Even better is this little extra feature in shared photo streams: the ability to make a shared Photo Stream a public website.
Once you have your selection, tap the ‘Share’ button at the top left of the page – and choose Photo Stream from the sharing buttons. I use the iPad and the iPhone a long time but I didn’t know that a public website can be created. I shared Photos on Photo Stream and deleted my icloud account from my Iphone, and a message came up on icloud once i deleted the account saying all photos shared from this iphone will be deleted. With Shared Photo Streams turned on, you can create shared photo streams and subscribe to shared photo streams created by others. Just open the Photos app, select an album (Camera Roll for instance), and ta[p the ‘Edit’ button at the top right of the page.
If this is your first one, then you’ll only see the latter option – so tap New Photo Stream. If the Photos app opens to the Camera Roll, you’ll have to tap on ‘Albums’ first and then select Photo Stream.
This is a great feature for sharing a collection of photos easily and quickly with family and friends – have fun using it.

A shared Photo Stream, as the name would imply, lets you easily and almost instantly share a particular set of photos with family and friends. Then tap to select the photos you want to be in your photo stream – each one you tap will show a blue circle and a checkmark.
The Share box will pop up and you can then share the public website link via email, Messages, Twitter, Facebook, or just copy the link for pasting into a note or similar. Friends who don’t use iCloud can view your photos on the web.This course is for anyone looking to take better photographs while traveling.
With the skills and techniques learned in this course, you'll be taking travel magazine worthy photos in no time!Why use Shared Photostreams?Emailing photos and the person on the receiving end complains of either being unable to open them or didn’t see them in their email.
File restrictions associated with email apps can make sending a large number of photographs difficult, if not impossible to send. Since all of your images are automatically saved to iCloud, iOS allows you to easily create shared photo streams. You can share 10, 20 or even hundreds of photos, in a flash (provided everyone has an iOS device).You can share photos and now videos in Photostreams. Tap the iCloud icon that appears in the share menu.Share to a new PhotostreamType a name for the new stream.

Tap Next.Add people to share the streamAdd the email addresses of those to whom you want to share the stream. Tap Create.Final steps before postingAdd a comment if you like to explain to the people you've shared the video with what this Photostream is about.
The video can now be accessed by anyone you have shared the Photo Stream with.Email notification of the PhotostreamThe person you share the Photostream with will receive an email like this. Videos posted and available via the public link can be played fullscreen and downloaded to your computer.Edit the PhotostreamMaking the Photostream public will provide a link that you can also email to others. The Photostream can be accessed from any web browser by those who have the link.In the Photos App, select the Shared tab, then tap the stream you want to edit.

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