It's been proven time and time again that video converts up to 3x better in combination with a regular sales letter. But before we go any further, you're probably wondering who I am and why I'm telling you something you may already know.
I've been a long time marketer in all sorts of small niches and honestly I struggled with video. Viewers hate them, you probably couldn't sit through watching it and it's just itching to scream out SPAM or even SCAM! Unfortunately the majority of the software for marketers out there just produces these boring and reputation damaging slide shows.
There are some other solutions, but really they don't come cheap at all and nothing that isn't time consuming or extremely costly.
I don't know about you, but my time is best focused on growing my business, not training myself for weeks on the latest video editor and creation techniques. Unless your budget is very high, the costs of having a REAL video outsourced, animated and perfected are very high. Services start from at least the mid hundred dollar range for a SINGLE video being just 1 or 2 minutes long! Video templates - This is a growing business and there are actually are quite a few good ones out there, but have you seen the price of just one template that will allow you to sell it to other customers?
Think of all the "Gurus" and other successful products that use Video to sell their customers. It fact promotions with just a single video alone have been known to produce MILLION dollar days for Marketers!
Sell Videos To Other Businesses Willing to Pay Hundreds to Thousands For Just A Single Video!
High End Video Effects Software Costs a Ridiculous Amount And You Will Need To Spend Months Learning It! We have this working so seamlessly and made it so easy that you just CAN'T take the chance of not getting VideoMakerFX. Myself and a strong majority got really fed up with the video creation software of yesterday and complexity of making even a decent animated video. Honestly I never expected that we could develop this software to be this powerful and easy to use. We've done all the tedious hard work of the programming, animation, effects and everything else you could possibility think of, so you can just load this baby up, and BAM within seconds get an awesome video made, with complete ease and elegance. Beautiful backgrounds that you can apply with a few clicks and other great useful images & icons!
You're getting the most powerful and complete package for creating beautiful and engaging videos for your audience or clients.
We're in the business to make money, provide for our families, provide value for others and build the life style we want. Use them for any of your VideoMakerFX projects with full rights to use them in all the videos you produce!

Every video or presentation should have a great background and graphics set that should complement and highlight the content your presenting. THIS SITE AND THE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OFFERED ON THIS SITE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED, AFFILIATED, ENDORSED, OR SPONSORED BY ANY BUSINESS LISTED ON THIS PAGE NOR HAVE THEY BEEN REVIEWED TESTED OR CERTIFIED BY ANY OTHER COMPANY LISTED ON THIS PAGE. AudioLegal Music, (included with your purchase of the application), is an important addition. Certified project management professionals, (PMP)®, should consider obtaining renewal credits by publishing articles.
Create anything from simple style presentations to full blown kinetic style and explainer style videos. 240+ Awesome Animated Slide Scenes –A Over 240 Scenes spanning more then 35 different themes.
Online Fan Page Designer Review and download – The Easiest Method to Design Stunning Facebook Images Even If You Have no Design Experience at All! Venus Factor Program Review and download – Dominate Evergreen Niches and Make the Most Money!
I was great with graphics and photography, but could never get the whole thing on Video and I was just really bad at making them, honestly my 6 years old cousin could make better videos then me. I'm talking about a video that can actually guarantee you an INCREASE in SALES and get you FRESH leads. It's a lengthy process and it takes up a lot of your time in the planning and production process. Imagine what you can do with that kind of money and time invested in growing your business or gaining new customers where it really matters!
The average price for a single after effects video template that you can use for just ONE Business or Product! It's vital you have a video, your products and services have a video and that your clients have a video! A full royalty free grapics library is also included in addition to our backgrounds collection. So this is why we became so inspired to create VideoMakerFX, to let the process of making great videos be an easy and a fun thing for once! It still works nicely on a slower computer, it may take a bit more time to output your final video file, but it will still work and not take hours like the professional animation software does. I tested this by letting my grandma use it, without giving her any training other than saying “make a video in this”, and it took less than 2 minutes for her to make a nice 30 second clip using some of her photos.
There’s just a few solutions out there like VideoMakerFX, but they are costly, more complex to use and they charge you an arm and a leg to use videos for commercial purposes.
You will have the tool to make awesome videos, so you can sell and market your video creation services with no restrictions. Themes range from the most basic to produce beautiful video sales letters quickly to full blown explainer style videos. This way you take advantage of your computer's processing power and you get your videos instantly!

Although it works on any machine, rendering and previewing of videos may be slower on older computers. With this software, you’ll be able to creates amazing videos that engages your audienceA and boosts your sales andA conversions. Your time is best invested in growing your business and gaining more traffic and customers. Videos can explain your message or product in a short amount of time and have them positioning you as the expert in no time. If you use other non-bundled images, music, graphics or other elements then you must verify yourself what rights you have to use them, as this content may be copyrighted to other authors.
The application provides the easiest way for practically anyone to enter the exciting world of video production.Now you can get a free bundle of 10 Instant Video Template files when you buy VideoMakerFX through this link. It takes literally minutes to create high quality, well polished video presentations that would normally cost you a fortune to get produced. This is not just designed for the Internet Maketing Niche, it’s designed as software that can be used by just about anyone with any purpose to make an Incredible Video!
The flexibility that this software provides without the need for any technical skills is second to none. Make sure that you use the included shots, your own, or those for which you have full commercial rights. This way you take advantage of your computer’s processing power and you get your videos instantly.
There are major financial penalties for misusing content and it is up to you to ensure that you are legally compliant.VideoMakerFX makes it easy to create videos. It seem's the Internet has finally woken up that that Doodle Sketch Videos are literally the *HOTTEST* way to sell anything online. There's no explanation for why they sell like crazy but theres never been a better time to cash in promoting affiliate products. The creation tool comes with 20 tracks so with this bonus, you will have 60 to choose from. In practice, an experienced video production person will now be able to create content in perhaps 30 to 60 minutes. Industry has a history of quickly finding violations of copyright, and pressing violators for payment.
All told, a complete 60 second piece may take a couple of hours for a completely professional job, complete with background music and a voice track.Web masters have found that having video generates traffic. For example, arrows can point downwards, showing the viewer where they may want to click a subscription link.
You get the option to generate in full HD, or small formats to fit mobile and tablet screens.

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