Be protected against scams by knowing the basic types of online fraud like spam, phishing and identity theft and how it can be avoided. This post is based on my Review on Empower Network and the feedback I had received from it. EN - You do not own the content and you will lose the rights and the power to access it if you stop paying the monthly fee. WA - You own the content and have full control for the lifetime of your website at Wealthy Affiliate, even if you cannot afford the premium.
EN - Websites are grouped together as a directory, and the content is impacted by that of everyone else. EN - Have to pay $19.95 a month to be paid and to sell any of the Empower Network products.
WA - The affiliate program is free to join and commissions will be paid to your PayPal account. WA - You do not need to join a group because the entire Wealthy Affiliate community is responsible for helping one another. WA - You can interact with Kyle and Carson directly on the platform and ask them questions. I will only compare Empower Networks training to the level that will be required to make success meaning it includes the basic and inner circle training – to receive this training you will have to pay the monthly fee and my comparison is based on that fact.
Basic Membership - Include some basic training on how to build your blog - No technical training. Inner Circle – Hours of audio clips that are more based on mind training than technical and hands on education. Obviously, there are lots more but all based on the same tactics without direct methods of implication. The training works wonderfully to get you focused on the task at hand and if you already have mastered the technical side of an online business, this will add value. Empower Network have some awesome people within some groups but I had found that it was hard to find the right group that will be small enough to give constant support, yet effective enough to provide quality tools and guidance.
Jumping from one group to another is not effective and cost  way too much money and time.
I personally have my own "beliefs" when it comes to marketing and I prefer not only to make sales directly, but also give my prospects the change to join without having to pay anything. If you want to earn a decent income with Empower Network, you will need to persuade people to buy all the additional training courses and not just the $25 blogging system. This type of marketing for me is just too tiresome and I feel that I had lost ethics by doing it. If you had enjoyed this Post please “like and share” so others can also benefit from it! Secondly, I have received a lot of backlash from the Empower Network crowd for discrediting aspects of the EN system. I will be going into detail within this post and in many cases explain the marketing fundamentals why one may benefit you more than the other. One thing that I want you to be aware of before I go into detail here is the fact that Wealthy Affiliate has a completely FREE, no obligation Starter Membership. This is the premise of all success online and if you are looking to build a business, a niche website should be your starting point. So how do the PAID Empower Network websites match up to the FREE Websites at Wealthy Affiliate?
Unless you were born under a rock, you would quickly realize that these blogs are quite counter-productive right way purely based on how the content is delivered. As a member of Empower Network you are given the EXACT same blog that everyone else gets, it is a templated website promoting Empower network. On this site it is stated that I can promote whatever I like, but unfortunately the nature of the site is targeted towards the promotion of Empower Network.
Here are some other fundamental flaws of the Empower Network blogs that you are paying $25 per month for. So how do these $25 per month empower network websites stack up to Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE websites? First off, Wealthy Affiliate has a completely free membership called their Starter membership.
In fact, the hosting for these websites and the quality of the websites is BETTER than any paid site out there. The websites are easy to install, no technical experience required, no FTP, and they can be used within absolutely any niche that you like. Here is an example site that I threw together for this example, just to show you what an example Wealthy Affiliate website looks like. If you are a Premium member of WA (see the membership levels here) it is very easy to transition your website to your own domain (Premium offers unlimited websites, domains and hosting). WA Website Advantage #3: They are optimized for search engines and will work well within any niche and are viewed by Google and other search engines as their very own domain. So there you have it, a walk through of a few options online when it comes to having your OWN blog. If you have any questions or you want me to elaborate on any of the aspects within this review, please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to get back to you. Don’t worry though, you will learn all about this within Wealthy Affiliate with your Starter membership (free).
Sorry to hear you were taken by this program and had such a difficult time dealing with getting a refund. I can assure you that if you do decide to try out WA, you will not have an experience like this and you will be warmly surprised as to how helpful and caring the community is at WA. What you are paying $25 per month for there, you get something superior within WA and for free. If you do the trial for $1 first week and someone sign up during your trial and pay the $47 do you get a commission from that? If you ever need a help moving in the right direction, I would be more than happy to help you out Judy. 2) We use the blogging platform without performing off-page SEO and STILL rank first page and generate leads and sales. 3) Please don’t write a review about something without a)committing to learning from the products and using them and b) actually owning and using them.
Also, no offense to you at all but you can get much better blogs for free than those that you are pushing people to buy over at EN. Also, when you are pitching a scheme and you are taking money directly out of one persons pocket and putting it into yours…and then teaching them to to do the same, then yes, you are making money but at what costs (ethics?). Exactly the same thing happened to me and I gave my full effort to explain my friend about empower network.
Empower networks provides you a blog for $25 a month(Why $25 a month for sub domain), why we can’t use blogspot which will be very highly ranked then empower network. I said my friend that why I should join empower network for a viral blogging and I also don’t really understand about viral blogging what does they mean by viral. Empower network blogs was in good ranking before but they are not any more now after Google update.
Guys If you planning to join empower network just to do blogging then I suggest start with blogspot. I don’t see any long term with empower network because their first product which they called blogging is gone from Google Search engine and facebook as well so they running only because of their compensation plan and people are joining for that only. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn all this training and they provide right training from A to Z with 1 to 1 mentoring.
I was actually going through one of your lessons on making money on WA and say this site as an example and decided to check it out. Kyle I intend to really give WA a good shot and I can see the success with hard work already. Can you tell plz if WA starter provides training on SEO and how to make the website ranked on first pages on google? Absolutely, we offer a lot of training on SEO (in fact, our Getting Started training is geared towards getting rankings in Google naturally). I like the fair assessment you presented with your counterpart without being overly biased. One thing neither you nor EN do not address is this: Websites built free or not do NOT mean a heck unless there is CONSISTENT SOURCE OF TRAFFIC to bring the dough. The comparison chart below highlights some of the key differences and provides accurate pricing information at the time of publication (Nov 2014). It’s my belief the fastest and easiest way to succeed online (or anywhere else for that matter) is to get a mentor, a proven plan, and then persistently take action.
So in order to get both great training and some real experience under your belt at zero cost I’d recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate as a free member. Email marketing is proven to be one of the most efficient methods for affiliates, as once set up it allows you to build a relationship with your subscribers that can be mutually beneficial for months or even years. Chris is one of the most honest and well liked people in this business, and his teaching style is very enjoyable and easy to understand through step by step high quality video. CFM is very much targeted at people who would want to base their marketing on list building and email marketing.
Mark also offers AffiloJetpack which is 5 done for you niche websites (engines in CFM speak) which include over 90 pro written emails including your affiliate links (this is the only part you’ll have to edit) to the best selling products. There are 18 profitable niches to choose from within AffiloJetpack for $997 including all hosting and the training required to ensure you profit from your websites. The only other thing you need is to buy the domain(s) name for each site and an autoresponder service (Aweber is the recommended).

AffiloJetpack is aimed at both beginners and advanced marketers who want a lot of the work done for them and don’t mind paying for it. Finally Mark offers AffilioTools a tool suite which at the time of writing is officially in Beta testing.
AffiloTools is valued at $67 per month in some of Mark’s sales literature, but is currently free with Affilorama Premium membership. If your a beginner I would suggest starting with Marks free Affilorama membership and making sure you really gel with Marks teaching style because the next step is likely to be the $197 AffiloBlueprint, or maybe even the Jetpack! Wealthy Affiliate (WA) – Kyle and Carson co-founders of WA do things a little differently from most training and mentoring services.
Kyle and Carson would make a lot more money themselves if they moved to a traditional scaled pricing structure. My only critique is that it offers so much training it’s daunting when getting started. It’s great training, an awesome community of members, and a fully transparent pricing structure. To cut things short, I had put the comparison chart of Maverick Money Makers Vs Wealthy Affiliate.
Hi Steve, You are doing what I think is the most important being HONEST about making money online.
There are many successful programs out there with the potential to make you a good income from home.   Although, most of us want to skip all that hard work and find a way to get straight to the top. Whichever program you decide to go with, you’ve got to learn the ropes, and give consistent effort in applying what you learn. Get a taste of the inside of Wealthy Affiliate University with this video lesson showing new members how easy it is to create their first website.. Plus, you have all the possibilities in the world of earning commissions from any other affiliate programs you decide to join with and promote on your websites (which you will have already learned how to do).
If you’re paying $25 per month for the blogging system, your commission per referral would be $25.
If you’ve purchased the $297 Viral Blogging Academy videos, you can promote that package and get $297 commissions for your referrals. When you join, you’re joining a team of other members, including the one who referred you, and likely the one who referred him (or her).
For your first 6 sales, you only get credited for 3, while the other 3 go to that person who referred you in the first place. After that, you get 4 out of 5 sale commissions–the 5th one gets credited to your referrer.
This is the same routine with every commission you ever make, as long as you’re a paying member. Now, if you decide to go further, and buy the $500, $1,000, and $3,500 packages, you get to promote those and earn that amount in commissions back to you—minus those that you send up to your sponsors in your “group”.
The Wealthy Affiliate service is something that works for its members, and they are proud to promote it. But most people who join Empower Network are not Internet Marketing and SEO experts, and they end up failing or giving up rather quickly. The training and knowledge you get from being a Premium member is just information, after all.  Information is free all over the Internet. And another big reason I decided to return after those two weeks was that commissions were already coming in.  The service paid for itself much more quickly than I thought it would. Honestly, there is good potential to make good money with Wealthy Affiliate, Empower Network and many of their competitors.  As with most things in life, it depends on you.
If you follow the steps you learn in the Wealthy Affiliate University classroom, and actually give consistent effort, you will succeed.  Not only will you make money, but you will have started a long-term home business that you can be proud of.
And just like most people who go through the steps and actually achieve their success, they can’t wait to start a second and third online business with different specialties.
Others need to be assured that what they’re getting into is not a scam, and that it will make them money.   So if you believe in the program you choose, then your trust will shine through and others will trust it too.
As an enthusiastic photographer, I have spent a lot of time trying to find the best WordPress photography theme to showcase my photographs.
Well, WP accounts for almost 25% of all websites worldwide as of now, May 2015, and its share will probably continue to rise in the coming years. The reason WordPress is so popular is that it has a simple, user-friendly interface, combined with an unlimited ability to customize themes and plugins.
Whether you are a developer or not, you can find loads of useful WordPress tutorials that will enable you to build complex websites with ease. Whether you are a professional photographer or a happy snapper with an iPhone, doesn’t matter, you are capable of taking fantastic photographs.
Keep reading, and I will show you some awesome themes to use that have fabulous flexibility, look great and certainly won’t break the bank. Facebook, Instagram and a host of others have enabled photography to become a popular form of art, thanks to their photo sharing services. These are some of the best WordPress photography themes that I have found, but they are certainly not the only ones.
Photocrati is an epic modern, responsive and clean WordPress theme that offers plenty of customization. With over 18,000 photographers using Photocrati, it has been tried and thoroughly tested, making it one of the most desirable photography themes available. The bright colors and glossy transparent style bring a touch of elegance to the homepage when this template is used. Another useful feature is the ability to add password protected galleries in case you wish to show your clients their private photos. An options ePanel, which integrates with the WordPress dashboard, comes with all of the themes.
Expression is a powerful, responsive WordPress Theme, ideal for photographers and design creatives alike who use portfolios to effectively showcase their work.
Expression also includes 3 different sliders that can be included on separate pages, a full-width slideshow page, a full-height slideshow page and a Nivo slider. The DK for Photography theme is an interesting one, as it comes with the option to add a background audio playback when the site loads.
The homepage slider has a few different effects, and the fact that it is full-screen makes it a stunning theme.
King Size is a multi-purpose, responsive WordPress Theme, which has proved popular with photographers with almost 17,000 purchases to date (1 May 2015). Armada is fully scalable, responsive, optimized for SEO and performance, multi-functional photography WordPress theme. A newly created theme, Zyra is a well-designed, responsive full-screen WordPress Theme suited to Photographers who wish to showcase their artworks professionally.
If your passion is in the creative arts, then have a look at some of these fabulous WordPress themes and showcase your work professionally and with style. About the Author Latest PostsAbout RobHaving been an affiliate marketer since 2006, I want to pass on my experience to enable you to build a successful online business yourself. The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. You’ve asked that question that is so hard to answer, “What do you generally do with your photography website?
Hi Rob, thank you for this great overview about best themes to use for photography purpose. Hi Vera, There are thousands of WP themes to choose from, which can make choosing one a daunting task – too much choice! Hi Nigel, that’s why I only reviewed a smaller number rather than the top 50 or so – to make your life a little easier! There are so many good WordPress themes around, but it’s not always easy to find out which is the right one for you. I am interested in landscape photography with a few portraits thrown in, so need my theme to be quite diverse. Choosing a theme can be difficult at the best of times, so selecting the right one for your purpose or niche is important.
My reviews and recommendations are aimed at all levels of internet experience, especially newbies. Want to have the best flexibility when it comes to responsive Wordpress themes, then create with Genesis. Please note that reviews are based on my opinion or general experience with the product or service.
Many had asked why I prefer to promote Wealthy Affiliate and not Empower Network along with questions to why I see WA as a better fit for New internet marketers –I hope this comparison will clear up some questions. Each website has the same content base and architecture and this can be seen as duplicate by the major search engines.
If you had chosen an unresponsive group, you will need to sign up all over again with another group. You will need to join a group that provides you with the tools - The prosperity team has the best as far as my knowledge goes. With Wealthy Affiliate there is only one active community and people will help one another whether you had joined under them or not. With Empower Network, it was not possible for the platform does not provide free options or trials.
People struggle and do not have money to waste, Wealthy Affiliate provides more than Empower in my opinion and I don’t need to pressure people into purchasing, they can join the free membership and decide for themselves if they will benefit from it or not. The rest of the content is controlled by Empower Network so you have very limited flexibility as to how you use your website.

Like you do give two free websites and there is a SiteRubix too, but do we still need to know programming languages?
I really wish I had come across WA some months ago, I might have actually been making some money already. With 2 Free Websites as well this is the idea platform to try online business with zero cost. My recommendation if you're looking to list building and email marketing as your main strategy.
The other two programs are both very good but their communities are like ghost towns in comparison. That situation is if you are considering using list building and email marketing as your prime strategy.
Both WA and Affilorama are massive training resources covering everything you’ll ever need to know about affiliate marketing. The engine is the core of your online business and is a system for turning visitors into loyal email subscribers. This training is aimed at intermediate marketers, with advanced paid advertising training, and a lot of product development training. This is a lot of money, but if your interested the 60 day money back guarantee is rock solid. The idea is that it’s a one stop shop for managing your website, keyword and competitor research, content rankings and social media performance. You are being taught how to start an online business, manage your own website, start your own home business, and how to make long-term profits.
You need to choose a service that you actually believe in, so you can feel good about promoting it to others.
I have used WordPress to build several websites and have picked up coding techniques along the way – familiarity, in this case, does not breed contempt – it has created a skill! Images taken by smartphones are usually of great quality, so why not show them off in a bespoke website of your own?
Thousands of WordPress themes are available, but from a photography point of view, these have more than most, and I think you will like them! Created by the internationally renowned Dream-Theme, it has notched up over 24,000 sales in its first 18 months – some feat!
The built-in gallery layout makes the theme a great choice for photographers and artists who want to create an online presence, while also maintaining the blogging capabilities.
This theme is powered by the advanced Pexeto Panel, which provides dozens of options to manage and change any part of the theme.
The latter comes with several animation effects and can be used in ordinary pages with the additional content appearing below. Responsive and feature-rich, this award winning design theme comes with a wide choice of homepage templates showing static images, two sizes of slider (Classical and Supersized), a 3D slideshow and full-screen video. Get clients and visitors in the right mood for looking at your photographs or reading your photo blog! The design is clean and simple and is responsive.
You can create 6 different galleries, a video portfolio and a password protected gallery – this is great only to allow access for private, family or client viewings. The slick, modern and no-nonsense design can be used for any type of creative portfolio and photography websites.
A highlight of the theme is the homepage options for full-screen image background display. And, with 5 special portfolios to choose from, each page can have unique backgrounds, sliders and videos that will set it apart from other pages or posts. Modern, professional design makes Armada a theme to look out for, and not only for photography, but also for any portfolio purpose. Whether you have a big studio portal or just a small personal portfolio, this theme will become a great foundation for any project! The theme is easily customized and has an amazing full-screen slideshow that supports both portrait and landscape photos.
A stunning, well-developed image-based site that is visually appealing will hold visitors and customers for longer. Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.
I have just started out a new website with a wordpress theme that offers a lot of customization for free. Good luck in finding what you are after, Themeforest and Studiopress are great places to start your quest. I had method in the creation of this post, as I needed to assess whether it was worth changing my theme or not. My first bit of advice, is to ensure that your new theme is fully responsive and passes the Google mobile-friendly test, as failing to do this will now affect your ranking in Google. The choice is wide and varied and I suppose depends on the type of imagery you want to showcase. At the moment I have Photocrati, but I love some of the background special effects offered by some of the other themes, so am planning to venture further. Of course, they are also recommended for general and portfolio use – not only photography, as they are fully flexible and multi-purpose. Creatively designed themes are visually more appealing and do have a tendency to hold the visitor a bit longer than those older fashioned themes that lack personality and performance.
With WA it is also easier to get answers to questions instantly without having to wait for a reply.
You have a choice from over 1,400 different style templates, so there is something for everyone. I’ve done well from EN and leveraging their platform completely to sell other affiliate programs (not EN). 5 done for you websites (need your own domain, hosting and autoresponder) with 3 pages (Squeeze, Thank You, and Download) and 5 emails to get you started. Done correctly email marketing is proven to be the most profitable and scale able online business model. I can find something that is cheaper and have better resources and tools compared to Maverick Money Makers.
A The price is extremely high and I believe that Wealthy Affiliate will be well worth as compared to Maverick Money Makers. It is overall an okay program, just that the information and resources are not as good as Wealthy Affiliate.
Finally, there is a web site out on the internet that actually trying to help rather than scam people. But, we’re not here to look at coding, just to dive into some great WordPress themes – that have all the coding done for you! You pay for a pro to highly develop a theme that can perform magic, and pay under $100 for it. Included are some great features, like WooCommerce and Visual Composer that make buying the theme a worthy choice, especially if you are looking for a business related WordPress theme. Extra features allow you to control colors, adjust layouts, manage advertisements, and are SEO optimized. With all the styling options provided, you can easily customize the appearance of the theme and build you own custom skin. DK offers tremendous social media flexibility, using built-in sharing buttons, you can choose which ones to show and which to hide.
Once again, slick, code-efficient design from the Dream-Theme team (It gets an A rating grade for both Page Speed and YSlow). The icing on the cake is that cropping for these images can be easily turned on and off in a whim – keeping the design neat and tidy. And, the more time they remain on your website, the more likely they are to buy and interact. Please leave comments below and I’ll get back to you asap, and thank you for visiting the website. Anyways, this is a great compilation of themes and I am sure I’ll be using one of these now that I have become a WordPress fan. I choose not to disclose my niches as I’m making a good income from leveraging the EN domain and its platform to my advantage. Versus a free theme that can’t do very much, with you trying to add code and waste your valuable time tinkering with it. And, with 34 different background pattern displays available to choose from, you can easily create your own custom background. There are plenty of shortcodes, as well as 7 custom widgets that are all easy to implement.
It also has video support features, whereby the video can be played without any disturbance. I do have a photography site using the Photocrati theme, but rarely get time to upload and work with my images.
I like Photocrati a lot (the one I have at present)- it was one of the first popular bespoke photography themes on the market.
There are unlimited color schemes and video documentation, and Zyra is eCommerce Ready and Translation Ready, making this a theme well worth eye-balling.

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