July 14, 2011 by Aurora3D Software 1, The larger the template thumbnail, more beautiful and more practical. We can visually see the contents of each template.
2, The new manipulator, support functions according to a fixed direction, adjust the text to increase the size and shape of bevel button. Adjust text and shape do not need thedialog boxes and property bar.
3, The new hand-painted models feature support for adding text, shapes, support forunlimited withdrawal, support the keyboard to move the anchor. More convenient to draw your own shapes.

Stuff Magazine does a top 5 for Best Movie-making kits and gives iClone some good company with Autodesk 3DSMax, Smoke, J.J. You need two well illuminated pictures; one from the front (mugshot style) and one from the side. The software demands some skills in placing reference points and marking the contours of the face; mouth, nose, ears and eyes.

The final 3D portrait is ready within a few minutes and can be saved and exported in the well known OBJ format.

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