Do you create products or organize events for UX professionals or manage a UX team that’s hiring? When you’re starting out as an information architect (IA), being part of a strong community of fellow practitioners helps immensely. A strong sense of community among IA practitioners was the most significant thing that emerged from the workshop. Use high-fidelity wireframes to provide precise design direction; low-fidelity wireframes to allow more design interpretation.
To maintain consistency, create a branded Visio stencil for a project that you can use for all wireframes. A year has passed since our wireframing workshop, and I have developed many a wireframe since then. Wireframes can comprise many different patterns, each of which is a discrete element that provides specific functionality and may include instructive copy, images, text fields, buttons, links, etcetera.
Once you’ve identified the patterns you want to use and started to fill in the high-level page structure, the wireframe might begin to look something like that shown in Figure 7. The patterns that make up the basic page layout for a Web site will be consistent across most pages.
You can illustrate this pattern in detail once, on the first page on which it occurs, then represent it in a generic way on subsequent pages, as shown in Figure 9. An important follow-up step is to gather all patterns together in one central place, for fellow IA practitioners and designers to share. When I think back a year to the wireframing workshop in which I participated, what is most significant is the act of sharing that occurred that day.
I started designing wireframes a month ago, and I believe that creating a shape library is one of the most important things, and if you have the opportunity to share the libraries of other information architects, that could save you a lot of time :) and develop your designs in a different extent. One of the most overlooked aspects of creating a new Dreamweaver web site or updating and editing an existing one is how on earth is that web site and its many web pages going to be found by the major search engines such as: MSN, Yahoo and Google? Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is all about getting your web pages ranking well at the top of what is called the “SERPS” (Search Engine Result Pages). Please join me, your host Richard John Jenkins in a pre-recorded Acrobat Connect Pro webinar on creating Search Engine Friendly Landing Pages.

A little over a year ago, on Sunday, February 22, 2006, I participated in an informal workshop on wireframing techniques that took place here in Toronto. People in that community see value in sharing ideas and practices with those who are new to the field. People shared some wireframing techniques and tricks that I’ll discuss in more detail later. When there is the opportunity to collaborate with a design team, it is wise to create low-fidelity wireframes that designers can interpret and easily modify as work progresses.
Use the same shapes to communicate common interactions across wireframes and across different projects for the same client. At the beginning of our wireframe workshop, the facilitator handed out a tip-sheet of Visio shortcuts.
With the foundation I gained during the workshop, I was able to build my own wireframing model. For example, the Branding Header, Global Navigation, Secure Page, Secondary Navigation, Page Title & Intro, Customer Support, and Footer patterns are included on every page in the flow and look and behave the same, regardless of the purpose of a specific page. So, instead of using lorem ipsum, use real or descriptive copy that communicates what the actual content might be—thus, eliminating the need to provide an annotation describing the content. It allows designers and developers to build Web sites and applications in chunks that they design and code once, then reuse. The willingness of other IAs to share information facilitated the beginnings of my own design process. I think it’s important to share practices more broadly, so I hope in the future we can.
I will stick with almost instant prototyping in Drupal rather than pay a month’s wage for a locked up tool.
Ranking well in the SERPs is all about getting tasty morsels of key word text into your web page code that the spiders and search “bots” can chew on to help index & rank your way cool school web site pages at the top of Google’s search results. Bryce Johnson, Director of User Experience Design at Navantis Inc., facilitated and hosted the workshop at his workplace. This democratization of information is quite astounding in an increasingly competitive market.

Because I needed both flexibility in design and the ability to reuse interactions across many different projects, I have developed the beginnings of a pattern-based design system. Of course, when wireframing in patterns, it always helps if there is a pre-existing library of patterns to draw from, but I have found that getting through the first wireframe reveals most of the reusable patterns. This technique makes wireframe documents simple to update, because typically you represent each pattern just once. Patterns work especially well if you have a team working on a large Web site or multiple sites for one client, because it ensures all wireframes use consistent interactions and design solutions. The most important advantage of Axure against Visio is that it can create interactive wireframes!
The knowledge sharing and the wireframing best practices that emerged from the workshop, plus the sense of community I experienced there, helped me build a foundation as an information architect and got me started on developing my own design workflow.
The wireframing workshop provided an opportunity for participants to introduce different ways of doing wireframes to each other, explore how wireframes factor into different design processes, and get some rookies started with easy tips and tricks. However, the large Application Form section in the center of the page might contain several different dependent or independent patterns and, at this stage, can be represented by a generic box.
Wireframing in patterns does away with the necessity of reinventing the wheel each time and brings greater consistency to our designs. The patterns that reside within that box should appear on subsequent pages of the wireframe. Copywriters and designers need not wade through tables and tables of annotations, but instead can examine patterns to understand the content and functionality of the pages. This post is about the exact opposite–getting *rid* if metadata (and why you may want to) Read on. Thus, I began to understand the role of wireframes in the larger design process, which Figures 1–5 depict.

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