Iniziamo il corso con alcune domande che andremo a chiarire durante il corso, in modo da focalizzare meglio la nostra attenzioneA cosa serve una confezione? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Abhishek Paliwal, Digital Marketing & Sales Strategy Expert, helping B2B companies dominate their markets. This presentation will give you everything you need to know about designing great looking presentations, whitepapers, reports, ebooks, and blog posts. What follows is a true story, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you: I am not the best storyteller.
That night, that wonderful monday night, at exactly 3 o’clock in the morning, he received an email from his son Jack. You have to know that the mirror in the bathroom was the mirror that his deceased wife would use every day. Engineers installing satellite equipment on an island in Mauritius (I can think of worser places in the world to do your work). Storytelling can be embedded in true stories simply by sharing stories from customers and employees. The story combined his personal story, including how beautiful sunsets and sunrise can be in Mauritius.
A brilliant example of what is possible today can be found on the microsite called  The Power of Visual Storytelling along with an accompanying white paper and Slideshare deck that was created in partnership between Newscred and Getty Images. There’s a lot more to this visual tsunami as I wrote in an earlier blog post called Consumer trends that will impact B2B marketing strategies: Prepare for the Visual Tsunami. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Early 2014 I founded HappiFish, a company specialized in helping companies to create marketing that people actually want. When store owners are already in business it can be a daunting task to stay current and relevant. El objetivo es la mejora visual y estetica para que mejore la experiencia del clienteFotografia de Productopara ecommerce y fotografias de los locales de negocio para las webs corporativas.Fotografia de Eventos, Blogtrips, cursos y conferenciasReportajes especiales de eventos con mi caracteristico toque de humor.
This is a blog post where I slightly get out of my comfort zone because I am actually going to tell you a story.
Just listen to me for a while, and you’ll begin to see a much bigger trend currently happening in marketing.
It was one of those tiny round mirrors that women use to… well, to do whatever women do with that kind of small mirror. And that at exactly that same moment an email comes in from your son telling you have become grandfather for the first time? It demonstrates what it take to be a true mand of character, and reflects the brand of the Bell’s Whisky. This is an authentic image of engineers telling a story and adding value by sharing their expertise.
But storytelling is something that perfectly works in B2B, and doesn’t imply advertising at all. It was a simple story of an engineer explaining an installation of technical satellite equipment on Rodrigues Island in the Indian Ocean.
But also it explained how he did that particular installation showing his personal expertise. Thanks to the ever increasing technological capabilities (faster internet, faster smartphones, 3G & 4G) of consumers and businesses, we are going back to the natural way of consuming information.

If you want to keep following my thoughts on content marketing, social business and meaningful marketing, subscribe to this blog (just drop your email in the form below). For me, my experience is 15 years in sales & marketing, in which I have developed a true passion for B2B marketing & communication. Revitalizing your marketing and your in store visuals can be vital to the success of a business and retention of customers. Using a few brilliant examples I’ll explain the bigger trend behind visual storytelling, and how it should transcend to become part of everything you do in your marketing.
But what made him sad at the same time is that she didn’t make it to life long enough to enjoy this moment together. It was now time to pick up his life again and look forward to being a great grandfather to his newborn grandson.
It shares down to earth and practical tips on how to build marketing strategies, plan and execute them, as well as my own experiences on what I think differentiating marketing should be.
This presentation gets existing business owners to think like a customer and a visual merchandiser, while considering modern marketing techniques.
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