Body Scan:  Begin your class and personal practice with the “Ageless Grace Program” Self-Assessment of movement comfort and ease. Second Australasia Ageless Grace RetreatAnnouncing the second Ageless Grace Retreat in Australia! It was a few years ago when my husband and I spent over 3 hours on the phone with a cell phone company attempting to get our phone to activate. The experience was so terrible that we cancelled the agreement regardless of the activation, and to this day refuse to do business with that company no matter how great a promotion they might be having. Just as a first impression for an interview or meeting can make or break the opportunity, so are first impressions formed when the first experience takes place over the phone.
Sometimes escalations can be viewed as specific to tech support, however everyone in every department needs to understand the proper chain of how to push an issue up the ladder in the cases in which they cannot resolve themselves.
As stated in the previous section, it’s not about YOU but about providing resolution to problems for customers. In regards to technical support issues, not being able to provide resolution should be a rare occurrence and even in those times should be easily explained if asked by Management – such as not offering a special feature that the customer would like to have available. When resolution is reached, always state the resolution to the customer and receive confirmation that all questions have been answered.
What other tips or details have you picked up from your experiences – either as a consumer or supplier?

About the author – Liz Krause is the Senior Manager of Support and Customer Care at EtherSpeak.
Growing against a sunny wall these sunflowers still fail to reach the height of the giant Hops behind. Feed at least weekly with balanced feed and more frequently with a high potash feed when the flower develops. I also spend a few minutes before the “Ageless Grace” session begins to allow the students to share their name, where they grew up or maybe a special interest or activity they enjoy doing in the community. Often the students make recommendations for favorite genres, singers or songs and those selections are incorporated in future classes. Our customer service experience was so absurd it should have been a Dilbert cartoon with the number of transfers and looney tunes we had to work with.
Although it may be over the phone, the person who speaks with a caller is the “face” of the company they are representing.
Natural tendency is usually to position yourself in defensive mode… unless you’re trained to know that it’s not about YOU. Make sure to implement a reasonable escalation process that is clearly understood by your staff. Admittedly, there are times the resolution a customer demands simply isn’t practical, but very often compromises will suffice.

Not only does this ensure the customer is satisfied but it also forces the customer to realize that their issue is no longer a problem and provides a positive closure to the situation.
Other large varieties include Giant Yellow, Paul Bunyon and variations on Russian Giant sunflowers.
Students will often spontaneously report feeling an increase in range of motion, a sense of well-being and feeling energized as a result of the “Ageless Grace” class! If you are curious how your employees are speaking with customers and representing your company, listen in on a few call recordings and see for yourself. Let the customer vent, and then put the caller on hold until the employee is able to gather up their courage, take a deep breath and face the heat. If indeed some improvements need to be made, then sit down with the employee and let them know the changes that need to be made. While that may sound silly, sometimes when an employee is new to the front lines, this is a helpful way to avoid meltdown.
Alternatively, you may want to consider moving that employee to another position if they simply can’t handle it.

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