My baby steps to technology 2012 PowerPoint with voice-over Y8 French Grammar preparation for written test. Avoir Jai = I have Tu as = You have Il a = he has Elle a = She has On a = we have Nous avons = we have Vous avez = you have Ils ont = they have (group of boys) Elles ont = they have (group of girls) Jai un chien. J’ai Tu as Il a Elle a On a I have You have He ha She has One has Nous avons Vous avez Ils ont Elles ont We have You have They have. The Present Tense avoir (to have) Learn the Present Tense of avoir jainous avons tu asvous avez Il,elle aIls,elles ont. Jai voyage en avion Je suis restee dans un hotel Lannee derniere jai passe mes vacances Je suis allee a la plage Jai beaucoup aime mes vacances Parce que. LES PERSONNES Je = Tu = Il = Elle = On = Nous = Vous = Ils = Elles = I You (one person and a friend) He She One We You (many people or for one important. Le verbe avoir Lesson objectives: revise avoir and learn how to use it in questions and sentences about ma famille. It's often very time-consuming and expensive to record voice-overs with professionals -- of course you can record your own voice these days but not everyone is entirely audible and has the proper pronunciation, vocal control, and confidence to do that.
Fortunately, a product that we have reviewed in the past has been updated to make this task automatic, easy, and usable!
The new pronunciation lexicon allows TTS (Text to Speech) voices to speak any word correctly. Speech-Over installs as a set of options within the Add-ins tab of the Ribbon in PowerPoint 2007 (and possibly later versions). Speech-Over Professional 4 and two premium quality TTS voices: Paul from Neospeech and Heather from Acapela Group with voice license for commercial use costs for $299. TweetScoop.itWe have previously reviewed a number of cloud based services that allow creating presentations online. Hello Slide is a web service that not only allows uploading and sharing presentations online, but also enables adding voice to them. Ezvid is a feature rich tool for creating slideshows and recording screencasts with voice narrations. Camtasia Studio is a robust screencast tool that also provides a PowerPoint add-in for recording screencasts and creating presentations with audio integration and video recording from a webcam.
We hope that our compilation of the above mentioned tools will help you make your online presentations more attractive, with voice narrations.
Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. Water main break under Detroit Water Board Building had streets, parking lot for customers flooded for weeks this month. The late renowned activist Mary Shumake and others march outside Detroit Water Board Building. DETROIT – Several major stumbling blocks remain before the contract handing over the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department (DWSD) to the regional Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA), signed June 12, can take legal effect Jan.
The Coalition to Save the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department thus has time to finish collecting the 15,000 signatures necessary to place the issue on the Detroit ballot, under Public Act 233 of 1955. DAREA activists after Detroit General Retirement System meeting June 10, where they publicized DAREA appeal of bankruptcy and recruited members. There are 32,000 active and retired City of Detroit workers in its two pension systems. The Coalition said in its recent newsletter that it opposes the GLWA because of expected rate increases to service debt, lack of an income-based water affordability plan, job elimination, union-busting, down-sizing, and ongoing privatization.
GLWA board chair Robert Daddow, of Oakland County, is interviewed June 12, 2015 after GLWA contract signed. No major Wall Street ratings agency has yet pledged that GLWA bond ratings will not be lower than those of the DWSD.  GLWA Interim CEO Sue McCormick said in her Sept. The DWSD water division has contracts with 127 communities; its sewer division has contracts with 76 communities. No such opinions are included in the minutes of the GLWA since it began meeting in December, 2014. McCormick and GLWA co-chair Gary Brown gave extensive slide presentations at the meeting on complex structural measures underway to move DWSD into the GLWA by Jan. 1.
Apparently the complexity of handing over the nation’s third largest public water and sewerage facility to the Great Lakes Water Authority was underestimated during the bankruptcy. Brown’s presentation included pledges to more quickly deal with water main breaks, sinkholes, and other problems plaguing the DWSD infrastructure, as well as a promise to decrease water shut-offs through ongoing revamping of assistance plans.
A DWSD release said Moody’s cited “increased efficiency, improved billing collections and providing better services” in its report on recent two-level DWSD bond upgrades from Baa3 to Ba2, and from Ba3 to Ba1, with “positive” outlooks.
Brown said at the meeting that customer service will be the top goal for the GLWA, because Mayor Mike Duggan has pledged to make the return of residents to Detroit the hallmark of his administration. But the GLWA contract says clearly and repeatedly that the agency’s first priority is revenue collection for debt pay-off.
However, the City of Detroit claims on its website that the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld its legality in 1986 in City of Detroit v.
In her written report, McCormick told the board that 13,409 residential accounts have been permanently shut-off for “illegal” usage, from January 1 through Sept. She added, “Since May 11, 2015, the Department has posted 42,414 door hangers notifying customers of pending shut off of services. Water rates in Detroit have increased over 120 percent in the last decade, particularly since the DWSD started billing on a monthly, not a quarterly, basis. Demeeko Williams of the Detroit Water Brigade said that his group has received numerous complaints from customers whose water was shut-off after they refused to have the meters installed, or could not afford the cost of plumbing adaptations. He also questioned whether computer-generated charges can be manipulated to increase GLWA revenues.
The Authority has already declared that, come hell or high water, its “Water Resident Assistance Program” (WRAP), whose final version was presented at its Aug. 17 meeting, is not and never will be the income-based water affordability, no-shut-offs plan that thousands have demanded over the last two years. Video below covers one of dozens of sinkhole problems reported in the DWSD area for the past several years. McCormick also discussed plans for “green and blue” infrastructure in the GLWA at the Sept.

Those floods “resulted in over 10 billion gallons of combined sewer overflow, with 6 billion gallons of the flow coming from Detroit’s system, which serves more than 70 communities in southeast Michigan, according to a release from HUD. Nearly 60,000 households in Detroit alone were affected by the flood, with overall damage levels estimated at $10 billion. The plan takes advantage of large parcels of vacant land cleared by the flood of predatory lending and illegal foreclosures in Detroit over the past decade. The grant is too little and too late said Bill Davis, who retired from the city after 34 years, a large number spent as shift supervisor at the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). Davis lives in the Brightmoor area, where the construction of underground tanks in Oakland Avenue’s median strips, topped with trees and lawns, to soak up excess stormwater, is proposed.
He said last year that the failure of three major sewage pumps at the WWTP pumping stations caused the discharge of the 4.8 billion gallons of untreated sewage flow, referenced in the HUD release, into Metro Detroit, the Detroit River and Lake Erie, also causing an Aug.
DWSD Senior Chemist Saulius Simoliunas, a recognized expert internationally, and four others also weighed in on GLWA plans in a document included in the board’s Aug. It blasted the GLWA as an entity made up of “two policemen from Detroit” (co-chair Gary Brown and member Isaiah McKinnon), an “airport manager from Wayne County” (Joseph Nardone), “two CPA’s from Oakland and Macomb Counties (Chair Robert Daddow and member Brian Baker), and “a retired lawyer from the Governor’s office” (Earl Hood of Dykema Gossett). The ongoing construction of a $630 million biosolids sewage drying plant run by the notorious New England Fertilizer Company (NEFCO) was on the agenda at GLWA’s Aug. NEFCO’s plan for $630 million bio-solids plant linked to DWSD Wastewater Treatment Plan. The report was issued before the August 2014 crisis during which 400,000 residents of Toledo and southeastern Michigan could not drink or use water processed from Lake Erie, even after boiling it, for several weeks. The report says farmland run-off is now the primary cause of Lake Erie pollution, whereas wastewater treatment plants were previously the main source.
The Erb Family Foundation has awarded the University of Michigan a $3 million grant to study the Detroit River watershed and its role in increasing algae growth in the Lake. Stopping the takeover of DWSD, Detroit’s largest asset, can be done quickly through a people’s vote while court appeals of the bankruptcy itself proceed, DAREA says. A successful referendum against the takeover would also send a message to DWSD Wall Street bondholders to back off, Davis noted. DAREA is pursuing this campaign despite some lack of interest from groups busy campaigning against water shut-offs with the Detroit City Council and DWSD. The Coalition needs to collect a total of 15,000 valid petition signatures meaning it must collect at least twice that to allow for invalid signatures. There are people all over this planet who would love to have fresh, clean water delivered into their shacks for free so that they can drink. The UN has declared water a HUMAN RIGHT, whether or not people can afford to pay the high rates DWSD and many other water companies are charging.
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When the verbe AVOIR is conjugated, it looks like this: Jai – I have Nous avons – we have Tu as – you have Vous avez. The focus is on Human Occupation Occupational therapy model that addresses motivation Used dynamic systems theory to explain the relationships between the components All components are interrelated and directly effect each other. And trust me -- lots of users want to add high quality narration to their PowerPoint presentations so that these can be shown as a sequential walkthrough without a live presenter.
Enter the word into the lexicon with its phoneme representation, which is available from standard online dictionaries, and the voice will recognize and speak it.
The About option displays the Speech-Over splash screen, and Document Properties allows the user to add the Author name and presentation details. HelloSlide transforms slides into rich audiovisual format, in order to help users to narrate the content of their slides. You can create your presentations with a complete voice over and share it online via YouTube. If you feel this article was useful to understand how to add voice to your PPT and online presentations, you are welcome to vote for it, Digg, +1, and share with your colleagues on Twitter.
He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. Main breaks, sinkholes have plagued DWSD as workforce downsized by 41 percent; GLWA plans to cut even further. Under terms of the GLWA contract with the City of Detroit, Detroit would become another contracted community, relinquishing its ownership of the six-county system through personal property and revenue SALES, not leases, with real property sales of the system’s infrastructure open to board approval. They said if all measures are not complete by Jan. 1, a temporary partnership between the two entities lasting from six months to two years would be put in place. Until recent years, the DWSD had bond ratings in the A ranges due to its separation from the City of Detroit as an enterprise agency, with bond repayment predicated on revenues. The Detroit News today trumpeted that the city’s white population increased by 8,000 from 2013 to 2014. 2014 after storms resulted in massive floods actually caused by inoperable sewage pumps at Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant. The fee has  been ruled illegal under the Headlee Amendment, as a tax not approved by voters in two Lansing-related cases,  in 2011 by a State Appeals Court, and in 1998 by the Michigan Supreme Court, Bolt v. Coalition, which is also a member of the Coalition to Save the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department, is disputing this fee. DWSD says on its website that customers are being charged for the cost of transporting and treating stormwater flowing into sewers to the Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant.
A total of 12,352 of those customers have either paid their bills, or entered into a payment plan agreement. 20, 2015, McCormick said DWSD has slashed the number of its workers “from 2178 in early 2012 to 1322 on July 1, 2015,” approximately 41 percent, half-way to contractor EMA’s recommendation of 81 percent. 9 that he had just snagged $8.9 million in federal “disaster recovery” funds to establish “flood prevention areas” in broad sections of Detroit’s predominantly Black neighborhoods.

Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, would fund demolition of homes, “vacant lot greening,” and large “stormwater infrastructure projects” in designated areas including Brightmoor, Mt. Bill Davis presents award to activist Monica Lewis Patrick of We the People of Detroit at DAREA prayer breakfast June 27, where petition campaign to save DWSD was kicked off. 15 meeting, but no discussion took place regarding technical aspects of NEFCO’s operation, its reputation, or likely negative effects of its operation.
The plant will convert sewage sludge from the Wastewater Treatment Plant into dried pellets, or “cakes,” that can be used for land application in agriculture, as well as energy generation for utilities like DTE.
2013 report called “Lake Erie Ecosystem Priority” (LEEP), referenced by Simiolianus in his document, says phosphorus from agriculture and industrial wastewater treatment plant threatens increasing contamination, or “eutrofication” of the Lake.
But Davis points out that Detroit’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, by teaming up with the NEFCO facility, will indirectly cause both types of pollution.
In the 1970’s, Lake Erie was essentially considered a “dead” lake, largely due to sewage sludge outflow from Detroit’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. District Court before Judge Bernard Friedman, and plans to take its appeal all the way to the U.S. In the United States people want free water to flush down the toilet, water their lawn, and make cool aid. However, many people miss a simple trick to make their presentations more professional, compelling and engaging.
Since options in both locations are duplicated, we will explore only the Speech-Over tab within this review.
While creating presentations online is easy enough, it can be a bit difficult to add audio to your online presentations. Furthermore, with the help of this service you can make your slide available in 20 different languages. With the help of SitePal you can create animated avatars from stock or custom images and add voice narrations to your presentations. If DGRS’ approval of the Bankruptcy Plan and its earlier withdrawal of its Sixth Circuit Court appeal of bankruptcy eligibility for Detroit are any indication, the outlook for retirees is not positive. An extension was granted to June 12, 2015, when the current GLWA contract with the City of Detroit was signed.
Brown went from Council to aide to EM Kevyn Orr to COO under Duggan, and vice-chair of the GLWA.
Currently, there are a total of 38,867 active payment plan agreements with the total combined balance of $31,308,592.96. 1, when and if the GLWA will be in charge of determining water rates and making water shut-offs, according to its contract.
People in other parts of the world have to dig wells and lug water for miles to their homes and it might not even be fit to drink after all that effort and these people want it for free??? Water in fact was free in Ireland for decades, paid for out of tax dollars as are many other government services across the world. In this post we will explore the various methods by which you can add voice narrations to your online presentations. 14 board meeting, she noted that numerous DWSD jobs are slated for outsourcing to private companies, including maintenance and security positions, with skilled trades jobs next on the list. There is a drought in California and water is going to be a premium commodity in the near future as people realize that water is not guaranteed. For example, you can upload FLV and MP4 videos to a variety of video streaming websites, whereas SWF files can be added to websites as flash videos.
In a business setting, the way you speak can mean the difference between getting a new contract and walking out of the office empty-handed.You may be excellent at your job but can you present?Can you compel your clients to seal the deal when it matters most?Not everybody can which is why more and more people are harnessing the power of a professional voice over artist to turn ordinary presentations into an irresistible marketing tool.Not a Native Speaker? No ProblemIn this ever-expanding global economy, more and more of us are having to engage with overseas clients and deliver presentations in a foreign language. You may have little or no knowledge of the target language, which makes delivering a presentation nigh on impossible a€“ that is unless you have a professional voice over artist to provide the narration.Whatever the target language, a professional voice over artist can overcome the language barrier. Even if your audience speaks English, a native language narration for part of the presentation can be a great way to build rapport.A Professional Voice Over Artist Can Provide GravitasIf you want a top quality presentation to persuade clients to give your company more business, it is important that the delivery matches the content. The reality is that not all of us are blessed with a smooth dulcet voice or a deep, compelling baritone. A professional voice over artist can add that touch of credibility you need.It Is Professional and Inspires ConfidenceA voice over immediately reveals a level of professionalism to the client.
A professional voice over for any medium, whether it be radio, TV or instructional video, immediately reveals the brand as professional and serious.A professional voice over artist is endowed with an attractive and engaging voice and he or she capitalizes on this natural gift by using techniques specially designed to take the listener on a journey. By adding texture to the content, a professional voice over artist can hold an audience in their hand, even if the content of your business or education presentation is less than enthralling. It is an art form, and can be a hugely valuable sales tool.More Affordable than Video or AnimationAnimation and video creation are becoming increasingly popular but not for presentations. Practice – Occupations to increase skill, ease, and effectiveness of performance Re-examine – May need to re-examine beliefs, attitudes feelings, habits, and roles.
By pausing slides, you have the ability to expand on a particular topic and engage with the audience.Mix up the Delivery FormatA great way to make your PowerPoint presentation more engaging is by adding texture to the delivery a€“ in other words by combining a professional narration with your own narration.
Each slide can be accompanied by a professional voice over, which you can then pause, interject, and add your own ideas.
It can mean the difference between a run of the mill presentation and one that engages, compels and seals the deal.Ultimately, it is about inspiring confidence in your argument and making your audience believe what you are telling them.
A voice over artist uses professional techniques that are used in marketing to sell a product or service.

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