Vijay TV Actress Anchor photos Aishwarya in saree Image Picture Gallery Stills, Aishwarya Tv Actress pictures Aishwarya Tv Actress tamil actress photos gallery aishwarya vijay tv.. It is more than a story that gives lessons and teaches us on life’s morals and values. From sacred literature that brought revelations about Dharma and Karma through generations, the legendary MAHABHARATAM is the most awaited and ambitious project.MAHABHARATAM is the epic tale of two great kingdoms that went to war against each other. Filled with strong characters, lavish palaces and a tale encompassing every possible range of emotions. This is a story of kingdoms, a story of sacrifice, a story of relationships and lastly a story bridging the gap between the Gods and man.The narration of the story begins from the foremost ancestor of the epic Shantanu-Satyavathy and the sacrifice of Bhismar.

Not much known stories of the epic are brought to lime-light so that viewers get to see a fresh and untold stories so far.The most skilled people were chosen to make the narration of this tale perfect on TV. Sriram, the General Manager of Vijay TV says, “We certainly are proud to present this legendary epic drama in TAMIL to our viewers. Make sure you don’t miss a single episode of this great narrative, starting 07 October 2013, every Monday to Friday at 7 pm only on VIJAY TV’ you would enjoy it”.MahabarathamThe marketing activity for the launch of MAHABHARATAM has been widened all over Tamilnadu. The massive publicity takes the show to the next level of affluence and the grandeur promotion is sure to attract everyone.
The promotions of MAHABHARATAM have begun with grandeur Digital, interactive mediums, wall posters, on ground activities, Radio, Print, Road shows etc., and there are more exciting promotional plans that are lined up as part of the extensive Marketing plan.

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