You can select the character you would like for your meme or upload an image from your computer.The advanced editing feature lets you choose the colour, fonts and many other features to generate your meme specialised to your likes. Once your meme is created, you also have the option to either let the meme be displayed publicly on their website or keep it private as per your choice. The Featured page contains the memes that are a notch above the others and have been pretty popular.To the right is a massive list of categories that you can choose from if you wish to take a gander at the memes belonging to a particular category.
Besides, you can even browse through the millions of memes that have been submitted by users and rate them based on your liking.You can also submit your own and expect it to get rated by other users.

If you love reading memes while on the go, you can even download their iPhone app which costs only $0.99.
There are several tools available that help you create exciting and hilarious memes where you can choose the colour, style and graphic elements of your memes. You get access to over 100 templates that you can choose from to create your unique and funny meme. You can also upload your meme to popular websites like Imgur and Reddit where your meme can also go viral.

This app also lets you print your memes directly without you having to go through any hassles.

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