For more information on any of the specific models above, you can get full details at the official Vitamix website on their product page right here. However, the HealthMaster Elite is much slimmer and trimmer and even a little smaller than the Vitamix. I would have to say if you are limited on space this one would have to go to the HM Elite or Vitamix.
The units are pretty evenly matched in the power department with the Vitamix motor being slightly more powerful than either of the HealthMaster models. This seems to be a pretty easy victory for the Vitamix with the optional size of containers.  The standard 64oz or a small 48oz or an even smaller 32oz blender pitcher size. Vitamix does offer refurbished models at a discounted price in the range of $329 – $379. Nevertheless, the HealthMaster provides more affordability and is a great option for those wanting a powerful blender on a tight budget. With all things considered, these are both really great machines that can be used for a variety of kitchen applications.
When it comes down to it, many features are very comparable between the 5200 and the Health Master Elite but the variety of containers and slight power edge gives this victory to the Vitamix for me. You simply can’t go wrong with the Vitamix 5200 with years of history and reputation behind it. Have an experience with the HealthMaster or Vitamix blender that you want to share?  Post a comment below and let us know. I would be interested in the montel williams health master elite blender, however I heard something about how the enzymes work or something like that I heard – please help me figure out if this is the machine that helps the enzymes in the blender. If you read over the reviews you will see for yourself how many people have had baaaaad experience with Healthmaster classic or Elite and any kind of replacement, even with extended Warranty. Two of the top high-powered consumer blenders on the market these days are the Ninja Mega and the Vitamix 5200. First off, let’s answer the question:  why does anyone even need a two, three, or even a six hundred dollar blender? The truth is high-powered blenders such as the Vitamix or Ninja are necessary for blending up tough ingredients and pulverizing them releasing the essential nutrients inside. Both the Ninja Mega and Vitamix are capable of mixing dough and dry ingredients with a special dry blade and container furthering the possible uses for each machine. The Ninja Mega is truly a complete kitchen system that boasts the ability to provide professional blending and food processing all in one machine. The main container is a very large 72 oz container (one of the largest in the industry) that includes the blade assembly. The Ninja Mega also comes with a dough blade attachment which gives the ability to knead dough and process dry ingredients. On top of all of this, the Ninja comes with 2 single-serve blending cups with blades and to-go lids. All of this gives the Ninja Mega the ability to provide professional level blending, frozen blending, juicing, food processing, and dough mixing. The Ninja company also stands behind its product offering a 60 day money back guarantee and 5 year VIP agreement (warranty).

The Vitamix 5200 is considered the primary consumer model in the extensive line of Vitamix blenders and offers high-powered blending and food processing. At the heart of the 5200 model is a 2 horsepower motor that gives the machine the power to chop, crush, blend, grind, and puree just about anything. Vitamix always offers reconditioned machines on their website which are available for a hefty discount. Vitamix has one of the best warranties in the industry providing a full 7 year warranty on all new products and an impressive 5 year warranty on reconditioned blenders. The Ninja Mega is an extremely versatile machine that comes with a number of handy accessories at a very attractive price.
Unfortunately, the Vitamix does not come with or offer single serve containers like the Ninja Mega. Yet another drawback to the Vitamix is the size of the unit and more specifically its height. Clean up for both machines is simple and easy requiring a blend cycle of soap and water and maybe some light scrubbing. For those on a budget I recommend the Ninja Mega because it packs a lot of firepower and is extremely flexible for its sub $200 price tag. For those who want the absolute best, I recommend checking out the extensive line of Vitamix blenders. Also, I would personally recommend purchasing a reconditioned Vitamix if looking to save some money. Whatever the choice, a high-speed blender is a kitchen gadget that will allow all kinds of possibilities and make incorporating more fruits and vegetables in the diet easy and delicious. Btw… at costco, we make more profit on the ninjas because the profit margin on Chinese products are much higher. Making smoothies and juices is only one of the many things that are capable of these high powered blenders. It’s the one blender trusted for the intense and inventive applications in the kitchens of the Food Network and will surely be able to handle anything that you can throw at it in your kitchen. I mean will it blend as well with less to blend or will it just push it up the walls away from the blades? In our experience we have never had a problem with smaller drinks in the larger 64 – 70 oz containers.
Both offer similar features, however, there are some key things that differentiate the two. For example, green smoothies that use tough leafy greens and other fibrous vegetables can be easily made with one of these blenders. The high-speed blenders are great for making soups as they can heat up the contents to very high temperatures.
Is so, a powerful blender like the Vitamix can be used to grind up nuts and other solid ingredients that would destroy lesser powered blenders. In addition to the 72 oz container, the Ninja Mega also comes with a 64 oz processor bowl with blade assembly. Additional containers can be purchased separately or there are also deluxe complete kitchen packages available that include a 32 oz dry grain container and blade for kneading dough and grinding dry ingredients.

The great thing about these machines is they are as good as new and are backed by a full 5 year warranty. There is also an extended warranty option available for $120 that extends the warranty an extra 3 years. In comparison, the Vitamix 5200 has a hefty price tag and does not come with any accessories unless the deluxe kitchen system is purchased, which adds an additional $200 in cost. This requires the dirtying of at least two containers for single server beverages, a slight inconvenience.
When the blender is fully intact, it stands quite tall often failing to fit underneath kitchen cabinets. Cleaning the containers in a dishwasher is generally not advised because the extreme heat of a dishwasher can weaken and damage rubber and plastic components, especially the seals around the blades. The additional food processing container and single serve containers are also very enticing. Vitamix is a proven winner and is used in the world’s top kitchens (like Food Network) by the world’s top chefs. Our personal experience with reconditioned Vitamix machines has been exceptional as we have never had any issues with them whatsoever.
It seems I have to use the tamper tool 50% of the time and it is tiersome and very inconvenient.
I dont like the idea of my appliances possibly being assembled by 8 year olds at any level. Amazon has a good selection of them including reconditioned models which we find work just as good as new ones and last just as long. The two people with whom I spoke both, in the Indian manner, politely and repeatedly refused to help ,me out in my case as it is not my fault that the Model has been discontinued, they refused. Let’s take a closer look at these machines and examine the advantages and disadvantages of each. The extreme versatility of these machines allows them to be used for all kinds of food processing applications. The Vitamix 5200 Deluxe Complete Kitchen (which comes with additional dry container) comes in at $649.
Mark Rosen must have written that himself because the vitamix is idiot proof, (or I thought so) The ninja has a tamper too.
I was a bit skeptical about spending so much money on a blender but I love blending and eating healthy. Thinner drinks tend to do much better at smaller volumes than the thicker smoothies which tend to be more difficult to get out of the bottom of the larger containers. In addition, it also helps to have control over the motor speed and use slower speeds for the smaller batches. The vitamix blades are as sharp as a butter knife so they dont need sharpening and you dont have to.remove them to clean it.

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