People often get serious about strategy once they see some warning signs that things aren’t going well without it. Just when you think you've got the best job in the world, you get the chance to work at mStoner. After spending some time across the past couple of months with diverse audiences discussing the subject of business strategy, it became clear to me that what most people are looking for is a simple, practical definition of strategy that they can use to move their business forward.
Once your strategy has been defined, it should become a guide for day-to-day activities at all levels of the credit union. Essentially, Walmart is in the logistics business because their strategy is all about providing low prices to consumers. Walmart’s distribution pipeline is controlled down to the last detail to ensure that costs are not increased by the movement of products from one location to another.
Though a well-defined strategy doesn’t guarantee success, it puts you on a path with a much higher probability of achieving it and prepares your team to respond effectively to changes in that require you to adjust your course. This entry was posted on Monday, January 11th, 2010 at 5:10 pm and is filed under Strategy. Improve decision making, strategic thinking and leadership in your credit union with tips and articles from the CU Strategy Blog.
Mark brought value to our organization through his ability to design solutions geared to results. Mark gets the team to do the work that is critical for developing a specific strategy for their organizations.
Taylor made our leaders think about and act on developing and mentoring employees for great performance. This week I will be speaking on a panel at the National EFNEP Conference to discuss social media use in EFNEP programming. I recently presented a professional development webinar for the National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences with Sarah Baughman (eXtension) on social media evaluation and reporting. I have had many requests for information and resources regarding IRB and evaluation documents for social media evaluation – including evaluation for campaigns or for end of the year reporting. About a month ago, Greg Martin and John Dorner published a great blog post about why social media matters. The content of this site is published by the site owner(s) and is not a statement of advice, opinion, or information pertaining to The Ohio State University.
Strategic project management bridges the gap between the lofty ambitions of strategists and staff that do the work. Strategy therefore requires making explicit choices – to do some things and not others – and building a business around those choices. Playing To Win shows how well P&G’s strategic choices significantly improved the company’s results. Whether you are managing a single project or a set of projects, the need to manage priorities is ever present. Tip: Listen to the Manager Tools podcast “Got Email?” for further guidance on effective email habits.
According to Gartner research in 2013, 68% of stakeholders perceive their PMOs to be bureaucratic.
Seventy five percent of high performing organizations call on their project management offices to contribute to strategic planning (source: The State of the Project Management Office (PMO) 2014). If you’re already active in the project management office, then you need to get up to speed on strategy. Tip: Read the Chapter 2 (Level 5 Leadership) in “Good To Great” by Jim Collins for an additional evidence showing that leaders ambitious for the organizations deliver better results.
All that expense and effort goes to waste unless you revisit the strategy and measure progress.
Project Management Offices (PMOs) are one of the best ways for project professionals to contribute to the strategic conversation. Based on a survey of more than 3,000 professionals around the world, this report gives an excellent overview of the state of strategic project management. Studying decline of great organizations began with Edward Gibbons`s research landmark books on the Roman Empire. It also means, organizations should ensure that project managers are not unnecessarily engaged in tactical activities like calling up resources for project status update, organizing status meeting, etc. We have selected seven strategic priorities which we believe will best help us realise our goals.
It makes sense for content marketers focus to be on the bottom line – (53% of enterprises said for them, that was increasing leads, and 52% said it was brand awareness), and “beginning with the end in mind” has been named one of the 7 habits of highly effective content marketers.  Alas, no amount of clarity-of-goal will help you achieve it if you don’t have a plan to get there.
After you’ve answered these and you have a sense of what you’re working with, you’re one step closer to creating killer content. About Latest Posts Kait FowlieKait is a Content Creator here at Catalyst Canada, working for clients in the insurance sector. Strategy can be the reminder of what you’re trying to accomplish and perfecting it with new information is smart.

When you skipped the strategy discussions and instead dived right into the work, you sometimes run into trouble. Let us help you answer your questions about research, branding, website redesigns, digital marketing, or any other communication challenges facing your institution. Start by rigorously evaluating your credit union’s strategy against the four questions above-does it effectively define a vision that addresses each question? Next, consider how effectively your strategy has been integrated into the day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month activities throughout the credit union-are the things that people do each day structured to produce the defined strategic outcomes? Finally, examine the effectiveness of your communication process as it relates to your strategy, because this is where even the best strategic plans often fall short-is your strategy being continuously reinforced and used to drive the actions of the team? Below are curated links for learning what social media is, what to use, how to use it, and even how to garner data and report it. More research, real research, is needed to determine which social media tools and other tech-based teaching methods are worth the effort to use in our field. We didn’t get this way by preaching to Educators about how important face-to-face programs are without supplying them with a rubric (enter the logic model again, sorry) or strategies to follow to assist them in creating the best curriculum or programs to fit their goals, their audience, and their topic. Neither text, nor links to other websites, is reviewed or endorsed by The Ohio State University. According to the authors, P&G doubled its sales (and quadrupled its profits) from 2000 to 2009 as a result of strategic choices.
In fact, that’s an excellent way to assess your strategy – does it give you a framework to make decisions and achieve results?
If organization is struggling to achieve its current strategy or pursuing new goals, projects are the answer.
As an example, let’s say your organization has made a strategic choice to obtain college educated customers aged 30-40 in large cities. When you read a change request to study the young adult demographic (16-25), you can turn it down by referencing the organization’s customer strategy.
In the case of engaging with a new customer segment, that task could be reading a market research report. If you’re like most people, you tend to have more energy in the morning before your will power is consumed. In some firms, PMOs operate similar to a financial reporting department – issuing reports, measuring spending and other monitoring responsibilities. On the other hand, if you’re a growing project professional, you may have limited input on strategy today. In fact, Ryan Holiday recommends this reading approach when tackling a large subjects like the Civil War. Throughout the book, the authors provided in-depth examples of how Proctor & Gamble approached strategic questions. To learn more about where corporate strategy came from and where it is going, read this book. In this short 2009 Business Week article, Jim Collins explores the warning signs that indicate that decline is approaching.
As October develops, more articles will be published here exploring strategic project management. It is advisable to go for automated project management software which will relieve PMs from their routine activities that are best handled by a tool.
The European electricity market is becoming more integrated and there is more electricity being transmitted across borders. Deeper investigation into marketers’ obstacles to achieving their goals with content showed that their efforts are being focused more on content creation rather than strategy, and it’s not paying off. Having a plan informed by factors that matter (your buyer personas, any data-driven insights you have access to, etc), to guide each of your tactics along the way ensures that each content piece is created with your sales funnel in mind.
Before a project kicks off, before a major communications initiative begins, develop a strategy.
Yes, there will be uncertainty about the future, so strategy puts a set of options in place. Yes, there are some who are still behind – should we spend most of our effort coaching those who still need it? So why can’t the same logic be applied to social media, or any other tool we’re using?
To continue the metaphor, a strategic approach compels you to prevent fires rather than simply fighting them as they emerge. Lafley, explore strategy at Proctor & Gamble, one of the largest companies in the world. More specifically, strategy is an integrated series of choices that uniquely positions the firm in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage and superior value relative to the competition.
The habit is driven by curiosity (what’s happening in the world?), ego (did anybody mention me on social media?) and other factors. You could also contact influential people in the demographic and seek them out for interviews.

If your project depends on enthusiasm, creativity or problem solving, ignoring energy levels is a recipe for failure. You may be tempted to use other criteria such as working on technically interesting projects. At the CEO level, a relentless drive for glory means previous little time for developing other leaders. It might be satisfying to complete the ERP implementation, but is that what the organization really needs?
If your work involves selecting or designing new offerings for customers, this book will be especially valuable. IF you’re seeking a broad introduction to multiple strategy thinkers, you may want to consider “The Financial Times guide to the gurus strategy : the top 20 strategic thinkers and what they can do for you” by Vaughan Evans.
Even the best strategy (and the most successful project manager) needs to change and adapt from time to time. Pushed by governments and the general public, there is a rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, and increased focus on the need for European energy independence.
They rank in no specific order of importance.Enhance the flexibility and resilience of our transmission grid to ensure security of supply To manage the rapid rise of renewable energy sources, improve our ability to balance power, ensure continuous voltage control and relieve grid congestion we will apply market-based solutions that improve supply and demand flexibility. A strategy—defined by Wikipedia as, “a general, undetailed plan of action, encompassing a long period of time, to achieve a complicated goal”—is wise. Again, strategy means options for accomplishing complex goals; not specific tactics and detailed plans.
You can also use the strategy you have in place as the core of broad communications about your project and to keep expectations in check. If your project is off the rails, it’s not too late to rewind a bit to get things back on track.
I’ve recently shared data from two social media campaign projects I have managed over the past year to present on the importance of having a strategy in mind when it comes to social media use. Part of creating a social media strategy involves deciding who your audience will be, and then determining what tools they’re using.
However, learning how to effectively use current technology tools via strategic thinking and planning will allow us to not continue to feel intimidated or threatened any time a new tool or technology comes around. It seems archaic at times, but having a predetermined strategy is the key to being successful in any venture.
At the same time, energy generated locally and by individual households is replacing demand for centrally-produced power.
So when the vice president for finance requests that online forms for employee travel reimbursement transactions be part of the scope, you can talk about your strategic focus and use it as a platform for explaining what’s included and what’s not. And, while you have everyone’s attention (because everyone is worried about a project that’s starting to go south), you can often get the resources and support you need to be successful.
The only thing better would be me in a black and white film starring Bette Davis where, instead of her, I say, "There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne." Find me on Google+. With the steady stream of Extension professionals coming online more and more, we’ve encountered an issue with Facebook fan pages being created for an entire county office (will someone who follows for Ag program information necessarily want to see community development info?), or blogs or Twitter accounts that simply lay dormant.
I would prefer that we give those who want to learn the resources (read = links) necessary to get them to where they need to be. And may I also add, will keep us from automatically jumping on a new tool bandwagon without knowing its purpose or usefulness. So why do we still feel the need to keep coming back to the topic of it’s importance?
Educators have created them because they were told it was important to create them, but they are either lost or intimidated when it comes to knowing how to best use these tools. But we need to begin placing the majority of our time and effort into figuring out which tools are the best fit for our field and audiences. Example = if your audience is predominantly male, why the heck are you trying to learn how to use Pinterest? Consequently, electricity supply and demand patterns are becoming more complex, making our task to ensure security of supply even more challenging. Throughout a project, you’ll find yourself repeating the tenents of your strategy as you remind people about your goals.
I have recently found however, that many people are much more confident in their social media use if they know how to plan for its use; how to create social media goals and strategies. But another problem is currently festering in the schism that exists between those who are behind the technological times, and those who are already there, have been there, and are aching to move on. One informal goal of our pilot year for the OSUE Ed Tech project is to try to determine how to best address this growing issue. How do we bring those who are interested in learning more about how to utilize social media as a programming or educational tool up to speed, while encouraging and fostering even more growth in those who are ready to take their tech use to the next level?

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