However, there's a feature that will allow you to FTP your SQL file to an upload directory of your choosing, and then instruct phpMyAdmin to run the query file. When you go to the Import tab in phpMyAdmin, you'll now see a drop-down list of available files within your upload directory.
If I compare this website with MyAirBridge, Dropjar, and few other sites, then this website lacks in single file sharing capacity.
Apart from this, Upload GURU lets you add the password protection as well as use automatic file deletion feature which bring it back in the competition. Screenshot above shows my Upload GURU account and options to set the deletion limit for the added file.

Using the first option, you can set the number of downloads and number of days after which your uploaded files will delete automatically from servers. Your friends can open the download link, enter the password, and start the download process to grab the shared files.
I believe encrypted transfer is the most important factor when you need to share large files securely. However, the best part of this website is that it supports encrypted transfers (AES-256 encryption) in this free plan which is not possible in many other large file sharing services.
After adding the files, you can use two options: AUTOMATIC SHREDDING and PASSWORD PROTECTION.

However, to increase the file size limit up to 1 GB and to claim 2 GB free storage space, you have to create the free account.
However, if you are worried about storage and single file sharing limit, then you should look for other websites like I mentioned in the beginning. If you like the features of this website and are fine with the sharing limit, then go ahead and use it.

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