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The High Impact Marketing Manifesto is a quick and easy to read book, which contains 27 simple, but effective tips for all types of business owners.
The other night on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump assigned a task to the contestants to “develop a viral video” for the 83 year old Chock full o’ Nuts coffee company.
As soon as I heard the task, I said to my wife “That’s a ridiculous assignment” and then, much to her viewing dismay, I went into a mini rant about the state of current human behavior, how people keep themselves entertained and what viral video means to the average person.
Trump’s task was designed and delivered to tap into the notion of what a viral video is to the average show viewer. A better assignment would have been – Go forth and create an attention-grabbing, fun marketing campaign to get 20-somethings to put down their Starbucks and try Chock full o’Nuts.
Maybe it would be a video, maybe not, but starting with the primary goal of “creating a viral video” is the wrong place to start and within a few seconds I was proven right as the two teams proceeded down the road you would expect them to go down with stupid, meaningless content.
For the average Main Street-type bricks and mortar business owner, the concept of viral marketing is often skewed and distorted by the seemingly daily media stories of sad cats getting 30 million video views and singing police officers. In my opinion, the Celebrity Apprentice task requiring the teams to “create a viral video” further warps the concept, because it puts the cart before the horse. For the most part, a video, marketing campaign, social media campaign cannot be forced to go viral and with a little research you can find many stories of such failures.
The right starting point is more complicated and requires serious thought about who you are trying to reach, how you can get their attention, what you want them to do and how easy you make it is to share your message with their networks. Chances are getting a million YouTube hits from Millennials when you sell to Boomers isn’t going to put a lot of money in your bank account. Since I am a relatively simple guy and I like to share simple (yet effective) marketing ideas and tips, I thought I would show a few examples of offline marketing efforts which show intention by the owner to create a viral marketing effect (yes, I believe viral marketing does apply to offline efforts). Example #1: My youngest daughter is on a travel softball team, which means many weekends are tied up going all over the place to see her play. I asked the mom who was keeping the score what it was and where she got it and she immediately reached into the bag the contraption came in and ripped off this card from a perforated sheet and handed it to me.

Example #2: From my long-time client and now Infotail business partners, Jeff Giagnocavo and Ben McClure, is a simple, point-of-sale display that has specialized business cards customers can take with them with the intent of writing an online review. Example #3: This is something I put together years ago when I was growing my local GKIC chapter here in Philly.
I'm a speaker, author and high impact marketing strategist for business owners and sharp, aggressive entrepreneurs looking to get to the next level in their business. Dan Kennedy Asks Mike Capuzzi to Be Featured in the Next Edition of The Ultimate Sales Letter Book!
Since 1998, I've been helping businesses owners create more effective and profitable marketing. Contains 27 simple, effective marketing tips tips for all types of business owners.  These time-tested strategies are guaranteed to radically transform your marketing results! Having an idea, product, video, or marketing plan go viral is something of a holy grail for online marketers. Tom Dickson, the founder of Blendtec, is the star of YouTube Viral Video Classics in which he blends everything from the Stimulus package to an iPhone to BIC lighters. Portland advertising agency Wieden and Kennedy was tasked with creating buzz for the release of the feature film Coraline. Back in the summer of 1999, home from college for summer break, I remember the first time someone said to me, “Have you heard of this whole Blair Witch thing?
This diagram shows that viral marketing starts with a message that contains some valuable information element along with a referral message (viral message). Think sad cats, talking dogs and singing cops (have you seen the recent video of the police officer from Dover, Delaware singing a Taylor Swift song and how much national exposure it has received?) Enough said. One of the challenges of sitting through three softball games in a day is keeping track of the inning and score, which is why when I saw this nifty device on a baseline fence, I immediately went over to check it out. Instead she was a super-satisfied customer and the man who invented it made it very easy for her to spread the word. It was my “shook” or short book I put together to attract and get business owners to join my group.

The viral message is sent to people who have a likely interest in the information contained in the viral message. While I printed up hundreds of generic versions for my own use, I asked my current members if they were interested in helping me grow the group.
Better yet, if you have done something online or offline to create a viral effect, viral video or no viral video, share it below!!! Stumbling upon a website detailing found movie footage, three missing documentary filmmakers, and the legend of a witch, I was hooked.
When people receive a viral marketing message, they are encouraged to forward the message to their friends.
For those that responded yes, I created a custom cover version for them to hand out to their business associates. This example shows that it is likely that recipients will forward the message on to others who have an interest in the information.
You know a good viral campaign when you see one, and since by its very definition it is spread by word of mouth and has everyone you know talking about it, you definitely can’t force it.
This multiplies the effect of the marketing campaign as many more people receive the message than was initially sent.
Here are five successful viral campaigns of Internet past that are great examples of what viral marketing is all about. Created and marketed on a reputed budget of $350,000 (depending on whom you trust, budget estimates range from $2,500 and up), the film grossed $100 million in its first weekend alone, leaving the legend of the Blair Witch to become its marketing strategy, not piled up sticks and stones or handprints in the basement.
Nothing more than letting visitors put their face on dancing elf bodies, and the option to email it along.

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