What happens in today’s world however is the mistake that many people make by not giving the search box its due.
Even when a small business recognizes the power of the search box, the issue can quickly turn to the fact that most small businesses are not marketing experts. To use BoostSuite you don’t have to be an web marketing expert, you just have to know your business!
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Google search operators - google guide, The following table lists the search operators that work with each google search service.
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It sits there on the page, beckoning, welcoming…the submit button promising accurate answers to all that come and search before it. For such a simple little action that anyone can understand, the power that the search box yields is incredible.
Even with the rise of social media, of Facebook and of the personal web, the search box is still king.
We have built a completely new way to conquer search and gain the most potential from your website.
If you think about it, what is really amazing about the search box, whether it’s the Google Search Box, the Bing Search Box, or even an “old school’ search box like Yahoo,  is just how powerful it is. Understand how to influence searches, and you can be king of the world, fail to get traction through search, and quickly go out of business. Today’s small business only has limited time to commit to online marketing and the search box still offers the single most efficient way to spend those limited marketing dollars and time available.
They don’t have the time, energy or expertise to figure out how to optimize their website to take advantage of the millions of potential customers available through the search box.

We let you be an expert in your business and provide custom-tailored suggestions that any non-marketer can easily implement. When he’s not at BoostSuite helping small businesses succeed you can find him skiing, wake-boarding and driving fast cars. It is always a better idea to use one proven marketing channel to its utmost potential, than to spread your money all around hoping that you get a customer here or there using the latest unproven marketing strategy.
You can be the expert in your business and BoostSuite can be your partner in growing your business to its potential through the search box.
It powers almost every other action that a user takes on a webpage and is the key path to finding your company’s website and your content.

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