACALINTAL (sometimes referred to as "Atty. Soon after, you'll receive your own website spokesperson that you can put on your website - quickly, and without any programming skills required! Work with them in advance to ensure they can speak knowledgably and naturally to reporters. Believe it or not, your CEO or head of product development may not see a media interview at the same level of priority that you do, so take appropriate time in advance to ensure their participation.

Ensure the media brief contains messages that will help your spokesperson field unpleasant inquiries with language that demonstrates your company’s willingness to share information when more is known, for example. The company is third-runner up in the global PC market, and founder and CEO Michael Dell is shopping around for a leveraged buyout. Toward the end of the video is footage of the BUHAY spokesperson saying the titular statement. We were there to listen to a discernment mass on the RH Bill, but weren’t allowed to attend because of the DAMASO shirts we were wearing. After witnessing the most absurd justification for applying to be a party-list, we had an exchange of words with BUHAY that reflects a lot of what happened in the Manila Cathedral incident of 2010. For that matter, ensure that a desk line is not provided when the contact is likely to be offsite. Aside from wishing we weren’t alive, a public exorcism on us was also attempted by Eric Manalang, president of Prolife Philippines.
They advised us to stay for a bit because the BUHAY members might be waiting for us downstairs with less than good intentions.
He has since been exposed and discredited after his client, Migz Zubiri was proven to have cheated in the 2007 elections. Basic media training includes gaining a comfort level with the process: knowing how an interview generally plays out, what to expect, how to handle an awkward pause, what to do with your hands while talking, and how to ensure responses are natural and quotable. Cell numbers conveniently make it possible for a journalist to text if they need to as well.
People would genuinely freak out when they spotted him out in public, and the paparazzi even followed him around. To this we agree, and I further explain that my parents used RH: after all, it includes family planning, birth spacing, etc. Macalintal, who had been mostly quiet this time, left in a car with the BUHAY member who had challenged us to a fist fight. And when he’d lay his catchphrase on the masses, it succeeded in getting them to… you know, actually get a Dell.
At this point, Ken also has his cameraphone out, and we were recording each other (another member had a proper camcorder, too).

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