As the Fellowship of Reconciliation’s May 2011 peace delegation in Iran concludes its travels through the country, and prepares to return to the United States, two reflections were sent by delegation members.
The first was written by Pam Arndt of Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, and the second by the Rev. Opinions and viewpoints of others are great fodder for thought, conversation and seed planting.
I came to Iran, caught between widely varying and conflicting viewpoints on Iran, its citizens and its religion.

For me, the greatest evidence that religious differences were not so important became manifest during one particular time when the women were required to wear a chador to enter a place of worship.My clumsiness with properly draping the chador made it most evident that I was a non-Muslim attempting navigation through unfamiliar territory. Embarrassment at my ineptitude and frustration at being the outsider quickly recognized their opportunity to descend upon me. Her gentle handshake and broad smile accompanied a gentle nod that lasted only a brief moment as she blended back into the crowd to continue her worship. Instead, it supports her recognition of her faith’s call to welcome the stranger and respond to those in need.

So, the next time someone tells me that Islam is a religion of extremes, I will agree with them. The filmmakers and producers at the War Film Association in Tehran work in a unique way to build peace for future generations.

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