Social marketing is all about sharing content that your audience shares in turn, expanding your reach and getting your message out to more and more people.
So marketers shouldn’t necessarily be jumping on whatever they think the next hit Internet meme is — but if not, then just what is it that gauges a video’s potential viral success?
The video — which featured patients, nurses, and doctors dancing, singing, and laughing — was a hit with viewers. What translated into success for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta could translate into success for other companies, too.
As to where to share, while CHoA used Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and traditional media to promote its video, there’s no right or wrong answer. While we may have made the path to viral success sound straightforward, it’s not as simple as getting the most-shared video.
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If you need some viral marketing examples of ambient media campaigns on bus, then this article might interested you.
To advertise SBS’s coverage of the Tour De France they created an epic 21-day endurance event for one Melbourne cyclist. But guessing — and second guessing — what the next viral trend will be doesn’t get you any closer to social success.
We spoke with both content marketers and content creators to get their perspectives on the process. To achieve viral levels of success, you have to be sure people are watching it and sharing it themselves.
People are more active on social networks than ever — which also means they’re sharing more than ever.
Compiling data from its Viral Video Chart, Unruly reports 10% of shares occur by day two, 25% of shares occur in the first three days, 50% of shares occur within the first three weeks, and 66% of shares occur in the first three months.

You need to be sure the right people — the people you’re trying to reach — are watching and sharing your video as well.
Here’s what they advised when it comes to creating and marketing that all-elusive viral content. So, in addition to sharing the video over its social channels, CHoA spread the word by getting fellow members of the Stop Childhood Cancer Alliance to help spread the video on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, if you’re thinking about making your own viral videos, you need to make sure that video as a medium makes sense in your overall social strategy. Fast forward to 2013 and the number one videos on average attract more than 60,000 shares a day.

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