Despite what some clever marketers will tell you, car manufacturers are in essence businesses based on supply and demand, and just like every other business out there, in order to stay afloat they need a minimum of two things: good, bankable products and the advertisements that help them sell those products.
We won't bore you with a marketing crash course about how advertisements (should) work, especially since most of you are (hopefully) grown up enough to distinguish between downright bull feces and honest ads. On the other hand, just like some cars are better than others at stirring your petrolhead soul, so are some of the advertisements that are designed to sell them to the targeted customers, which is why we decided to skim through our favorite ads in recent years and make a winner-less top on each of the most important car brands out there.
The reason for choosing just print and outdoor ads and leaving video commercials aside is purely a technical one, as the shelf life of most types of online videos is as short as a sneeze in Internet time, while images can be saved more easily. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite recent ads for Mercedes-Benz, the car company that we decided to feature in the first episode of our ad-friendly coverstory series. That status usually comes after a certain age, which is why you won't see too many teenagers driving around in expensive car.
Created by the Colenso BBDO agency in Auckland, New Zealand, this 2008 billboard ad was placed in an area were gridlocks are usually formed, therefore allowing plenty of time for the nearby drivers to read all its content. While the text itself may sound brilliant to some people, others may find it a bit on the cheesy side, but we have to awkwardly admit that it did its job on us.
Part of a recent series of three print ads that tries to humorously (okay, German humor) market the Mercedes-Benz Pre-Safe Brake system, we liked this one the most, as in our view it perfectly exemplifies a seemingly impossible chain of events that can lead to something bad.
As some of you know, the Pre-Safe Brake can automatically stop a Mercedes-Benz from having a frontal impact when the driver isn't paying enough attention or something unexpected jumps in front of the car. In this case, the squirrel escapes getting run over courtesy of four active safety systems that were introduced by the three-pointed star: Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESP), Intelligent Light System (ILS) and Brake Assist System.
Jung von Matt seem to be on a roll when it comes to quirky way in which they can market certain Mercedes-Benz models or technologies lately, so it is no wonder that they are probably the most awarded German advertising agency.
The ad above is probably not as much trying to sell you the SLS AMG Electric Drive, but more like inform you about two intrinsic qualities of the electric silver arrow: the electricity it is using as fuel can also propel it to go fast and have zero CO2 emissions.
In the end, you should remember that adverts, like most subjective things in general, may be awesome for some and an acquired taste for other, so keep an open mind. Right now, this very second, thousands of WordPress sites worldwide are being attacked by unscrupulous hackers. Matt Bush, the master of video production, has been teaching his students how to create high-quality videos that they have been turning around and selling for hundreds of dollars! Indeed, since the days of Wanamaker, people gradually lost the curiosity to know what is in the advertising mediums (whether it is printed, online or on TV), that’s why advertising companies had to innovate and impress in-order to retain the attention of the end viewers. People nowadays have a tendency to ignore advertisement in all its forms, if you are distributing flyers for your business, I can assure you that more than half the flyers distributed will be in the nearest garbage can from the distribution point, the remaining will be in the next one! Advertising companies and Brands have realized that they have only few seconds to grab the attention of their target audience, whether it is printed ads, tv ads or online ads. But a new advertising format, shuttered the concept that ads needs to be interruption, allowing the brands to retain the full attention of the potential customers, this new format is the viral video ad, the viral video is the heart and soul of viral marketing, and even though it shares a lot with standard TV commercials, many more characteristics differentiate it from TV ads.

For commercial advertisements on television, the clients are paying according to the number of viewers that are expected to be watching the tv channel at a specific time (when the ad spot will be aired). On the other hand, for viral videos, the clients are paying for the consulting, production and initial viral seeding, the consulting and production is basically a little bit different from the production of a tv ad spot, but that’s where similarities stop. Unlike TV ads, people actually enjoy watching the viral videos, thus they share them through social media, something that is not done with TV ads! Because a Viral ad is watched by choice, it creates engagement and buzz around it, the brand or companies advertising have direct results which can be observed on the company online presence by an increase of fan base, subscribers, followers and sales (if the products can be bought online). I expect you would ask, if Viral video advertising was such a great way to advertise why it haven’t taken completely over TV ads so far? 1 – It’s a relatively new branch, let’s not forget that online videos started to be accessible to the masses only 8 years ago! 2 – The vast majority of advertising agencies and production studios do not really understand what viral marketing is, and those who do understand it have no idea how to get it done. 3 – Very few experts in this advertising branch, during my 6+ years working in the viral videos domain, i have seen many so called experts, who thought that applying the standard marketing techniques on a video is what makes it go viral, these false expert represent more than 99% of the so called viral marketing experts today! Hu Ge (??) is a Chinese internet celebrity and amateur filmmaker who first achieved fame with his comedic short films that parodied, spoofed, and satirized Chinese society and media, becoming viral hits with mainland Chinese netizens. HG: Because it was anticipated that there would be people abroad who would watch these videos, so they were added.
One reason Hu Ge’s videos are funny and popular with Chinese netizens is because he often includes references to popular news, culture, and internet memes they are familiar with in his videos. Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers. The guy seems really creative by Chinese standards….ans why are Youku videos not clear like that of Youtube?
China is hiphop culture: since the one moral is to make money, you can never sell-out as a detrimental act, you can only sell-out for less your (estimated) worth.
No matter what responsibilities you may currently have, if you’re looking to change your life, these brilliant advertisements may convince you to do it. They feature unhappy employees working terrible jobs inside of whatever you are currently using. It’s so easy to identify with those people that seem to be confined to their terrible jobs.
Share this article with others… and maybe get out there and find something you love to do. The Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG is - as some of you know - one of the many expensive sports cars out there which are bought by men that have achieved a certain status in their life.
Ergo, Mercedes-Benz admits that some customers of the SLK 55 AMG are toupee-wearing old men in need of the adrenaline brought by an eight-cylinder AMG roadster.

Many of these sites will be DESTROYED, leaving the website owners and their webmasters devastated. The best case scenario is that these few thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of viewers will notice the ad when it is aired … in reality half will be away when the commercials starts (kitchen, bathroom, feeding the cat …) and most of those who sit through commercials activate their zombie mode. You pay once to produce & launch the video, and then not only the video reaches the viewers for a fraction of the cost, but also it never stops reaching more and more people, basically it is the “Perpetual Motion” of advertising. Any expert or company that would reply “no one can guarantee if a video will go viral” do not know how to make viral video go viral! More recently, Hu Ge has turned to professionally creating viral online advertisements for popular brands such as 7UP and McDonalds in the mainland China market.
My mother was a musician, so music was my main interest from primary school to university, and I learned the guitar, bass, drums, and various other musical instruments. I actually liked movies most of all, but this for me was an unattainable industry, what with me not even having the money to buy a film camera, and my family not having even a photo camera. I purchased a very cheap camera and then began filming anything and everywhere, and learned film editing on my own. However there are fewer and fewer television commercials now, and 7UP already no longer makes any television commercials in China. It makes sense to decline to answer if he’s not comfortable making decent recommendations. In middle school, I even learned break-dancing and at the same time became interested in theater and performance as well. What more, the film school at our city only admits a few people when there are at least several hundred people applying. What more, filming internet advertisements is far more interesting than filming television commercials, so I don’t really have anything to regret. China’s employment situation is not very good (low employment rate), and in order to have an easier time finding work in the future, I studied engineering in university. However, after graduation, I still went with my personal interests and began working with music-related work.
If there are family members involved, then we would have to think of their well-being, too, before switching careers.

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