Greater efficiency, productivity and sustainability in the glass industry can be achieved – with us as your partner. Our plant-wide automation concept provides maximum data transparency for glass production and processing processes. As a part of our interview series, this time we have with us James Reynolds- an SEO expert from Dubai who is also the founder of Veravo. Building a new business always has its challenges, but the start of my agencies’ journey was especially challenging. After not being paid for three months as an employee in the business I had been managing for 10 years, I decided to set up a marketing agency and go it alone. Unfortunately I forced to let the two properties go early on in the journey, but the pressure I was under forced me to work and it was ultimately that pressure that drove me to the success I enjoy today.
It is important to remember that you do not own your profiles on social media sites and that you should never build your business there since it is a platform for which you don’t have full control.
Almost all the work we do at our search engine optimization company SEO Sherpa is done by is hand, since this provides a far more effective and long lasting result.
Get to know your audience, post regularly and remember that social media is a two-way conversation. Soon, if not already, your website will be seen more often on mobile devices than it will on desktops. James Reynolds is the founder of Veravo which consists of two search engine marketing agencies; SEO Sherpa and Click Jam.

About Latest Posts Lets ConnectPraveen SharmaPraveen Sharma is an internet marketing professional with experience in SEO, SMO and PPC. It is knowledge enables you to reliably boost the efficiency of your plant, optimize your processes, and respond more quickly to current market requirements.
I’m the founder of Veravo which consists of two search engine marketing agencies: SEO Sherpa and Click Jam. I’m also a contributor to several leading publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine and Gulf Business, and I mentor startup companies in my free time. I launched the company with almost zero Internet marketing know-how and large amounts of debt. The first six months were seat of the pants stuff since I was making large payments on two properties I was buying while fully aware that bouncing a cheque in Dubai may result in a prison sentence. But because it is effective there is a tendency for businesses to become too reliant on social media.
In fact I would go as far as saying that how your website performs on mobile devices is more important than how it performs on desktop devices. They offer payoffs all along the value chain and clear benefits for plant operators and machine builders. The concept also provides benefits for machine builders: Safe, standardized interfaces enabling measurably more work efficiency during engineering and commissioning while also optimizing plant availability through added-value services such as remote maintenance.
I’m the host of the Traffic Jam Podcast, a weekly show that teaches strategies on how to build and grow a profitable audience online.

Now, (thankfully) the market is more sophisticated and this has lifted the standards of online marketers. This is very dangerous; Facebook and other social media websites continually update their policies and algorithms. Mobiles and tablets are becoming the primary browsing technology, especially in developing nations where desktop computers are less prevalent. That means if you don’t make your website Mobile friendly, not only will it look bad to mobile users but it will be less likely to be found by all users regardless of device.
They know where people browse on the web and what offers they are most likely to respond to.
He is a contributor to several leading publications and mentors start up companies in his free time. This gives us advertisers the ability to reach an audience in highly targeted and effective ways.

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