Ergomax Holdings (Pty) Ltd has developed a reputation for outstanding Ergonomics education throughout Africa. We have completed extensive work in South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Our trainers are experienced Ergonomists who have completed numerous Ergonomics surveys thus allowing the practical application of the science to be tailored to your specific companies needs. Ergonomics is often perceived to be too theoretical and little practical application information is available. When completing an in-house Ergonomics Risk Auditors Course we can tailor that course to your specific industry needs thus allowing one to solve actual Ergonomic challenges in your company.
Rittman Mead's Training Courses are taught by our consultants who are well respected for their ability to put across their technical knowledge from years of real-world consulting experience to the classroom environment. Our OBIEE 12c Bootcamp course runs for 5 days and covers everything you need to know to develop a reporting and dashboards system from scratch, including new features such as Visual Analyser and data-mashups. About Rittman MeadRittman Mead specialize in the technology and delivery process behind Oracle business intelligence.
There are many ways to boost employee’s customer service, and one of them is giving them customer service training programs to enhance their knowledge and potentials.
Your employees are the direct contacts of your prospective customers to your company, so the overall performance of your employee customer service is crucial to your growth and success.  While experience is always a great teacher in any profession, there are always ways to improve the performance through more theoretical training, such as regular customer service training seminars where more experienced professionals can inspire your employees to be their best. This is important because this will let you know what customer service training programs you need to give your team.
It is also crucial for you not only to provide customer service training programs to your employees, but also to the leaders, such as managers and team leaders.  Customer service training programs specifically aimed at the immediate leaders should provide them with tools on how to motivate their colleagues, how to foster camaraderie among the team members, and how to bring out the best in each employee. As we all know, the face of the company are these employee and it is a must nowadays to empower the employee to offer the best service to encourage customer loyalty.
The grief, emotional stress and vulnerability of each caller should be handled with sensitivity and empathy. Companies that focus on customer service see a much larger return on their investment than companies that do not make it a priority.
The Freedom Team is made up of tons of business professionals that come from various backgrounds and experiences.
What will happen to global economy if BRICS announce launch of new currency – Bricso? Sign up for The Fundraising Authority Newsletter, and get your free copy of How to Hold Great Fundraising Events: A Step by Step Guide. There is something for everyone at #FIAConf2016 – small shop or large and those new to fundraising or the most seasoned professional. Don’t start 2016 regretting you did not take a few moments to submit a registration before you left for the holiday break! Managers often argue against investing in the professional development of staff by saying staff turnover makes them shy from sending staff to various external courses or learning opportunities.
Professional development is a life-long responsibility you and I have as managers, leaders and staff. Contact us today to learn more and to book this special offer in these final days of the financial year. There are countless organisations in Asia-Pacific searching for a new constituent relationship management (CRM) or Supporter Relationship Management (SRM) solution. Non-profit organisations thrive on relationships staff create with donors, volunteers, and others. While there are many products in the Australian market and they have many attributes in common, there are some key differences in the systems as well.
FundraisingForce is working with three non-profit organisations presently searching for systems. Conduct a requirements gathering exercise and confirm the requirements with subject matter experts (SMEs) to be sure of accuracy.
Write a request for proposals document asking suppliers to respond to specific areas of interest to your organisation. Conduct a meeting with suppliers to review your process documents and to be available to answer any questions.
Organisations using The Raiser’s Edge, or other marquis CRM products, have the tools to create segmentation in house if they simply had the knowledge.
Any organisation lucky enough to have a CRM as powerful as The Raiser’s Edge, or the others in the market, should gain knowledge from an expert to create segmentation in house.
Sending an appeal to everyone on the database simply because the supporter exists on the database is not good enough.
We have all heard supervisors tell us why we cannot attend a training course or a conference. Studies about workplace learning show that investment in employees improves the organisation’s bottom line. According to a post written by Dale Dirkes on LinkedIn, the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) concluded a national study of workplace learning practices and outcomes in 540 U.S.
A graduate-level research project completed by Robert Klein, sales education manager for Nabisco, and aided by professor Dan Tanomery of Fairleigh Dickinson University, centered around what some U.S. Each of us has a responsibility to our organisations and to our staff to ensure our teams are fully trained and have the capability to do the job we have hired them to do. Our peak body, Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA), offers a terrific range of courses for our sector and these courses cover a variety of skill levels and topics.
FundraisingForce offers training on various fundraising database systems, including The Raiser’s Edge.
The Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) Conference is the largest gathering of fundraisers in Asia-Pacific. The three days kicked off with some spectacular master classes, including one I attended called Building Your Personal Brand. How supervisors and co-workers learn to deal with our personality traits and work styles (and we deal with theirs) is key to successful offices. How those same traits apply to successful donor interactions, Board relations, and donor solicitations. How you can achieve goals and build your personal brand while also meeting the requirements to achieve the CFRE credential. The day was packed with information and rich content from the presenters while, at the same time, insight from audience participants. Often one of the favourite events of the FIA Conference, the opening reception was a chance for attendees to visit with suppliers in a sold-out exhibit hall, to make new acquaintances and to renew old friendships.
Many conference participants coordinated one on one or group dinners to take advantage of the opportunity to network further and to kick the conference off right. Simone Joyaux kicked off the conference with a direct and powerful message to the audience.
Young Tom Latchford offered a motivating talk about getting the NFP sector ahead of the commercial sector.
Nigel Harris, CFRE (Mater Foundation) led an expert panel discussion where the panellists focused on problems, challenges, opportunities and responses identified through research.
Dan Bernstein, FundraisingForce, presented a 45-minute session full of tips and tricks to find the gold in your customer relationship management (CRM) system. I was able to take a dozen interested fundraisers through the CFRE process and to try to take the mystery out of CFRE.
Fiona McPhee’s sessions are always about sharing and Fiona did not hold back in this instance.
Marketing automation may be a foreign term to many in the NFP sector, but Derek and Claire offered definition and clarity into exactly what marketing automation is and how it applies to the NFP organisations. Diabetes Australia VIC is one such organisation seeing success through marketing automation.

Tom’s sense of humour and knowledge of best practice around the world came out in this session. Tom Ahern offered several examples of US charity materials and showed best practice and opportunities for improvement. Some of us spend a considerable amount of time each day focused on building our personal brand. Personal brand expert, Julie Lamberg-Burnet, tells audiences they have three to five seconds to make a first impression.
To give you a sampling of what you will experience the day of the masterclass, consider Korrin Barret’s story.
Investing 8 hours in this masterclass may simply change your value in the marketplace or workplace. Some non-profit organisations I work with invest heavily in their staff’s professional development, while others only invest in senior level staff (if they invest at all). How much does your organisation invest in the professional development of each staff member (not just senior level staff) on average across the financial year? The ability for staff to participate in special interest groups, local committees and other sector volunteer involvement activities, which will expose them to other organisations and their counterparts in those organisations. Managers who only invest in their own professional development, or who limit it to those who surround them at the management table, are doing a gross disservice to their organisation. If you do invest in staff to attend a professional development activity, how does their experience get translated back to the workplace and how, if at all, do they communicate about the course with their team members?
I spoke with the CEO of a hospital foundation a few months back about the dollar figure his organisation invests per staff person across a financial year. I would venture to guess this particular organisation reaps the benefits of the investment made in staff professional development through areas such as staff retention, staff recruiting and, above all, fundraising revenue.
The next time a staff person resigns or you have difficulty recruiting, take a look at what you have allocated for professional development and what you, yourself, have done in terms of professional development over the last year. It may simply be that our employee needs some training in order for them to close the performance gap (the gap between what we want from our employee and what we are getting). One of the dangers of assuming that our employee needs training is that sometimes it’s just the easy (but not the best) option. Training can be a very effective way of closing an employee performance gap but it’s not always the answer.
As you point out you have to understand the real issue before you can even determine what training and even if training can help.
Enter your details below to receive my 20-page 'Boost Your Business Performance Through Effective Employee Management' special report - absolutely FREE! The vision of our Ergonomics Training is to be the top provider of Ergonomics education, training and consulting to the corporate and public market. Our training offers theoretical as well as practical Ergonomics principles adapted for the African market. Our courses are designed to bring the Science of Ergonomics to the real-world, a simple “what is wrong?
Training materials are written in English, but our trainers can teach courses in many languages, including Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Icelandic. However, any of our courses can be delivered to your team on a private, on-site basis – giving you much more control over the content covered over the course. Taught in half days, remote delivery ensures minimal disruption to your team, easy access to teams that are spread across territories, and avoids travel costs.
It assumes no prior knowledge up front, but for users of earlier versions it also covers the upgrade process and key differences from the 11g version.
We work around the world with clients, partners and Oracle Corporation to deliver world-class solutions based around Oracle technology. Call center agents are the ones in the front lines everyday, handling problems and questions from customers, so they need to be trained well in order to know how to approach each caller and handle their problems the best way that they can. If you purchase any products by clicking on one of these links, The Fundraising Authority makes a small commission to help defray our expenses. Hearing the word “no” is too common for staff when staff request to attend a conference or course. Management should budget for staff professional development and staff should take ample advantage of these opportunities – those which cost and those which are free-of-charge. Managers who send staff to education courses, seminars, conferences, and webinars will find staff to be more enthused, engaged and loyal.
Do you have some leftover budget you’d like to invest, but you are unsure of training dates? Even better, we have a combined 50 years of non-profit experience and over 25 years combined experience on The Raiser’s Edge and NetCommunity! The 2015 semester II brochure just arrived in our letterboxes and is rich with new courses, as well as well the standard FIA courses – Fundraising Essentials, Certificate in Fundraising and Diploma in Fundraising. These talented professionals offer a wealth of experience as part of the content they deliver throughout the semester.
FIA is able to offer these courses in cities across Australia if we support our professional fundraising organisation.
All of these non-profit organisations are attempting to find the right fit, which will accelerate their organisations productivity. Those products or platforms have many things in common, but there are some key differences across the systems as well. It troubles me when I hear an organisation is signing a contract with a supplier simply because the supplier was “very nice” and “very professional” in the sales process. You will seek information about functionality of the product, information about the supplier, and responses to questions.
Include an expanded audience (beyond your selection committee) to gain buy-in from staff across the organisation.
Whatever price the supplier puts forward is not the price that will be agreed to in the end. Investing in the process and ensuring your organisation makes the right decision is critical.
Hiring experts, like FundraisingForce, who have worked on the supplier side to help you to navigate the process. Other organisations rely on suppliers to segment the data when, in fact, these organisations could segment their own data with just a bit of help. It is not enough to bring in an outside expert to simply create your segmentation for the upcoming Tax Appeal.
Invest some time to create the segmentation on paper and then work with a FundraisingForce Consultant to build the segmentations strategy in your database. The Fundraising Institute Australia 2015 conference occurred last week on 18-20 February 2015. And, because you missed a lot, I decided to create a blog post containing some of the nuggets of information learned from a few of the sessions I attended, including: a master class, plenary sessions, and various breakouts. This class contained a panel of four remarkable women from Brisbane, Sydney and Washington DC talking about the importance of building and maintaining a personal brand. The conference exhibit hall was packed and many of us found it the place to be to network and to gain insightful information from fellow conference participants. His humour, coupled with his vast international knowledge, caused his message to resonate with the audience. As an experienced fundraiser and consultant, Dan knows how to get to the gold and his energetic presentation style and the information he presented captivated the audience. She offered a lot of insight into RFM segmentation and how charities are winning the data battle in Asia-Pacific. The two walked us through the process to change our marketing from “batch and send” processes to marketing automation processes.

Adrian and Henry offered insights into how charities throughout Australia are maximising the opportunity to captivate the attention of supporters to gain the most form every event.
Despite the fact we were in the midst of a cyclone, the room was packed and everyone benefited from Tom’s knowledge on leveraging best practices in websites and social media.
Others go about it quite naturally and do not seem to realise the things they are doing are dramatically impacting their personal brand. Learn more about your personal brand at a one-day masterclass at the Fundraising Institute Australia Conference on 18 February 2015. Turnover is extremely high among charitable organisations and for a variety of reasons – compensation, stress levels, lack of appreciation and, yes, lack of growth opportunities. This area has no direct cost with the exception of, perhaps, some staff time for committee work. Some managers expect their staff to present at the next all staff meeting and to share knowledge gained. This particular organisation has grown significantly over the last five years due to the leadership of the organisation and, it’s safe to assume, the investment made in colleagues who work at the foundation.
Perhaps the lack of investment in professional development is causing you impact beyond some simple budget savings? I’ve lost count of the number of managers who have told me that their employee has asked for training in order to improve performance in an area that, in the past, they have performed in effectively. This is all about getting crystal clear what our employee needs to improve on and then finding (or designing) a training solution to meet those needs.
I particularly like your idea of leaving it up to the employee to choose their path to improvement – once, as you say, the manager has been crystal clear on their accountability for results and offered them the guidance you suggest. Westrive to uplift and continuously improve the quality of our products and services and as well as the learner’s needs by providing the most cost effective products and services to all learners to enable them to achieve national qualifications and standards.
Our enthusiastic highly qualified trainers will offer a course that is relevant to the African market and most importantly provides a viable application route for the Science of Ergonomics.
Due to licensing, for example, you may wish to exclude certain modules and focus on others instead. Losing customers because of dissatisfaction of services that you provided is a crucial issue in your business.
In order to provide the most benefit to employees, a customer service training program needs to be provided by a reputable training firm and selected with an organization’s specific needs in mind. Staff will find themselves to be knowledgeable about current trends and practices, gaining knowledge, and sharpening skills.
With FundraisingForce, you work with consultants who know your business, know the product, and understand your pain points and how to solve them. New course offerings include Data Analytics for the Empowered Fundraiser, Digital Storytelling for Fundraisers, Fundraising Change Leadership, and I Gave at the Office – Workplace Giving Masterclass. Additionally, a single supplier may have a variety of solutions to offer non-profit organisations. Being able to communicate the requirements of each department in your organisation is essential in order to allow suppliers the opportunity to determine the best fit within their own product set. It further troubles me when an organisation is signing a contract with a supplier without having done their due diligence and conducted a search beyond that one supplier. All of these will study the supplier’s strengths, weaknesses, stability and other critical factors. You would not hire a candidate for a position simply based on what the references they provide say about their past. The fact is the supplier will want to know more information about your organisation, your business requirements, and other factors before the supplier is able to quote a more exact price. The knowledge should be transferred to your staff so segmentation may be created for future appeals as well.
The audience was seen taking copious notes and some said they were creating a plan to implement right after the conference. I also invited participants to join the FIA NSW CFRE Study Group – whether these participants live in NSW or elsewhere. Derek and Claire discussed a need to understand our audiences and our supporter’s preferred methods of communication.
He reminded us that we, as fundraisers, care more about the ask and the donor cares more about the thank you.
Personal branding is “owning” the space you exist in, controlling your career development, and how you are perceived. Lack of growth opportunities includes a lack of investment on the part of the organisation in professional development courses, conferences, webinars and similar activity.
This does two things – passes knowledge gained onto others and also promotes the fact you, as a leader, have invested in your team members.
He reminded me not every staff person uses the allocation and some use more than others (if they attend the FIA Conference, for example, and one or two FIA breakfast sessions). Then send them on a time management course (never mind that their time management is excellent and their problem is their inability to get other people to meet their part of the deadline). I’m sorry to state the obvious, but why would training be the answer when they’ve already demonstrated they can perform satisfactorily in that area? In addition to the theoretical knowledge all attendees will receive our self-developed Ergokinetics software which will enable them to easily commence with Ergonomic risk assessments. With our software, learners will immediately be able to complete basic Ergonomics risk assessments for Manual Materials Handling, Work-related Upper Limb Disorders and Office Ergonomics. If you have a specific requirement, contact us and we will find or create the right course for you. Reserve your spot at FIAConf2016 to set the platform for your professional development in the New Year.
Has the supplier continued to develop the relationship 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5+ years down the road or do they only contact customers when there is a sale to be had? Often times those reasons are not about functionality, but about internal factors such as business processes, training, and change management. The fact of the matter is, Julie tells us we do not even need to say hello to make the first impression.
Simply put, staff become frustrated with the lack of investment and move on to more promising opportunities as a result. In the end, it shows to your team, and your counterparts in the sector, you are a good manager and a solid leader. For example, does our employee need training in how to delegate effectively – how to identify which tasks to delegate and how to have a delegation discussion with her employees? Order taking, order processing and answering services are only simple ways to provide customer service satisfaction.
Be sure to think through costs you will incur internally, as well, such as staffing and other variables.
People walk into a networking event, immediately “size” one another up, and make decisions about one’s value without even greeting the person.
Hiring a professional inbound call center that specialize in answering service, order taking and order processing can be your option in improving your business’ customer service.
Others arrive at a meeting and sit nearest to the person with whom they want to associate or emulate. Outsourcing to inbound call centers can be a wise business decision, its a cost- efficient way of providing the service that your customers need.

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