En este articulo te mostramos un tipo de Marketing llamado “Marketing Viral“, donde podras conocer ?que es?
El Marketing Viral al igual que el Marketing de Guerrilla, es un conjunto de estrategias de Mercadotecnia que describe cualquier tactica que alienta a las personas para transmitir un mensaje de marketing a otros, creando crecimiento exponencial en la exhibicion e influencia del mensaje.
Como diminutas ondas, se extienden cada vez mas lejos, un cuidadoso diseno en las estrategias de marketing viral hace que crezcan rapidamente. Algunas estrategias de marketing viral funcionan mejor que otras y se realiza poco trabajo como lo vimos con la estrategia de Hotmail. Para propagarse como un reguero de polvora, el metodo de transmision debe ser rapidamente escalable desde pequeno hasta muy grande. Los mas creativos planes de marketing viral utilizan los recursos de los demas para hacer correr la voz. En el blog Posgrados en Marketing, podras comparar todos los posgrados en marketing disponibles, clasificados en region como Mexico, Espana y en el extranjero, asi como por tema, como Marketing Digital, Direccion de Mercadotecnia, o tipo de posgrado, como cursos, maestrias, especializaciones y diplomados. Encuentra tambien consejos y tips al seleccionar la maestria de mercadotecnia adecuada a tus necesidades, por ejemplo como evaluar el curriculum de estudios, comparar precios, considerar costo de vida en la ciudad o el pais, entre otros.
Es un blog para brindarte informacion sobre los Posgrados en Marketing y ayudarte a encontrar el que mas te conviene.
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Viral Marketing, also known as viral advertising, are marketing practices that utilize word of mouth and online social networking services to spread brand awareness.
According to Wikipedia, Timothy Draper, founder of the global capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson, is often credited with coining the term “viral marketing.” (when?) Meanwhile, American media theorist Douglas Rushkoff was among the first scholars to explore the concept of viral marketing on the Internet in his 1996 book Media Virus! In July of 1996, the e-mail service Hotmail was launched, which the message “Get your free email at Hotmail” at the bottom of every sent e-mail. On October 30th, 2006, the Blendtec line of blenders launched the “Will it Blend” viral marketing campaign on YouTube, featuring videos of host Tom Dickson attempting to blend various objects with a Blendtec blender (shown below, left). On May 28th, 2008, a video was uploaded to YouTube in which several people use cellphones to pop popcorn kernels (shown below, left).
On December 4th, 2009, the first of a series of videos were uploaded to YouTube under the name “iamamiwhoami,” which featured an then-unknown blonde woman with a distorted face.
On February 7th, 2010, a commercial titled “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” for the American grooming products brand Old Spice aired during the 2010 Super Bowl, in which former NFL wide receiver and actor Isaiah Mustafa delivers a fast-paced monologue as the green-screen scenery is changed from a bathroom to a beach with the actor sitting on top of a horse (shown below, left). In June of 2011, actor and model Fabio Lanzoni was chosen to be the star of a new Old Spice ad campaign by Wieden + Kennedy. Researching Now Running Man 40,452 views Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress 6,199 views Views from the 6 Cover Parodies 10,825 views I AM A MAN!
Viral marketing cleverly generates business, increases traffic and reaches a mass of potential customers. Using Social Media helps businesses communicate directly to the vast audience of people who use social media; which is pretty much everyone these days in one way or another. We make it simple and cost effective for brand marketers to launch promotional campaigns – from video clips, interactive Flash games, mobile campaigns, Facebook applications, Twitter Promotions, Contests and Sweepstakes,  text messages and images, we design campaigns to engage your existing audience and interact with new potential customers.
Contact us now for more information on how you can make the most of viral marketing to generate publicity, create website links (see your search rankings rocket!) and gather data on potential future customers.
A successful political campaign needs a carefully crafted marketing strategy to win the hearts of a broad range of voters. To political candidates, exposure to their target audience is as important as it is to corporate brands. Political campaigning is changing and the public is bored of old style politicians that are only turning up on the doorsteps at election time. If you can learn how to market yourself during a campaign by using the power of viral marketing, this can make the difference between success and failure. Do Make it Easy to Share – Viral marketing is based on allowing your audience to share and spread your message. Don’t Restrict Access – You shouldn’t restrict access by making people register in order to access your content. Do Create Content that Makes People React – Some form of reaction and an emotional response from your viewers will ensure the best viral marketing campaign. Don’t Assume You Must be Controversial – In order to get people to spread your message, don’t go outside your comfort zone. Do Have a Purpose for Your Viral Marketing Campaign – Your campaigns should be well-planned out, and have a well-defined purpose, such as to be used to create buzz for your political platform. Don’t Disappear After Going Viral – Viral marketing is not a one-time thing but an ongoing process and you need to keep the momentum going. Do Respond to Comments – Viral marketing presents a good opportunity to connect with your audience of potential voters and build relationships. Don’t Get Upset Over Negative Comments – ensure that you properly handle negative comments.
Online Viral Marketing - The most successful viral marketing campaigns leverage technology to the hilt.
Use our experience, knowledge and advice to help turn your videos viral and target them to your perfect niche. Tweet often ensures that you keep building on the information that you want to share about your product and services.

If you have multiple products and services for which you want to use Twitter, create separate accounts per product or a group of products. Content goes viral because a number of people from all over the world like the information you are providing and decide to share it across all social networking platforms email, text, images and how ever else you can sell content .
The Wikipedia defines viral marketing аs "marketing techniques thаt seek tо exploit pre-existing social networks tо produce exponential increases іn brand awareness, thrоugh viral processes sіmіlаr tо thе spread оf аn epidemic. The Internet hаs radically changed thе concept оf word-of-mouth, sо muсh sо thаt thе term "viral marketing" wаs coined bу venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson іn 1997. Al igual que los virus, tales estrategias se aprovechan de la rapida multiplicacion para explotar el mensaje a miles y a millones de personas. Esperar mientras la gente envie correos electronicos a su propia red de amigos y asociados. A continuacion te presentamos los seis elementos basicos que debes incluir en tu estrategia. Una estrategia de marketing viral no necesita contener todos estos elementos, pero cuanto mas elementos intervienen, mas poderosos son los resultados.
La mayoria de los programas de marketing viral regalan productos o servicios valiosos para atraer la atencion.
No se puede beneficiar de hoy o manana, pero si se puede generar una oleada de interes por parte de algo gratis, y sabras que te beneficiaras en un futuro.
El medio que lleve su mensaje de marketing debe ser facil de transferir y replicar: correo electronico, pagina web, descarga de software grafico,entre otros.
La debilidad del modelo de Hotmail es que un servicio de correo gratuito exige a sus propios servidores de correo transmitir el mensaje. Disena una estrategia de marketing basada en las motivaciones y comportamientos mas comunes para la transmision.
Los sociologos nos dicen que cada persona tiene de 8 a 12 personas en su red de amigos, familiares y socios. Por ejemplo, colocar texto o enlaces graficos en los sitios web de otras personas, los autores que regalan articulos libres, tratan de colocar sus articulos en las paginas web de otros.
The tagline has been credited with being instrumental in the service’s initial success, signing up 12 million users in the first 18 months.[4] On December 31st, the business magazine Fast Company[1] published an article titled “The Virus of Marketing,” which described successful marketing programs from an epidemiological perspective. For Super Bowl XLI held on February 4th, 2007, the Doritos tortilla chip company started a “Crash the Super Bowl” crowd sourced advertising campaign, which urged consumers to submit their own Doritos commercials (shown below, right).
The video was later discovered to be produced as a viral marketing campaign for the Bluetooth technology company Cardo Wireless.
Several videos were subsequently uploaded before it was revealed to be a viral marketing stunt for the iamamiwhoami electronic music project by Swedish artist Jonna Lee. The advertisement kicked off the beginning of an online & TV marketing campaign written and produced by Craig Allen and Eric Kallman of the Portland-based ad agency Wieden and Kennedy. On July 14th, the newoldspiceguyfabio YouTube channel uploaded a commercial featuring Lanzoni as the new Old Spice Guy (shown below, left). Twitter users responded by tweeting the hashtag with criticisms and jokes at the expense of the McDonalds company. Creme” ad campaign, which included the release of videos by Wieden + Kennedy demonstrating the use of Oreo cookie separator machines (shown below, left). In today’s fast-paced world, most voters do not have time to actively research and compare political candidates and their political platforms. You can brand your political candidacy by creating a well-communicated platform and a tagline that defines your campaign. In today’s digital world it is also important to create a website that explains your background and platform in full.
Today, people are more interested in issue based campaigning and less interested in party politics. To make this easier you need to include social media buttons for submission on sites like Reddit, Digg, and others. If you can tap into viral marketing and you are prepared for its effect, you can create massive business success in a very short timeframe. We offer some excellent marketing advice on how to market your products and services via viral marketing.Viral Marketing Examples - Viral marketing is all the rage in small business circles.
And in today's world, that means squeezing every last ounce of potential out of your online assets. Effectively place products and services within linked and associated keyword search systems using our state of the art models, experience and experts.
It contains current web project portfolio, posts regarding his Canadian army experience, news, sports articles, and web tutorials on programming and using social networking technologies. For example, to market a cell phone site, you can create separate accounts for smart phones, accessories and cell phone news. So what is important is to note that people will spread a good word of mouth, if your product is innovative and they can discover value in it. Servicios gratuitos de correo electronico, informacion gratuita, los programas de software gratis que realizan funciones de gran alcance, etc.
El marketing viral funciona estupendamente en Internet porque la comunicacion instantanea es facil y barata, debido a que el formato digital permite una copia simple.
Si la estrategia es un gran exito, los usuarios de correo se deben agregar muy rapidamente o el rapido crecimiento puede morir.
La red amplia de una persona puede consistir en cientos o miles de personas, dependiendo de su posicion en la sociedad.

En un comunicado de prensa pueden ser recogidos por cientos de periodicos y estos a su vez ser vistos por cientos de miles de lectores.
On April 8th, 2004, the fast food restaurant chain Burger King launched the website Subservient Chicken,[3] which featured videos of a man in a chicken suit who responds to over 300 different commands (shown below). In June, the content filtering software company Porn Blocker began using work-safe porn images in ads.
On July 14th, Old Spice launched an online marketing campaign wherein Mustafa engaged in real-time exchanges with the audience through a number of social networking sites and online communities, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Digg.
The campaign ended with a contest between Lanzoni and Mustafa, in which Mustafa was declared the victor (shown below, right). On April 14th, 2013, the personal care brand Dove uploaded six “Real Beauty Sketches” videos to their YouTube account, which included an overview of the marketing campaign.
That means that the ballots are cast according to how well each candidate’s campaign was able to deliver a clear and compelling message to voters. In order to open a dialogue with voters you should make daily updates to your political campaign website. Especially in their local area, votes increasingly resort to Google to research the issues that they are interested in. You will be surprised to note that on your every tweet you will get two to three followers. A successful viral marketing campaign will always offer a win-win proposition to consumers and service providers.
There is no magically formula to make your content go viral, of course you can buy likes, and promote your content but unless people actually like it they are not going to share it. Desde el punto de vista de marketing, se debe simplificar el mensaje de marketing para que pueda ser transmitido facilmente y sin degradacion. Si el virus se multiplica solo para matar el anfitrion antes de extenderse, no se logra nada. Una camarera, por ejemplo, puede comunicarse regularmente con cientos de clientes en una semana. Within 36 hours of the three-day long campaign, the Old Spice YouTube channel gained over 23 million views. The videos show forensic artist Gil Zamora drawing sketches of seven women based on their self-description of facial features, which are then compared to a second set of sketches based on the recollection of a stranger the subjects had spoken to earlier that day (shown below, right). Use social media channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to accent and promote your campaign. Here are some viral marketing examples that you can use to launch viral marketing strategies in your company.Viral Marketing With Twitter - Twitter is one of the twenty-first century's most popular forms of new media. Always remember that for each product the audience is different and so are their needs, desires and wants. We as individuals decide what goes viral and what does not, we may be influenced by those doing paid advertising but ultimately we decided. Prior tо thе advent оf thе Internet, hоwеvеr, thіs form оf marketing wаs tоо disjointed tо effectively benefit mоst advertisers.
Aprende a colocar tu mensaje en las comunicaciones existentes entre las personas, y se dispersara rapidamente.
Direct marketing at its finest should include business cards, printed postcards, posters, brochures, banners, door hangers, and yard signs. However, the problem is that, unless their name is included in the search, most of them remain invisible in Google searches, it’s important to stand out from the competition. Everyone from politicians to movie stars have made Twitter a critical part of their marketing strategies.
Here's how to make viral marketing with Twitter part of your company's strategy for success.Viral Email Marketing - Viral marketing strategies run the gamut. Word-of- mouth wаs generally limited bу thе ability оf thе influencer tо physically speak tо аnоthеr prospective customer, hеnсе thе term "word-of-mouth". But if you aren't using email as part of your viral marketing campaigns, you're missing out on an inexpensive and effective tool for distributing your viral content. Here's how you can successfully use viral email marketing in your business.Elements of Viral Marketing - Viral marketing refers to any tactic that encourages individuals to convey a marketing message to others, thus creating the possibility of exponential growth in the message's influence and exposure.
There is simply no point to add people who are non active or have no interests in your tweets. Like viruses, such tactics take advantage of fast multiplication to blast the message to thousands or millions. Off the internet, viral marketing is known as "creating a buzz", "word-of-mouth", "network marketing" or "leveraging the media".
What are the elements of viral marketing?Viral Marketing Ideas - Have you ever thought about how small business wunderkinds come up with viral marketing ideas?

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