Demystifying Viral Marketing – 7 Myths of Viral Marketing Campaigns - Jean-Francois Belisle, M.Sc. Unfortunately for managers and fortunately for e-marketing consultants and agencies, viral marketing is anything but easy. Viral Marketing Campaigns should be short – generally a maximum of 3 months – sometimes 15 days are enough to spread the message. Many managers think that you need lots of users (reachable via their e-mail) as a baseline to spread the word. Even though it is proven that some products can be considered as trendier than others and more willing to propagate, if your online marketing plan is sloppy, and if the viral marketing campaign is not as trendy as the product, your chances of growth are quite diminished. Some organizations might think that viral marketing is costless and that all you need is: (1) a database, (2) good content and (3) a message (sometimes incorporating the content) that will be sent to many potential viewers. As organizations may know, the sentence “build it and they will come” from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams doesn’t prove to be true in e-marketing.
In conclusion, these 7 myths are only some common examples of myths surrounding viral marketing campaigns. It gives some good insight about who shares, why and how to reach them with content they will share. According to Keller Fray (a leading research agency into WOM) only 10% of conversations about brands happen on line.
And according to Neilsen, the single biggest factor in successful online is the creativity (no surprise to agencies). The first full trailer for Transformers: Age Of Extinction is out, and so far it looks like everything you would expect to see in a Michael Bay film.
That’s right, Paramount Pictures has launched a new viral marketing campaign to help promote the upcoming sequel.
The number is an fully functioning number that reminds callers to stay clear of all Transfomrers both Autobot and Decepticon. So far the site is nothing more than just a downloadable poster with the option of signing up for updates.
The nine photos include brides dressed as Snow White, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Belle, Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Ariel, and Cinderella. Once Upon a Bride was directed by Jasmine Nijjar, shot by Amrit Photography, styled by Well Groomed, High Heel Obsession, and Universal Decor, with makeup by Ranjit Heer’s Makeup Vibez and hair by Powder Room Studio. Social Media was on fire last weekend as users left, right and center documented their time with the spiritual being known as Charlie.

However, few organizations are conducting state-of-the-art viral marketing campaigns and few of them are really aware of the myths surrounding this buzzword.
As discussed by social networks guru Duncan Watts, for each successful viral marketing campaign, there are many that fail.
In this way, propagation is not directly influenced by the product, it is influenced by the content of the campaign, which I agree can be influenced by the type of product. However, even though it is true that you can start a viral marketing campaign with these components, there can be big money involved there, since all in all, a viral marketing campaign is like an architectural project, costs are higher than predicted and are related to the quality. Thus, the propagation of a viral marketing campaign starts when users are becoming aware of the existence of the campaign.
Although it is trickier to measure the impact of a viral campaign when it propagates on other websites, something sure is that it is not hard to measure what is going on our organization website.
This could be helpful for someone in search for more content specific advices at the platform-level. Conceptualized for Surrey bridal store WellGroomed Designs and photographed by local photographer Amrit Grewel, the ad campaign re-imagined Disney Princesses as Indian brides. 116) but the beautiful campiagn was quickly picked up by Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and Global News.
It depends on what you want to study, and whether you want to come here as an International Student or study remotely. In quest for some common myths around viral marketing campaigns, I recently read an article entitled: “The ten worst viral marketing campaigns”, which gave me an idea as to where some organizations fail to achieve their objectives. However, to increase the chances that it actually works, the viral marketing strategy should be under the direction of e-marketing experts (unlike in the illustration at the top) and part of a well-defined online marketing plan. As one of the fundamental objectives of viral marketing campaigns is to gain a larger database, viral marketing campaigns should be considered as long-term strategies that should be used to attract new users and propagate awareness, to thereafter through other e-marketing strategies turn them into loyal users (consumers). In this way, the first important question to ask is how many emails of users your organization has in its current database, and in relation to this, to what degree are those users involved.
One other important component to take in consideration is the potential number of users the company could reach via this strategy.
In this way, for users to become aware of the viral marketing campaign, what is first needed is to contact them.
As stated earlier, one of the objectives of a viral marketing campaign is to increase the number of users in our database, this would be a first metric. However, I think that these results are biased upward (most respondents are way more tech savvy than the average population) due to the data collection method.

In this way, this post is an attempt to regroup 7 of the most common myths surrounding the viral marketing phenomenon.
An organization is better off with a small number of users that will at least read the email sent to them, than with a high number of users where most of them won’t even open the email you sent. In this way, an organization of any size operating in a B2B perspective doesn’t really have a clear advantage of launching this type of campaign. Important questions that may arise may include: (1) is it worth my time to send it to a friend?
A problem that may arise as stated in the third point is a lack of quality of the database. Personally, even with that constraint I think that some of these insights are still interesting. They also fall for numbers, because it validates things, like paying for lots of analytics about nothing. Thus, the size of the organization doesn`t really matter, especially considering that small organizations with lower market shares have more to gain than the ones with high market share. This problem can be solved by buying a list of e-mails, for which the price of each thousand e-mails may vary between $100 and $250 depending on the agency and the specificity of the list. The creativity is the most important element yet they expect to pay nothing (either for the ideas or execution) and want it done over night. Furthermore, another way to spread the word is through advertising, but once again not at any cost.
However, one of the worst kinds of database a company could have would be one where everyone in the database is connected to one another and has huge overlap in the people present in their social network. Unless we are talking hundreds of thousands, stick to traditional high volume advertising media like posters, radio, press, TV and PR – we still read more papers than articles online. Then, as you point out well, add seeding, databases, monitoring, analytics – one big bill. And concerning the costs, what about the personalization of e-mails, and with which software? What is most needed is a small number of the “right” users, not necessarily the influencers, but more precisely the ones that are connected to these influencers and that are willing to positively propagate the information, a group that Seth Godin labelled the “hive”.

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