To capitalize on the popularity of Quicksilver, which was probably one of the most surprising characters considering how the character was originally introduced, the 20th Century Fox marketing team has decided to use the character as the face of their latest social media marketing campaign. Here isn’t much more to it then these videos, who are using the Peter Maximoff name as their Instagram and Vine handle. 20th Centure Fox Home Entertainment will release X-Men: Days of Future Past on Blu-ray and DVD on October 14.
Trask Industries never looked better as the marketing push for X-Men: Days of Future Past begin with an ominous look at Sentinels. This trailer and viral marketing campaign video was released early today in an effort to stoke excitement for the upcoming comic book movie. Back in 1973 we'll see the beginning of the Trask Industries company - fast forward to 2013 we'll see nothing short of a full-blown war. We've seen a glimpse of these machines in their most massive form in the movie X-Men: The Last Stand, the good guys having a go at one in the Danger Room (the team's holographic training room), Wolverine chopping one's head off after a toss by Colossus. Perhaps best of all, we get to have a peek at none other than Bolivar Trask himself, played by everyone's favorite Game of Thrones royal, Peter Dinklage.
X-Men: First Class rewrote the X-Men mythology by inserting the characters into a few key moments in American history, turning them into major catalysts for the Cuban Missile Crisis.
The site 25 Moments is attached to Days Of Future Past in showing the timeline that reveals significant events in the movie's history. Make sure you visit the Trask Industries website to get the full effect of this viral campaign.
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Ci-dessous vous pouvez voir quelques photos et une video marketing viral du film, on y apercoit notamment les Sentinelles.

Synopsis : Les X-Men doivent voyager dans le temps pour changer un evenement historique majeur qui menace aussi bien les humains que les mutants. Het lijkt erop dat de sentinals die we zien in de video slechts vroege versies zijn en dat de robots in de daadwerkelijke film een stuk anders uitpakken.
De onderstaande afbeelding & video is van acteur Peter Dinklage als Bolivar Trask, die in de jaren 70 de eerste stappen zet met zijn bedrijf Trask Industries. Voor wie de X-Men film The Wolverine al heeft gezien, weet dat de credit-scene een uiterst vermakelijke tease is naar Days of Future Past, met medewerking van acteurs Patrick Stewart (Professor X) en Ian McKellen (Magneto). In de film die niet genoemd mag worden (X-Men 3: The Last Stand ) was er ook al een Sentinel te zien in de Danger Room. In DoFP is de gehele cast gewoon super en ik kijk dus ook echt uit naar de eerste trailer en de film zelf! Misschien dat uiteindelijk Mastermold de brein is achter de oorlog tussen de mutanten en mensen. Ik geloof dat de sentinel die we hier zien de Mark1 versie en als ik het goed heb komt er ook een Mark X versie dus die zal wel iets groter zijn.
These robotic beasts are part of several X-Men storylines, here appearing in a 50 years of innovation video that once again pinpoints the timeline for this next bit of action in the Marvel Universe.
While this installment doesn't reveal just one whole heck of a lot of information about the film itself, we can see plainly the connections between this system and that of Skynet, the automaton-making company from the Terminator film series. It would appear that the smaller iterations of the robots will be appearing here in X-Men: Days of Future Past.
They detail the Sentinel itself (generation 9, Mark 1), along with the Mutant Detection Device and the Inhibitor Collar - for controlling dangerous mutants.
The whole site seems fairly spoilery, so, fair warning, as we're going to discuss some of the weird wrinkles in this world.

Here, they've done away with inventing places: unruly mutants are collared, depowered, and sent to Camp X-Ray.
His mutation is credited to Chernobyl, but later he is seen helping with the cleanup effort at the Golden Gate Bridge in the wake of The Last Stand. Only four years after The Last Stand, Trask Industries seizes the house and places Sentinels in charge. Sadly, that generation exists only in an alternate dimension where George Lucas became supreme overlord of the Earth in 1979 and replaced every television broadcast and theatrical film on the planet with Star Wars and Godzilla movies. Des robots crees dans le but d’aneantir les mutants, afin de preserver la race humaine. While one storyline will sit squarely in the present, the other will take place 11 years after X-Men: First Class. We heard faint suggestions of this shift from the viral marketing surrounding Magneto's ties to the assassination of President Kennedy, but a new website opens that world up to reveal an entire twentieth century chronicle of the world as shaped by mutants.
In this dimension, he’s just a guy from New England who likes writing snarky things about superheroes, monsters, and robots.
Stel dat Magneto inderdaad oog in oog komt te staan met de Sentinels kan dit toch een spoilertje zijn. Op de bijzonder fraaie viral website van Trask Industries verscheen namelijk een korte promo-video over de het bedrijf dat de robots maakt in het X-Men universum. Alhoewel je aan de hand van de tekenfilms van X-men Days of Future Past best wel kan weten in welke richting we gaan.

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