Visual Studio 2013 is the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship developer tool for building applications on all of the company’s platforms. Even though it is now available for download, Microsoft is aware that Visual Studio 2013’s release will be buried by Windows 8.1’s launch.
If you purchased Visual Studio Professional 2012 at retail, you can upgrade to Visual Studio Professional 2013 for only $99 until January 31, 2014. Review How good is the latest iteration of Microsoft’s monster development tool, Visual Studio 2013?Visual Studio is the product that has to follow all the twists and turns of Microsoft’s developer story.
The one thing that spoils this easy deployment is that Windows – and therefore Visual Studio – gets easily confused if you use multiple sign-ins, such as more than one “Organizational” (that is, Office 365) accounts, or mixed Organizational and Microsoft (that is, Windows Live) accounts. Le support des applications Windows universelles et l’integration d’Apache Cordova permettent a Visual Studio de gagner du terrain dans le secteur de la programmation multiplateforme.
Visual Studio 2013 est sorti en fin d’annee derniere (voir a ce propos notre article « Sebastien Cantini, Microsoft : Visual Studio Online, nouveaute majeure de cette edition 2013 »).
Dans le cadre de son TechEd North America 2014 de Houston (au Texas), Microsoft livre aujourd’hui l’Update 2 de cette solution. Autre annonce, le support d’Apache Cordova, qui permet de mettre au point des applications multiplateformes en s’appuyant sur des technologies web (HTML, CSS et JavaScript). Journaliste depuis plus de 15 ans, je suis pour vous les actualites de la presse technique et economique US. After that, Visual Studio Professional 2013 Upgrade will be available from the Microsoft Store and through resellers for $299. Over the years, he has covered the tech industry for multiple publications, including Ars Technica, Neowin, TechSpot, ZDNet, and CNET. Stuff then fails to work.Some confusion is hard to avoid, especially given that the IDE now synchronises settings between all the machines upon which you work, provided that you sign in with a Microsoft account.
There is a visual designer in Visual Studio for XAML, but not for HTML, though a separate application called Blend offers visual design for both. Visual Studio Online, a hosted version of Team Foundation Server (TFS), is free for up to five users for the Basic edition, which includes Git or TFS source code management, project-planning with sprints, backlogs and work items, and continuous integration with cloud build services.
Au menu, la possibilite de creer des applications universelles, compatibles avec Windows, Windows Server et Windows Phone. Notez que Visual Studio Online s’enrichit de plusieurs APIs qui permettront de l’etendre plus facilement. Visual Studio pourra ainsi creer des applications compatibles avec les OS Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux, Android, BlackBerry ou encore Firefox OS et meme Tizen, depuis un meme code source.

J'aborde aussi dans le cadre de sujets de fond des themes comme la programmation, le calcul de haute performance ou encore l'open source.
Synchronized settings covers theme, fonts, and text editor options.Speaking of the editor, there are some neat enhancements, some of which were previously available as add-ons.
The choice then is to live with the basic designer in Visual Studio, or put up with constant switching between tools.
CII is set of code editor extensions that make it easier to get information about code structure and changes. L’environnement de developpement supporte egalement Windows Phone 8.1, derniere mouture en date de l’OS mobile de Microsoft.
This brings together the LightSwitch rapid application builder and the Office 365 cloud platform.LightSwitch, introduced in 2010, allows you to define data tables using a simple visual designer, and then generates screens for viewing and editing the data.
Blend is oriented towards designers rather than developers, making Store App development harder than it should be.This part of Visual Studio also seems somewhat buggy. The original version built Silverlight clients, but the latest incarnation supports responsive HTML clients. When enabled, this creates hyperlinks above every class and method, showing the number of references to that code, the number of unit tests and how many pass, outstanding bugs and work items, code reviews, and changes. The Visual XAML designer in Visual Studio regularly fails for me with meaningless messages like “Page is not supported in a Windows App project” (untrue).
You can add snippets of code, using JavaScript on the client or C# on the server.A Cloud Business App throws SharePoint or Office 365 into the mix. Azure deployment is based on publisher profiles, which the deployment wizard can retrieve automatically after you authenticate with an Azure account. The hyperlinks work inline, so you do not lose your place in the code unless you click a second link within the window that pops up. After that there is a range of options, from the basic Professional Edition for around ?500 through to Ultimate with MSDN at ?11,235 (renewal a mere ?3,560).With rival platforms vying for developer attention, it is not surprising that Microsoft invests so much in its developer tools, and with generally good results. Lack of documentation and perplexing deployment dialogs spoil the ease of use, as does a bug which prevents the saving of data in debug mode, but I was eventually able to deploy a simple app to an Office 365 team site.Cloud Business Apps are interesting for a couple of reasons. Choose Web Deploy, hit Next, hit Publish and there it is; a great way to impress clients with a quick prototype. Click the references link, for example, and all the instances of calling code are listed.I have heard complaints that CodeLens clutters the code, but you can disable it if you prefer.
The compiler has improved standards compliance, with key improvements to C++ 11 support including default template arguments, variadic templates and alias templates.

One is that building line of business applications on Microsoft’s platform is in some respects harder today than it was 10 years ago, hence the LightSwitch focus on easy development. More annoying is that it only works in the Ultimate edition and with C# or Visual Basic.Chaotic diversityAnother feature, called Peek Definition, works in all editions down to Professional. Secondly, Office 365 and Azure now form a more strategic platform than the Windows client, since they are cloud-based and can support cross-platform clients. This right-click option is similar to Go To Definition, but shows the code that defines the current type in an inline popup window. The main purpose is to improve compatibility with cross-platform code including open-source libraries.The C++ editor has several enhancements which include auto-completion of braces, brackets, quotes and parentheses.
Language-wise you can code in C#, Visual Basic, C++ or JavaScript, which means most developers will find something familiar. Test information If we need more information about tests that called given method we can click on test result label and popup opens with all tests that cover our method.When double-clicking on test the test is opened in code editor. Now we have also “Peek definition” option that opens subwindow where definition of code object is shown. New IDE improvements are your great help when working with legacy or complex and unfimilar code. Test related indicators let you easily find tests that cover your code objects and it’s easy to find out what method calls failed during tests. As all those indicators are very new I need some more time to play with them to give more advanced opinion about their usage. But first picture looks great and I suggest you to try out how indicators help you when coding.
Not sure if it is the only version with indicators or are there also other versions that support it. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website  Notify me when new comments are added.

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