We may only be in June, but there has been a huge resurgence of viral and guerrilla advertising techniques.
So far already this year, we have been impressed with an array of online, viral adverts that have captured our imaginations; as well as an abundance of memorable television adverts that are sure to make the ‘Best of’ list. Recently released to cries of “aww!” from everyone, the new Ibis hotel advert really ramps up the cute factor.
The advert features a collection of adorable bunnies making themselves at home in an Ibis hotel room, demonstrating how comfortable and homely the hotel chain is. It might not seem like it, but the viral advert sensation from Three was released in February of this year. Robinsons Squash are tugging on the heartstrings with their latest advert, showing two young boys having a great day out.
Not one for the fainthearted, this latest online advert from the Department for Transport is bound to make you jump. The advert sees a crash test dummy come flying through the toilet mirror, covered in blood. Famous for toeing the line with their adverts, this 2013 offering from Carlsberg puts lads and their friendships to the test. Again, this advert is perfect for the Carlsberg brand – and target audience – and appeals directly to their humour. Pepsi Max jump on the ‘You’ve Been Framed’ style advert here, where professional stock car driver takes an unsuspecting car salesman on the test drive of his life.
Internet Explorer plays on the advertising theme of nostalgia with their ‘Child of the ‘90’s’ campaign.
The aim of this video is to show people that “you are more beautiful than you think” and is clearly aimed at the female market.
Word of mouth advertising (WOM) is the unpaid spread of a positive marketing message from person to person.
The least powerful WOM message is neutral – these tend not to travel very far and are not strong influencing factors. Positive WOM usually results for a good brand experience and is spread by 'brand ambassadors'.
Word of mouth is difficult to control and measure but can spread quickly and be highly influential in purchase decisions, Think about the last film you went to see, the last car you bought or the area you live in. Face to face communications remain the most powerful way of transmitting a message from one person to another. Viral advertising is a method of advertising which relies on digital transmission, but doesn't necessarily require any first hand brand experience for it to be passed on. The influencing strength of the message versus transmission speed and distance is summarised in the diagram below.
The transmission of a word of mouth message through the population is a fairly complex process to model.
Unfortunately, not everyone who has a good experience or hears good things about a brand will pass on the message.
According to the social researcher Malcolm Gladwell there are two types of special individuals which help spread WOM. Most people know a connector – these people get a real buzz out of meeting people and are genuinely interested in them. The individual decides to pass on the message and spread the word to others (the message is seeded). Some people will be influenced to experience the source of the story for themselves, others will simply pass the message on.
For a marketing message to spread successfully through the population, the message needs to be strong enough that it warrants passing on, whereas a weak message can be forgotten about if not deemed 'chat-worthy'. The method of communication greatly influences the speed of spread, the 'transmission reach' and also contributes to the strength of the message.
People's personalities affect the spread of a message depending on how persuasive, social and internet savvy they are. If you intend WOM to form a major part of your promotional investment, you can't just sit back and hope that it will happen.
Develop both message based and conversational methods of communication whether this is a Twitter account, a social bookmarking tool or a chat room, and encourage your customers to use this tool to discuss your brand. Target specific communities which could include a particular interest group, location or demographic and seed your message using honest means. Actively encourage certain key individuals to generate stories for you and actively engage with your customers. Ensure the message is worth passing on - motivate people to discuss your brand and spread the word.
These should be interesting, useful, funny, shocking, exciting, emotional, dramatic, awe-inspiring or controversial.
If you lie about anything, people will find out and now they'll have the perfect medium to show you up.

Only a few WOM ideas go 'epidemic' but even without a wildfire approach, personal communication can lead to tangible marketing results.
If possible, find and enthuse the opinion formers, blog owners, and social media connectors. Add little unexpected touches which are there simply to give the customer 'a little extra'.
Manage unhappy customers well Avoiding negative WOM can be as valuable as generating positive. When people talk about word of mouth advertising this is the model that is normally quoted and leads to huge volumes of noise in a very short period of time. The Online Advert titled Viral Advertising was done by Cccp advertising agency for brand: Hema in Netherlands. We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. La idea es la misma, un poni bailoteando sin parar, con un toque surrealista aun mas descarado, pero sobre todo con mucho mucho humor. Esta campana nos va a ayudar a explicar la importancia que esta adquiriendo el marketing viral en Internet. El termino marketing viral fue acunado originalmente por el capitalista de riesgo Steve Jurvetson en 1997 para describir la practica de varios servicios libres de correo electronico (como Hotmail), de anadir su propia publicidad al correo saliente de sus usuarios. It is this seeding which is responsible for the rising cost of developing a successful viral marketing campaign.
The desire to be popular, liked and cool drives people, as does greed and the desire to be helpful.
Make sure that you can cope with the explosion of your message through building enough bandwidth into your website. Try to use other people’s websites to host your viral content, possibly by constructing it so that it offers a benefit to them and their readers.
A viral marketing strategy does not have to include all of the above elements, but including a few of them will dramatically increase the chances of success. With nearly 1 million views since its 4th June YouTube debut, this is one advert we won’t be forgetting about it a hurry. It’s not until the end we realise they have such a close bond because they are father and son.
While the men in this advert are actors, it really would make you jump if this happened to you.
They call their friends in the middle of the night, asking them to bring money to a seedy room where they’ve lost a fortune in a poker game. This advert has already been viewed over 4 million times since being added to YouTube back in March. This is one viral advert worth watching, just for the look on the poor salesman’s face when he finally gets out the car.
It brings back tamagotchi’s, pogs, yo-yo’s and Hungry Hippos; showing audiences that their brand is trustworthy and worth coming back to. The ‘Real Beauty’ campaign is continued, with women describing themselves to a forensic artist.
Despite criticism that this video is a little contrived, 54 million people have seen the advert making it the most popular on our list. It can take place directly using the human voice, or can be transmitted via any communicative means such as through the internet or via text message. Human conversations involve much more than simply words – cues such as voice tone and body language also convey information such as enthusiasm, sadness, emotion and truthfulness. Live voice-based communication holds the attention of the listener and allows for the transmission of important tonal cues.
Although less powerful than personal communications, they allow a message to travel quickly over long distances. If text-based digital conversation can be supported by images and audio it adds power to the message. The reason viral advertising is important is because of the potentially massive exposure a successful viral can provide. If everyone passes a message to just two people via a conversation, you get exponential growth as shown below. Some people will be pleased with a product or service or read an interesting recommendation from a friend, but may just keep it to themselves or forget about the whole experience all together - this can leave a WOM message dead in its tracks. Tap into these individuals and your message can spread much more quickly than via the general population. Their motivation is the joy of being social and talking about interesting conversation points.
They are not as sociable as the Connectors, but they get a kick out of giving advice and enjoy finding the best deal on everything.
The conversion rate depends on the power of the message, the method of communication and the personalities involved (see next section).

Strong positive conversational WOM almost always results from a good customer experience or convincing message.
A carefully constructed viral YouTube video can spread through a population at epidemic speeds, but face to face communications spread much more slowly. It's difficult to predict how well a message will spread, some people simply ignore viral advertising emails, while others will talk to anyone and everyone about the surprisingly good meal they had the new restaurant in town. Consider the communication medium and which is most relevant to your target audience, don't just open a Twitter account because everyone else is doing it. A great way to seed a message in a community to provide people with an excellent customer experience. According to Keller, author of 'The Influential' these people also tend to adopt new products and technology earlier.
Sometimes these aspects of a brand, however insignificant can generate a large amount of WOM advertising. Dissatisfied customers are much more likely to post public warnings about a bad product on their blog than a satisfied customer is to recommend it to a friend.
This model is great in practice, but as usual the real world isn't quite as simple as this. En los diccionarios deberia aparecer la foto del mitico baile, al lado de la definicion de marketing viral. La campana de Wieden +Kennedy que reivindica que, pese a quien le pese, nos encanta ver este tipo de contenido en Internet, como un poni bailando con un gorro de Papa Noel. Una campana de marketing viral permite aumentar el alcance de las interacciones con tus clientes potenciales, poniendote en contacto con usuarios que jamas te hubieran encontrado.
Un video viral te reportara numerosas visitas y comentarios positivos si se consigue calar en el espectador, normalmente suele ser a traves del humor ?Te animas a realizar una campana de marketing viral?
A successful viral marketing campaign always begins with the development of a quality viral, whether it’s a video, image or interactive game. Design a viral ad that builds on these motivations, such as one containing humour or a special offer. Viral marketing companies are particularly adept at doing this as they generate exposure for viral content through placing it on blogs, forums, email newsletters, social networks, as well as video sharing sites.
Article submission works in this way with websites accepting free articles because of the benefits offered to their visitors. The success of a viral marketing campaign is ultimately dependent on the quality of the viral ad itself.
Three’s dancing Shetland Pony has over 6 million views and thousands of shares, making it one of the most viral videos of 2013 so far. This is fun, cute, and exactly what we’ve come to expect from Evian; we recognise right away that the advert is from them, but we can see that things have moved forwards. This sweet advert shows the dad through the son’s eyes and is bound to be one of the adverts we remember from this year. The only criticism we have is that there is no mention of drink-driving, so wouldn’t tell the general public the point of the viral, guerrilla campaign.
He sketches them without seeing them, and then draws a second image of the same person but when they are described by someone else. WOM is a powerful promotional tool and should be considered as part of almost every business marketing strategy. Viral ads generally take the form of some impressive video footage or something 'chat-worthy' which is designed to be passed through the population via email or a similar tool. They are persuasive talkers and can be influential when it comes to a customer's product decision. The latter is much more likely to influence purchase intent on an individual level but is not as useful for raising awareness. Determine your objectives and ensure your message, the means of communication and the people you target work together in order to promote your business. Estamos en la epoca de los spot navidenos, y la marca Three ha hecho un remake para Navidad de un spot que causo sensacion hace unos meses: el pony bailarin.
Una vez que tu contenido empieza a ser viral, tus seguidores se convertiran en el principal activo para difundir dicho contenido. The top viral marketing companies work with many independent blogs, online newsletters, micro-sites and video content sites to ensure that the viral ad receives maximum exposure. It featured on all major blogs in the Netherlands as well as worldwide blogs such as Gizmodo, BoingBoing, Wired.
Cuanto mas involucremos al espectador emocionalmente desde el sentido del humor, y el positivismo, mayor propagacion tendra nuestro contenido viral.

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