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LEGO City definitely isn’t the main LEGO theme that I collect, but the LEGO Winter 2014 sets for the theme are definitely part of one of my favorite LEGO City waves ever.
The 60046 LEGO Helicopter Surveillance helicopter is going to be 44cm (17.3 inches) long–almost a full foot and a half! Installing security cameras for a small shop, house or apartment in case of recourse to specialists will be worth the extra financial costs, and the average amount of 2,000 USD. When installing surveillance cameras on the street in the open air and with power supplies for cameras, remember that, in contrast to the cameras that are designed for outdoor use, power supplies are not designed for public use with the cameras. Choose an area of the camera in such a way as to protect the camera and junction boxes from direct sunlight, rain drops, snow, and ice. Before installing the mounting brackets for the camera and check the cabling of the camera, look at the picture that shows the camera. The cameras can be damaged if they are directed towards the sun or any other source of bright light. If you are going to carry out surveillance at night, make sure that your site or object of observation is enough light, or you have installed the camera with IR LEDs, IR LED. In the office or shop do not forget to put a camera on every exit and entrance to the room. Make sure that after a while you will be able to get to the camera lens in order to wipe the dust, moisture, and web.
When selecting cameras, remember that black-and-white camera work better in low light conditions, but have low information content.

That’s all some important points you need to know when installing camera and video surveillance system. This entry was posted in Security Camera System, Surveilance Cameras and tagged surveillance camera, surveillance system, surveillance systems, video surveillance, video surveillance systems on October 17, 2013 by . Any product for sale: Templates, wallpapers, website templates, flags, postcards, T-shirts, calendards, etc. Creation of electronic goods for sale such as templates of web sites, software, interfaces, etc. While I’m sure this drives LEGO a little crazy, it’s all well and good for us LEGO fans! The first set that struck my eye, LEGO 60046 Helicopter Surveillance, is part of the LEGO Police subset of the LEGO City theme, as I have a total weakness for cool helicopters.
I’ll post an update to this site and also to the Bricks and Bloks Facebook Page once the set pops up for sale, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re wanting to pick up the Helicopter Surveillance LEGO City set before its official release date!
Small business owners, homeowners, IT specialists are ready to make a little effort to save money by installing their own surveillance, and why not? So make hermetic boxes in which you can hide the power supply unit as well as the tightness of the holes in the cable entry in these boxes. If the camera is set in a dark area and removes the sunny side, the picture quality is likely to be unsatisfactory.
CCTV system will provide you with a long and stable operation with timely care and maintenance. Colored vice versa – will show you a lot of useful information, such as what color was the car, which had a jacket, etc.
The nose gun on the front of the helicopter is definitely a lot more formidable than any weapon I’ve ever seen on a police vehicle, and I really like the sliding door to the passenger compartment that the LEGO policeman minifigures can jump out of (or rappel out of, using the LEGO rope included!).

I especially like the LEGO policeman minifigure that is having a stakeout by hiding in a barrel.
Some manufacturers offer equipment that is in a complete set has everything needed for the installation of surveillance cameras and connect them.
Anyone who is familiar with electrical work, knows how to stretch a simple computer network Ethernet or sound system, of course, will understand and how to install and set up your surveillance system. You do not want to after all the work performed and the time spent was that the camera lens misses important object. Try to keep the same amount of light was all over the field observations and review of the camera.
Try to set the DVR in a secretive relatively inaccessible and, at the same time, well-ventilated place. The idea of the cop in a barrel staking out the joint is hilarious and has the kooky LEGO humor feel to it that I love so much. Normally have instructions for installing and configuring, all necessary cables, connectors and brackets.
The only thing that is missing is the knowledge that is acquired when working with surveillance cameras at sites with different operating conditions.
Or after installation at a height of 4 meters, it turns out that it was necessary to include switches on the camera body. Camera and Video Recorder – is a digital electronic device and configure them harder than usual to change light bulb lighting.

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