High-impact Business Consultant with a strong ability to identify initiatives and facilitate action-driven plans to  support corporate growth and objectives.
Selected by a top industry producer to manage and grow an existing $10 million book of insurance and investment portfolio. Consistently generated more than $1 million in product revenue per year with individual sales ranging from $20K to $500K, and  involving long and complex sales cycles.
Design complex financial, estate planning, and businesses planning cases worth in excess $100 million. Increased average revenue per sale 23% by shifting from traditional consulting model to an innovative macroeconomic  planning process that used sophisticated planning software to better uncover, understand, and analyze and solve clients' needs. SENIOR ASSOCIATE 2003 - 2004 Confidential Company Houston, TX Built a financial planning practice from scratch on straight commission through aggressive prospecting, networking and referrals as well as strategic cold  calling, warm lead follow-ups and targeted marketing campaigns.
Completed a rigorous sales training program followed by ongoing career education, and a mentoring program.
Acknowledged as in the top 20 of all new financial representatives in the country; received various  company recognition awards including the Bronze Award, New Client Award, Pacemaker and a Crusade qualifier. Key in generating revenue of $9 million in five transactions for 2001 totaling over $1 billion in commitments. Completed intense 12-week analyst training program with a two-year continuing education segment including intensive studies in  advanced accounting, financial statement analysis, valuation, corporate finance, financial modeling, and credit analysis as  well as two graduate level courses at Harvard University Extension School on the subjects of Business Analysis and Valuation, and Corporate Finance. Developed extensive valuation, bank deal and general industry comparable's database for communications space.
Promoted from analyst to highly technical Associate position within 19 months, which typically requires an MBA. INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT 2009 - Present APH Consulting Houston, TX Worked with small groups of wealthy individuals to analyze potential business investment opportunities. Consulted on best sales practices and sales conversion strategies for outsourced marketing firm for alternative investment management.
Restructured sales activities to streamline process, including demo, pitch, timing, messaging, and call activity.
Great Resumes Fast is a professional resume  writing and interview coaching firm that assists job seekers at every level secure interviews and job offers. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. In a recent survey (1), only about 61% of all products launched by existing companies turn out to be successful in the market. In order to be successful at innovation, the firm must have a well-honed process to manage the portfolio of ideas, illustrated in the figure below. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the “best” companies have senior management that understand that innovation and new product development is a key business process, and take full responsibility. The “rest” have senior managers who approach new product development as strictly a function of the R&D department, not a key business process. For start-ups to be more successful requires a mind-set of iterate-and-learn, which is a classic project management technique when uncertainty is high.
New Product Visions is a consulting company that helps organizations improve the effectiveness of their new product development processes.

This entry was posted in Innovation Management, Overall NPD Process, Phase Gate Development Process, Project Definition, Project Management, Project Portfolio Planning by admin. This is an excellent discussion and a good reminder that not all New Product Development projects are created equal and that NPD is vastly different from other business processes. Donald, I think that in many cases, consistency of results is paramount in the minds of many senior managers of large, public companies. One major factor that determines the outcome of NPD process is the senior management’s view of the NPD Process. Arpit, I believe that management’s role in innovation management is the number one determinate of long term innovation success.
Finance professional with a proven record of evaluating business and investment  opportunities, quickly understanding companies and their markets and making sound and profitable investment decisions.
Led businesses in the strategic development and implementation of their  corporate benefits program including executive compensation and risk management to tailor a plan to align with the needs of the  company. Collaborated with clients to identify financial goals and  develop and implement need based financial plans including life insurance planning, disability income needs, retirement income  planning, college tuition planning, money management, and estate planning among others.
Facilitated meetings between prospective clients and  internal products and services groups to develop complete solutions for clients, and maximize the relationship return.
OLIN GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, Wellesley, MA Candidate for Master of Business Administration May 2011.
They create  dynamic, best-in-class resumes and cover letters that consistently deliver results.
When you investigate further, however, you will find that the “best” companies have much higher success rates of around 82% vs. A common tool for managing a portfolio of projects are the phased development processes, where a project has to progress through a series of phases and “gates” to reach the market.
They are fully engaged and understand that the NPD process is unlike any other business process.
They expect that a product can be defined, handed off to R&D, and they can disengage until the product is ready to ship.
They need to start with basic assumptions about what the product is, who the customers are, how they will use the product, and how they will grow the business.
The dynamic nature of both Technologies and Markets at play in NPD merit serious consideration as you choose the best management approach. Thinking beyond what current customers are saying and taking on some level of risk is not in their comfort zone nor is that how they are rewarded. I have seen both types of management and can certainly say that if management is not serious about innovation, the same filters down the organization leading to poor innovation and a stagnant product portfolio which will soon lead to declined revenue and all sorts of issues for the organization. You are absolutely correct that it is up to senior management to establish a culture of innovation. Once we’re starting to improve a product which is already good enough, we met increasing counterforce and thus decreasing of profitability, so we either have to change the product in principle or to stop innovate. Expert in  the identification and implementation of financial management strategies to capture cost improvement opportunities while  impacting bottom line profits. Provided advisory sales strategies, prospect conversion from warm leads, marketing  strategy, pricing, promotions, business plan, networking and targeted outreach.

There has to be a process, called a portfolio management process, in place in order to prioritize and decide what projects will provide the greatest return on investment. The most successful will quickly develop a “minimum acceptable product”, introduce the product and start to rapidly test their assumptions. Do you believe there are other reasons for the lack of success other than the three (3) listed above? In this case, the “best” were defined as the most successful or in the top third in their industry for new product development (NPD) success, being above the mean for their new product program success, and being above the mean for sales and profit success from NPD. They foster a culture that punishes failure, regardless of whether that failure is actually “good” failure.
These types of firms are typically working with technology that may be new-to-the-world and how the technology will actually be used by the customers, or even who the customers are, might be very uncertain.
They will develop more than just cosmetic, feel-good metrics about how they are doing, and critically look at the results of early market feedback. Innovative products can be based on the technology, factors associated with the market or both.  For instance, a product might use existing technology, but serve a market or customer segment in a new way and be successful. Typically, many new product projects have relatively higher risk at the beginning, and as the project progresses, risk is reduced. In other words, these processes can be turned into an “algorithm” and run over and over again with increasing efficiency. As a result, they drive their organizations to become more risk averse that can lead to mundane products and individual employees becoming dis-engaged from the company. Of course, this same set of characteristics may exist for a new product project in an existing firm that has an existing portfolio of products, so the techniques used will be similar.
They will need to know when it is time to “pivot”, or change direction, or persevere longer with the current assumptions (6).
It might include an incremental improvement of existing technology and serve a well understood market segment and be successful.  It might be based on radical new technology and serve a whole new customer segment and become a market-leading product.
When risk and uncertainty are very high, the project management tools used are different compared to the tools used when risk is low.
For instance, common tools like critical chain and Gantt charts are appropriate when the tasks are clear and the task duration can be estimated. What worked from a management standpoint with the last project won’t necessarily work for the next project. The “best” companies have senior managers who create a culture of innovation that rewards learning and does not penalize “good” failure. A company develops the wrong product, for the wrong customers, at the wrong price and at the wrong time.
Understanding project risk and managing appropriately requires a competent project manager.

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