Horses stampede in a circular forest in the three-dimensional ``Roundabout'' by Roh Sang-jun, on display through July 28 at Gallery Factory in Hyoja-dong.
By the time late July hits, it becomes difficult to focus on much else besides the weather.
Two contrasting exhibitions provide a look at modern culture ? one a light-hearted reminder of youth, the other from a more wry social commentary ? at the Gallery Factory and the Doosan Art Center this month. Entering the Gallery Factory in Hyoja-dong, one might initially feel a slight sense of unease. The gallery is quiet on a weekday, so these works by Roh Sang-jun seem to expand the sense of self-examination the artist wishes to incite. Swarms of retro airplanes circle in-flight, a stampede of wild horses run forever chasing their tails, while a mountain waterfall is transformed into an amusement park water ride for one lone cardboard figure. On the gallery's darkened second floor, more work hangs from the ceiling under harsh spotlights.
The mention of summer automatically brings to mind images of relaxing vacations and fun in the sun. Recreated from photographs the painter took, these halted actions are nostalgic, bringing to mind personal histories.
Though the majority of Doosan's high-ceilinged space is filled with Lee's large-scale, oil paintings, a fantastic array of his watercolors can also be seen.
The subject matter is predominantly the same ? scenes from ski lodges and hiking trails ? but the smoother medium allows for the inclusion of smaller details.
The colorless painting serves as the perfect example of the artist capturing a fragmentary instant of time and holding it within his paint.

Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Have you at least asked in the Uploadify forum, first, to see if it is a known bug they are working on? The waters of Kurile Lake on the southern tip of Russia's far eastern Kamchatka Peninsula have frozen over this month for the first time in a decade, prompting scores of large birds to relocate to a nearby sea bay, the local nature reserve said in a statement Monday. The huge crater lake is home to hundreds of Steller's sea eagles and golden eagles — birds listed as endangered species in Russia — that prey on the lake's salmon, the statement said. Many of the birds appear to have relocated to Avacha Bay, where residents of the far eastern city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky reported spotting birds with a 2.5-meter wingspan, the nature reserve said. Despite frigid winters, substantial sections of Kurile Lake usually remain free of ice because of the proximity of the Sea of Okhotsk, hot springs, and frequent strong winds, the statement said.
Inspectors spotted only one small ice hole at a river estuary, “where ducks and swans were swimming, and Steller's sea eagles were sitting on the ice,” he said. Luckily, snuggled among the office buildings and political centers of Seoul, one can find cool respites from the oppressive humidity in the form of art.
Though the two seem only to meet on tangential lines of similarity, what both these exhibitions provide is a window into a frozen moment of time. Delicate-looking 3D works are suspended from the ceiling, one lays snug in a corner, another is stapled precariously, hanging sideways in a gravity-defying stance. Each piece is made of used cardboard and soft watercolors, giving the exhibition a feeling of age; the quietude of the hall a hiccup in time.
The characteristics of the medium are evident everywhere: the texture of the torn edges provides interest, while the exposed layers remind viewers of the reality behind each mesmerizing piece.

The effect leaves eclipses of light underneath the artwork, while the height allows a chance for people to lean over and see the work at eye-level. Artist Lee Sang-won explores the figures of people at leisure, enjoying life on a summer beach or at a winter ski resort. In a tiny nook barely 6-feet-tall, a series of smaller pieces that carry a certain charm of precision are revealed. A still handrail is sharp and clear, yet the red of a man's jacket is smeared, to imply the wind of his movement within the setting's quietude. So if life seems to be passing by quickly, the heat too slowly and childhood a distant memory, step out of the sun for just a second and be reinserted into a setting where the second hand on the clock does not stir. But an unusually cold winter this year caused the lake to freeze over, covering with ice most of the holes where birds gather to feed, the statement said. The ambiance seems so still, visitors take extra care to not disturb the array of meticulously detailed art. This perspective further compounds the sense that time has slowly stopped its natural progression ? a horde of racing tigers circle around the base of a peak that holds a pagoda.

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