With how often each of us are online or using our mobile phones, you would think that print advertising is an antiquated artwork that no one pays real attention to.
Via BoredPanda The next time you need to waste some time at a doctor's office, don't just read the junk articles in the magazines. The next time you need to waste some time at a doctor’s office, don’t just read the junk articles in the magazines.
This Kid Was Trapped On The School Bus With His Bully, But No One Was Prepared For Him To Do THIS. She Wrote An Open Letter To The Strangers Who Surrounded Her After Her Father’s Suicide. When we say beauty pageant, we immediately think of beautiful girls with sexy body figures.

They’re all part of Miss Tiffany Universe competition which has been running for 16 years.
You might wanna scroll up and take a second look because you know, you too have been deceived.
11 Clever Marketing Ads and Advertisements - Viralotomy Menu Latest Animals Entertainment News Science Videos HomeNews11 Clever Marketing Ads and Advertisements News11 Clever Marketing Ads and Advertisements Facebook Prev Article Next Article Follow UsIt’s no wonder how big companies spend millions and millions of dollars for their advertising, they just want to send their messages across. These social ads regarding the environment and animal rights stand out the most in the social advertisement. And so here, we offer you a series of photos taken from a beauty contest in Thailand that will showcase the contestants’ overflowing beauty. They are seriously impressive, even though they are completely static (unlike most of the ads we see online).

Pedigree’s Dog Controller AdIf ever you had a remote control for your dog, how would you use it?
Sony’s CD USB Drive AdHow do you want to fit 50 CD’s into a single USB drive by Sony? 11.

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