The Marketing Group will be your marketing team for life through successful SEO and online identity recognition. We attract clients not only by virtue of who we are today, but what we will accomplish together tomorrow.
We are located in Geneva, Illinois and specialize in Online Marketing, Web Design, Branding, Social Media and Consulting. Marketing Companies can have a significant impact on the success of a company so we believe hiring us will be the best move your company can make. Creekside Marketing Group is a B2B Marketing Consultancy focused exclusively on industrial manufacturers and distributors. Creating awareness of your comany, products and services is the starting point for any marketing endeavor. Developing meaningful engagement with potential customers begins with demonstrating that you understand their needs. The online environment offers the unique opportunity to effectively measure the implementation and success of your marketing initiatives by analyzing the use and audience of your website. Your analytics need to be taught to give you the data you need to make the right decisions, just because you have analytics, doesn’t mean the data is right.

We will work with you to identify the best web analytics solution, selection of web analytics vendor, implementation, interpretation of statistics, as well as recommendations and conclusions. Having robust analytics doesn’t mean that you can easily find what is working and more importantly, what isn’t working.
Oftentimes, your analytics isn’t even configured properly to tell you the truth of the matter… for example, is your conversion tracking telling you where people are coming from, how long the buying funnel is, where the stop-gaps are, or how to repair the problems? All the data in the world is only useful if you know how to “pull out” the story, and more importantly, what to do with the story once you know it. F5 isn’t about creating deliverables and audits, we are about creating solutions and actions… are you getting that from your data now?
Disney Family Group"F5 Marketing Group gave us great feedback on user experience and ad placements for our site search solution.
I wanted to put together a very brief, short and sweet message to get you thinking about how to succeed over time with your online marketing efforts. A recent survey by 8thBridge, which is a social commerce provider noted that Facebook still tops other social media site like Pinterest and Twitter for sharing!
B2B buyers often need to navigate complex buying processes in order to complete a purchase.

F5 will help you to understand how to use web analytics to supply specific information regarding your target market and marketing investments.
Our clients hire us to develop and execute marketing programs to support growth strategies such as new product launches, new market entries, portfolio refreshes, acquisitions and mergers. We help you identify and clarify your target audience, then put together a tactical plan to reach them where they are. In today’s world, prospective customers are conducting more than 50% of their buying process online before engaging with a sales representative.
While you may have sold them emotionally, if you can’t help them navigate their process you often will miss the sale.

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