Now I’m not saying I want to make all posts as busy as a sales page, but I would like to give my visitors eyes a few variations to look at.
Once installed the Tinymce Advanced otions will appear in the WordPress settings drop down menu in the WordPress Dashboard. Basically what this plugin does is allow you to add a lot more functionality to the standard WordPress editor by simply dragging the functions you want up into the editor. I’ve added font sizes, background font color, as well as font families (you need font families added if you also want to add additional Google Fonts like I did).
So now as you create you content you can simply highlight the text you want to change and change the font type, size, color and background color.
Follow the same procedure as before to find, install and activate the TinyMCE Widget plugin. Normally if your using a text widget in your sidebar you have to use HTML to if you want to do anything other than plain text. Click on the little drop down arrow and the standard WordPress editor appears and you can now easily edit your widget without the need to know any HTML. These two guys have one sole mission for all their WA membersa€¦.to help them become successful in their online businesses!. Wealthy Affiliate boasts a vault full of training videos and webinars that are treated like gold in the WA community. Yes, thata€™s right!a€¦even as a free member you get to build yourself two websites with free domain names and hosting, but for those who are serious about making a financial change to their life as an internet marketer and becomes a Premium member, you can create up to 50A websites that you want to build and have hosted there!. Did you know that even as a free member you can make money in the WA Affiliate Program?a€¦I knowa€¦sounds crazy right?a€¦.but ita€™s true!. For 2 people joining under you every month, you will have earned $408 per month as monthly Premium membership and if they join up as yearly Premium members you get yourself $3,120 every year!a€¦.that just two members every month!. If you join and sign up as a free member in Wealthy Affiliate then you are on your way to becoming an internet marketer. Everything in life takes time to mature, flourish and growa€¦we as people are no differenta€¦and building a successful business is the same, both online and offline!.
Now this is a review, and people who are thinking of joining Wealthy Afiliate deserve an honest review, soA I am here to fill you all in what is really going on inside this live community of wealth driven marketers. THE BESTA a€?Earn as you Learna€™ affiliate program on the internet that teaches everyday people like you and I how to make money from the internet. No matter what these products promise, and no matter who the big names are behind them, we can’t help but be concerned about handing over our cash for yet another potential life-changer.
In comparison, there is a VERY small number of products and services that have remained trusted and have grown in popularity because …well, the opportunity they offer has stood the test of time.
Today I would like to talk about one such product … Wealthy Affiliate, and I would like to explain why we rate it so highly here on Work From Home Watchdog, plus why it has become increasingly popular within an industry riddled with scams and false promises. Established in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate was originally designed to be a website where keyword lists were shared with experienced Internet Marketers who knew how to profit from them. However, this narrow approach didn’t last long as the owners soon realized that they could also be of help to the huge bunch of people with NO EXPERIENCE searching the Internet for ways to earn a genuine income online. By 2006, the Wealthy Affiliate website had become more of a community where people would learn how to build profitable websites the Wealthy Affiliate way. Since that time it has gone on to evolve whenever Internet Marketing concepts have changed, and it will continue to change as and when the industry changes going forward. Having initially met in college, Kyle and Carson were both independently earning money online through their own self-taught Internet Marketing skills. There was some friendly rivalry between them as their individual incomes soared as a result of promoting the products and services of some huge global companies, on the Internet.
A process that is perfectly legitimate, and now works even better than it ever has done before thanks to more people having access to the Internet. Putting their obvious marketing skills to one side, Kyle & Carson also have the ability to understand what people need to succeed online, and that is a very important point. Wealthy Affiliate is where they do just that by providing EVERYTHING required to replicate their own successes online.
This could be anything at all, and I ask that you consider for a minute the things that interest you or are a part of your everyday life, and then ask yourself if you have actually paid for anything related to that topic? I would guess that you have, and if you have, so will others who also share your interests all around the World. The training at Wealthy Affiliate will help you to develop niche ideas from your interests, but if you really can’t think of anything then the Affiliate Bootcamp training will provide you with a ready-to-go niche and teach you exactly how to build a business around this niche. Once your niche idea is established, you will then take the first steps in developing your online business by building your very own website.
The reason for building a website is to attract people to it by ranking high in search engine results and also sharing it with your connections on social networks. This will bring targeted visitors to your website, and it’s where you will ultimately earn in a variety of ways through things like related affiliate programs and ads placed on your website. The potential in ANY niche is huge because the entire World is your potential customer base, and this offers tremendous earning potential. This is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you … to build an online business based on something of interest (whatever that might be), and then attract targeted visitors to it who will purchase recommendations that you have in place on your website. Let’s first talk about the tools included at Wealthy Affiliate because this is often an area exploited by scammers on the Internet who see it as a way to generate extra payments from the customer. In particular, paying additional fees for website hosting, a keyword research tool and a website builder has become the norm with similar Internet Marketing programs, and these can really bump up the cost of your initially purchase. Not only that but Wealthy Affiliate focuses on functionality and simplicity with all of their tools. With over 1400 website templates to choose from, this really is website building in its easiest form and it allows anyone (regardless of your experience) to build a website within just a few minutes.
The free hosting provided is on a state of the art cloud hosting platform, where website security and efficiency is assured for all members. On to the training, and this is where Wealthy Affiliate takes you by the hand and teaches you the Internet Marketing process from the ground up.
This can be completed entirely at a pace that suits you, but if you want an idea of how quickly you can get your business up and running, your website will be live as early as lesson 4. In addition to the 500+ training modules at Wealthy Affiliate, there are dedicated classrooms for specific conversation and training, plus there are HD video training modules for those who prefer a more visual approach to learning. Add the weekly webinars to the mix and you can see why the Wealthy Affiliate training is regarded as the most comprehensive on the Internet.
One final and very important point about the training and your general access to Wealthy Affiliate – everything is compatible with iPads and other mobile devices, so you can access your training and build your online business from wherever you might be, and on any device.
It would be very easy for me to say that Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone, but there are honestly very few exceptions.

During my time as a Wealthy Affiliate member I have met people from all walks of life and from all corners of the World.
Stay at home Moms & Dads, baby boomers, silver surfers, students, people with disabilities, farmers, doctors and even a couple of airline pilots, to name just a few! I can absolutely guarantee that if you DON’T have the desire to improve your financial situation and direction in life, Wealthy Affiliate will NOT work for you.
That desire for my own success was the springboard for my own personal success, and I know that you can do exactly the same. There are 2 membership options at Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s very important that you understand the difference between the two. This membership option is perfect for those starting out, and it does not cost a dime to join. This is NOT a restricted free trial, it is permanent free membership with no time limits or restrictions.
Extras include access to all Classrooms, unlimited keyword research and unlimited websites.
Not only have I been able to learn how to build and maintain a number of successful online businesses, I am also able to stay ahead of industry changes thanks to the way that Wealthy Affiliate continues to evolve and update it’s training as and when the industry changes. These are crucial points because they also mean: I have not wasted money on other opportunities that fail to deliver. As one of the most experienced and long serving Wealthy Affiliate members (since 2006), I do not want you to miss out on this opportunity because I know that you can achieve great things at Wealthy Affiliate. We take great pride in supporting our Work From Home Watchdog visitors inside Wealthy Affiliate, and as soon as you are inside Wealthy Affiliate I will send you a message and give you some tips on making the most of your Starter Membership, plus details of how you can reach us for help. I must say, coming across your site has given me a hopeful shred of encouragement after a time of hopelessness. Thanks for stopping by and my best wishes go to you after what must have been a very difficult year. At WA you can build a website about any topic that interests you (obviously with in reason), and you definitely can build a ministry type website if you wish. I hope this helps for now, Dan, and by all means drop me a line inside WA if you decide to give it a try.
2) The training at WA assumes that members will need to start from the ground up so you shouldn’t have any problems at all.
If it’s an interest or passion of yours then WA will teach you how to turn it into a successful online business.
It’s important to remember that whilst it is simple these days to build a website, building a business takes hard work and dedication. 3) As above but within a 1 year time frame, building your business as instructed at WA, you should definitely be in a strong position.
Being passionate about a niche or interest will really help to develop a successful online business at WA.
No doubt there is a ton to learn, and I completely understand that as with any venture achieving true online success is all about commitment and effort, but WA looks like a good place to begin.
I went ahead and joined WA at the starter level, look forward to any input you may have on my page or my ability to be successful anonymously – at least in the beginning.
I started off in a similar position to you as I was working in a factory when I found WA, but the great thing is you can work at your own pace and as and when the time is right for you. Having been involved with affiliate marketing for some years now, I can assure you that affiliate marketing is NOT a saturated market, and never will be. Regarding your personal goals, these are more than achievable in time JT if you are prepared to put in the effort. I appreciate your concerns about the $0.00 startup at Wealthy Affiliate, but this is a totally transparent program with no hidden up sells. There is a Premium membership option at Wealthy Affiliate, and I have mentioned this in my review above. Obviously there are benefits to being a Premium member, but you can definitely build a successful online business for free before even considering the Premium option (I advise all members to do this). Marcus – This all seems very interesting, but could you be a little more clear on what kind of business I would be starting? Apologies for not being more specific in regards to your questions…I will amend the review to include those details.
2) I’d also appreciate if you could be more specific on just what kind of income is possible. 2A) That’s tough to answer because there are many influencing factors, but the truth is, there are no earning limits. Upon joining WA you are asked about your goals, and advice is given on your own personal situation. You are here because you may have been searching how to work from home and make money from the internet, A and you have discovered a website called Wealthy Affiliate, and just like any wise and cautious person out there who is looking for the best way in how to make money from home, you are wanting to find the best Wealthy Affiliate review to know a little bit morea€¦. They are constantly around the WA community giving advice and successful marketing tips to members who may have struck a hurdlea€¦.ita€™s very obvious that these two savvy internet entrepreneurs arena€™t the kind of marketers that takes your money off you and then dona€™t see them anymore!, Kyle and Carson are always around the communitya€¦even you yourself as a member can message them, and sure enougha€¦youa€™ll get a reply. Some have been in the game for many years and know how to make money from the internet and bring in thousands of dollars every week into their accounta€¦and some are brand new to internet marketing and having a business online. Kyle and Carson have sourced through thier experience and brought together some amazing internet marketing tools just for their members, and they are all yours to use a€“ Free! These modules will give you such an incredible insight in how the marketing game actually works.
These training videos and webinars are packed full of the most effective internet marketing tips and techniques that you can follow in your own time and use to make your creative mind flow with excitement for your own marketing campaigns in your online business. Now I dona€™t know of any other internet marketing training program that gives Premium members the freedom to build websites and have them hosted right there for you inside Wealthy Affiliate at no extra cost!. If you already understand that then I take my hat off to you for realising the logistics of a successful business. But other than the two I have pointed out, I cannot find anything else that is to be even considered as a a€?cona€™ inside Wealthy Affiliatea€¦seriously!. Learn from experienced, six figure earning internet marketers willing to help you become successful by sharing their passion of the internet marketing game! If you have a desire to learn and work hard, you tooA can have a successful home business with Wealthy Affiliate!
The knowledge to be gained here is awesome; putting knowledge into action is the key to success.
I invite you to read on to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about Wealthy Affiliate, and how it can help ANYONE looking to earn an income online. It was a very niche topic for a website, but it quickly became popular within the industry.

Word soon spread about what was on offer, and 1000’s of newbie marketers flooded through the Wealthy Affiliate doors in search an eduction that would earn them an online income.
In my opinion,Wealthy Affiliate is the most complete work from home community on the Internet. These very unassuming guys from British Columbia, Canada are responsible for making the Wealthy Affiliate community what it is today. In return for their efforts they received huge commission paychecks … earning way beyond what any college education could ever produce. Their skills: the ability to TAKE ACTION and promote stuff that people were searching for online. They have no interest in becoming gurus promising to show you how to earn untold riches online – they simply want to show how easy it is to earn money online, and how to increase your earnings to a level that suits you. This is a clear indication that your chosen niche (topic) is profitable and can be easily turned into something that generates you an income online.
For example, the otherwise complicated task of building a website is simplified to just a 3 click operation using the in-house website builder at Wealthy Affiliate. Keyword research is conducted with a focus on speed and accuracy using the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool, and Rapid Writer is another important tool that is on hand to assist with all your content needs. As a Starter Member you have instant access to everything you need to generate an income online, including: over 500 training modules, 3 Classrooms, the Live Chat and support system, keyword research tool, plus the option to build 2 free websites.
This is the ideal option for those who are comfortable with building and maintaining multiple websites and scaling their online income. I believe this will allow you to make an informed decision about if WA is right for you in the long run.
The training does explain how social media websites play a part but it is not essential that you use them. I really want to start a website to help people learn how to use coupons and other things that save money. I would like to make 1K – 2K per month.Do you think ts possible if I spend about 2 hours each day building up my bussines? If for example you were in the bodybuilding niche (way too broad) it will likely take years to rank for those highly competitive keywords connected with that niche. Anyone who runs a profitable website will tell you it took them a few months to get everything off the ground and earning income here and there. And yes…the potential is definitely there to create a full time income in the process. Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with everything else, so if you can step up to the mark then you will be in a good place. Yes, it’s one of the most popular ways to earn an income online, but there are an endless supply of niche markets, and these continue to grow every day.
I am a wife and mother of 3 kids and I have recently quit my warehousing job of 8 years to go back to school. That is why I rank it as my #1 recommendation because I can 100% guarantee (having been a member since 2006) that it is a genuine and legitimate opportunity. However, it is important to understand that you are not required to upgrade, and there is no time limit to the ($0) Starter Membership. Ultimately you will build your own online business via a website, but don’t be concerned about how that will actually happen.
Some people join and want to earn some extra cash each month for say 10 hours input (pm), while others want to replace a full time income. This would help to give you a clearer idea of what you might be able to achieve as a Wealthy Affiliate member.
The wealth of knowledge between these two is worth way more than Premium membership let me tell you, and to have them there at your disposal any time that you need their help gives credit to thier success. They are there to learn, and while there are others who have already learnt as a Wealthy Affiliate how to create an income online, they are still therea€¦willing to help others gain that knowledge of financial freedoma€¦.just like Kyle and Carsona€¦and thata€™s the beauty of having an active live communitya€¦whenever you are in need of help, all you do is post it out to the community and you will get your answera€¦most often from Kyle and Carson themselves! You can take your time and go through these training modules for as long or as many times as you likea€¦it is there for you to train at your leisure!.
But get thisa€¦if you were to become a Premium Member get a whopping 33% more!
But if youa€™re dead serious like me to become a top marketer online, then Premium membership is where you want to go. Website can be done in a very little time so I just wonder why we should spend many hours each day to get results? I dont mind to be patient, but i got scammed many times so I dont want to lose my time for something that will not bring my any results. If the points mentioned above are followed then the income will continue to grow and stabilize every month thereafter.
However, if you follow the training and take action on what you learn, you will put yourself in a very strong position.
The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is, and it’s the reason why I rank it #1, everything you need to build an online business is included within the free membership.
These tools will be very new to you if you are a total newbie and know absolutely nothing about website construction, internet marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) , but once you learn how to use these tools to serve you in your online projectsa€¦.you will discover how easy it is to actually build a traffic hungry website with the right tools and know how!. Everything is either amped up ten fold or unlimited in Premium membership, with more intense, dynamic learning programs always being added by Kyle and Carson and their amazing team at Wealthy Affiliate.
A much smaller and more focused niche generally results in faster rankings, traffic and earnings. It seems like everyone is doing it and it really is the only legit way to make an income online. Therea€™s certified a€?Online Entrepreneura€™ training modules catered for Premium members that gives you further in-depth training techniques and methods used by experienced top internet marketers who know how to make money from the internet. I’d also appreciate if you could be more specific on just what kind of income is possible.
I have been looking for an office type position just so I can keep 9-5 hours to spend those quality hours in the evenings and weekends with my family.
My time is limited and I hate the thought of throwing myself into something that won’t turn more than a couple hundred a month – I need real results here!! I can take very scientific information and break it down to the place that the average person understands. Do you think it might be a good fit for me, or is it something that you would recomend doing on the side?

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