VideoPad Video Editor comes with an intuitive interface that provides quick and easy access to all the tools and functions you might need during video editing. With VideoPad Video Editor you can also capture video from DV camcorders, VHS and webcam and import almost any files format including AVI, DIVX, MPV and WMV into the timeline. On top of that, VideoPad Video Editor features powerful audio editing tools for mixing tracks, creating the movie sound track and more.
With VideoPad Video Editor’s help you can fine-tune the colors and other visual effects, slow down, speed up or revers a sequence, reduce camera shake and stabilize the image, and use sequences of still images in your video.
When you are happy with your product, you can burn it to a DVD or save it into a format compatible with video sharing websites, mobile devices, game consoles and more.

On the whole, VideoPad Video Editor is an easy to use video editing application for OS X that makes it possible to add a wide array of effects and transitions to your videos, as well as optimize them to create the perfect movie to share with your friends and family.
You just have to drag and drop your multimedia content, cut, stitch and apply effects, as well as transitions, adjust video speed and export your creation with ease.
What is more, you can use over 50 different visual and transition effects that can enrich your homemade or professional movie. The duration of the applied transitions can be easily adjusted and you can also use overlay text for captions and movie credits. VideoPad Video Editor helps you record your own narrations and use the provided sound effects in your production.

More experienced filmmakers can work with chroma key compositing and obtain the desired special effects.

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