Tutorial on optimizing Drupal websites for all mobile devices, iPhones and iPads with CSS and making themes Responsive.
Making themes Responsive using CSS by targeting each device specific screen size, and aspect ratios individually!
Drupal CKeditor and FCKeditor tutorial on how to make thumbnails directly from an image that you have added to a page or, post. Thumbnails are smaller versions of a larger image that can be used as is or, as a link to any content.
To create a "Free Shipping for the Holidays" service for a limited time and offer free shipping from one time period to another like Thanksgiving to New Years Eve. This tutorial utilizes the flat rate shipping module that is already installed and configured for the Drupal Commerce Kickstart profile. Configure component by adding conditions set to commerce_order and Data comparison for time and date. A fast and simple tutorial on how to add and embed YouTube videos into your Drupal websites via WISIWIG HTML source code editor.
How to add and embed YouTube videos into your Drupal websites via WISIWIG HTML source code editor.
Start off by going to the page in which you would like to add a YouTube video to and click the "Edit" tab or, create a new page, article or blog post.
The Drupal 6 block list and edit region administration page.Click here for Drupal 6 blocks tutorial. The Drupal 7 block list and edit region administration page.Click here for Drupal 7 blocks tutorial. A simple update but, with an invaluable tip for our clients and friends on spotting, initiating and using the Contextual links trigger on Drupal 7 website made by Infinitee Web Design.
While jQuery is easily the most popular open source JavaScript library there are many competitors. I’ve put together 20 resources including tutorials and free online codes for delving into AngularJS. The Internet is a huge factor in how marketing is performed nowadays, and keeping up with the latest SEO trends is important to keeping your marketing edge. This is because traditional push marketing is being replaced by more cost-effective inbound marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), that drives targeted audiences to you as apposed to out bound marketing where you are marketing to the masses and hoping you reach the right people. Read previous post:Web Design Companies Review 2015Websites are seen as virtual storefronts for a reason. Responsive design methods are very helpful to developers because they allow us to serve content to the widest range of devices without having to maintain separate versions of the site and without some of the negative drawbacks to other methods such as scaling and fluid layouts. This article will highlight the top 3 mistakes designers encounter with responsive designs, and will provide some strategies for avoiding these mistakes. There is a lot of confusion over these terms and designers often incorrectly use them interchangeably. In truth, each of these are distinct evolutionary steps in layout technique that have emerged over time in line with advances in technology.
Scaling layouts are designed to scale every element relative to every other element. They are responsive in the sense that they will scale the content dynamically in response to changes in the size of the viewport. Fluid layouts are different because they scale container elements relative to the size of the viewport. Responsive layouts don??’t scale anything. Instead, they change what is displayed depending on the size of the viewport. If you use a navbar at the top of your page, a responsive design is supposed to “snap” it to a more compact format when the page is displayed on a small screen.
The second way is to change the break point to a lower value. The actual number to use is the width at which your navbar starts to fail, not a specific device size. You can avoid this problem by using relative units to set the width of the image, or if you use a framework that supports it (such as Bootstrap) you can use a responsive image class (eg:class=”img-responsive”).
This one is a bit more obscure, but essentially what happens when your layout is displayed on a small viewport is that any unhandled columns behave like rows. This is a problem because the distortion of the content unintentionally changes the hierarchy of your design.
Web design was initially something that required heavy schooling but has grown into a craft that can be trained & learned on-the-job.
Building and designing websites was never easier due to the amount of free resources available online.
The tools mentioned in this list will cover a lot of different disciplines of web development. Tired of holding a real-life ruler to your screen to check whether elements on your website actually have the same distances?
For more WordPress-specific Chrome extensions, check out Shaun’s excellent article12 Google Chrome browser extensions for WordPress users. This free tool allows you to access the Flickr image database directly from the design environment.
In case the above resource is not enough, Font Awesome is a library of pictograms that show common web-related actions. This handy tool allows you to quickly create seamless SVG-based patterns to use as website backgrounds. For a more dynamic design, uilang is a UI-focused programming language that helps you add interactive elements to your site. Speaking of things that move: The Impulse JS library gives you the tools to create dynamic physics animations right on your website. In case you didn’t know, IDE stands for “Integrated Development Environment.” These usually consist of at least a source code editor, build automation tools, and a debugger.

To quote one of my developer friends “Best IDE EVER!” WebStorm offers code auto-completion and on-the-fly error detection. From the same maker as WebStorm, this IDE is also more focused on JavaScript and different Java environments. The AMPP part of XAMPP stands for “Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl.” The application lets you create an offline server on your computer for development outside of a live site. Maintained by Harry Roberts, a frontend architect from the UK, CSS Guidelines provides advice on how to properly code manageable and scalable CSS.
Do you ever find yourself wishing you didn’t have to write all that WordPress code manually but that an app could do it for you?
When installed on your WordPress site, this plugin will add a debug menu to the admin bar that shows query, cache, and other debugging information. This plugin checks your theme with the same automated testing tools WordPress.org uses for theme submissions. With a multitude of browsers and devices available today, a website has to work in many environments.
A product by Adobe that allows you to preview your site across multiple devices at the same time.
Talking about spending time for clients: If you are having a difficult time with the legal side of business, Shake might be able to help. With more and more people in the WordPress game, the number of tools available to developers is steadily increasing.
Read previous post:10 UX Design Mistakes to AvoidIn last two years, UX design gain on popularity and became well known discipline among people. While most of the libraries are free and open source, some of them provide a paid version with additional features.
Read previous post:85+ Inspiring Websites with Large Background ImagesBig background images are extremely trendy in modern web design. You should have a good knowledge of Drupal and a good vocabulary of CSS to take advantage of this tutorial.
We start by adding a new flat Rate shipping service and add rules to apply to all orders and that ends at a pre determined time.
We start by adding a new flat Rate shipping service and add rules to apply to all orders and for a select time period.
With just 3-4 hours of practice you can learn the basic setup and primary purposes of using Angular in your websites. The layout itself remains static, changing the size of every element to maintain a consistent appearance. This is achieved by using relative units such as ems to overcome the problem of shrinking text. The design can be broken by the user scaling it. But this does not always work perfectly if the display area is wider than the break point, but too small to display all the menu items in a single line.
The first is to reduce the number of items displayed horizontally on the navbar by sorting them into categories and sub-categories. You can then use drop-down items to display the sub-categories when a category is selected. Anyone can start from a complete novice and become self-educated based solely on the dozens of free resources online. Initially the art may have required heavy amount of schooling, but due to an increase in the number of web based applications the craft can be learned on the job with access to the right tools. Some are smaller, some bigger, yet all of them are designed to make the life of those building websites with WordPress a little easier.
They enable you to view and edit the HTML and CSS of any site, debug JavaScript, and more directly from your browser window.
It has much of the same functionality as the developer tools and allows to you make live changes to any page. That’s why this extension stores your login information and gives you direct access to the main pages of all your sites. You can have all the functionality you want, if your site is unappealing, visitors will get the hell out of there. You can download the entire stack for free as scalable vector icons and customize them to your liking via CSS. Find icons from different font icon libraries (including Font Awesome) and only download the ones you need.
Falling, springing, bouncing, accelerating and decelerating—make your objects move around the screen at your will. To be honest, I don’t use these myself, but I’ve polled the developers in my environment and the below candidates came out on top.
However, at the same time it also offers a bunch of developer tools for those working with HTML, CSS and PHP.
It allows you to pull JavaScript, HTML, and CSS from different sources (including GitHub) for quick proofs of concept as well as larger web applications. It allows variables, mixins, functions, and other shenanigans to optimize your coding process. WordPress.org is involved with the development of this plugin, so the quality should be good. This allows you to make sure everything is up to the latest practices and standards before handing it in to the WordPress repository. Since nobody can expect designers and developers to have the hardware for every different use case, testing tools that can act “as if” come in handy.

Wirelessly connect multiple iOS and Android devices to your computer, see results from code changes in real time, and grab screenshots from any connected device. Test your website on desktop and mobile devices at the same time with synchronized browsing. Trying to figure out what exactly the problem is can easily result in an avalanche of emails.
Working with and for others requires a wide range of additional tools for communication and workflow. Think of Trello as a digital board filled with index cards that you and others can drag around at will.
Create and share files with others, hold video conferences for free, create surveys, and keep up to date with Google calendar.
Organize project materials, client specs, outstanding invoices, and more. Save anything you find on the Internet with the handy browser extension. Great for sharing material with clients and to access important files from virtually anywhere. From browser plugins over standalone IDEs, to small design resources, it’s never been a better time for those making websites for a living. These libraries will help you create beautiful and customisable charts for your future projects. It is best implemented on Drupal themes that are not 100% mobile device friendly and or, you have created custom themes, regions within your theme or, added custom blocks that to not quite display as you would like them to on all mobile devices and in both portrait and landscape modes. You can make thumbnails of an image in various sizes and then use the thumbnails in other posts "Body" or, the "Summery". It's easy, quick and will make your Drupal content editing a much more enjoyable experience than it already is! As a designer it can be tough getting into JavaScript because it might feel a little bit like programming.
I’ve organized tutorials ranging from the absolute basics to step-by-step guidelines for app development. Applications such as Level UP Tutorials offers free video tutorials for designers and web developers who are new to the art. Where possible I tried to find free tools, but a bunch of premium offerings also made it to the list. To access the tools, merely right click on an element of any webpage and choose inspect element from the menu.
I mainly use it for its ability to display the size of my browser window or set it to custom sizes (very helpful for responsive design). It can also be used for website mockups in JPG or PNG format that have been loaded into the browser. Find out the active theme of any WordPress website with WPSniffer and shamelessly copy their design.
The application compiles a wide host of preprocessing languages (see below) and can refresh browsers across many devices for testing purposes. Pick one of their tools to create whichever WordPress element you need, fill in a form, then copy and paste the code to your site. They allow you to write it up like programming including variables and functions, which are then compiled into valid CSS. To learn more about SASS, check out what Brandon Yanofsky had to say about it here on Torque. It can be used in the browser, via command line, and with a bunch of third-party applications (such as WebStorm). The homepage gives a nice breakdown of all the elements you can omit if working with Stylus. The free service lets you implement up to 50 monitors that will check the sites in question every five minutes. Whether you are managing freelancers or keeping up to date with client feedback, this tool makes it fun.
You don’t have to jump onto every bandwagon and familiarize yourself with every app out there. However for the most creative logos, digital and packaging designs for your company, a simple crash course may seem in-comprehensive.
If you opt for Firebug, be sure to check out the Codeburner extension, which adds reference material for HTML and CSS. The plugin gives you syntax highlighting, auto-completion and other powerful development features right in the WordPress backend. Let users show you exactly what is wrong on the site via screenshots and automatically get information about their browser setup. During such time the expertise of an experienced web design company is what will come in handy.

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