So you’re surfing along through the internet, jumping from website to website, and suddenly your web pages will not load.
In going through cases we have with some customers, we’ve seen a few instances where Internet Explorer does not cache shared static resources. Note that the shared CSS, Javascript, and images are re-requested again on the About page and every other recorded page that uses them. This case makes for a good example of how we can use Load Tester to help us track down the problem. Here, we see that IE does not send an “If-Modified-Since” or “If-None-Match” header, as it normally would do if it was checking a cached file to see if it were stale.
We can see from the headers that the requests are delivered from an IIS 7.5 server, though the headers do not themselves reveal whether or not IIS is serving the files directly, or proxying the requests to an application server. Here, Apache has modified the Date & Server headers, just as the Apache docs said it would. This test was made by recording the “uncachable-page.html”, then clicking back and going to the URL again. Now, all we have to do to fix this is change the server’s local timezone to GMT, which will cause the Last-Modified header to be sent in GMT.
As you may have noticed from the initial screen shots, we initially observed this behavior coming back with IIS 7.5 headers. It is interesting that the Apache httpd server (version 2.2) rewrites the Last-Modified header with a GMT timezone, which proactively corrects this problem.
When a server is sending a cachable static resource, and the browser is not caching it, it seems clear that there is a bug somewhere. Localization standards also seem to discourage use of three character timezones (except for GMT), citing examples where codes are not internationally standardized, and in some cases lead to ambiguity.
We’ve shown how a misbehaving server sending Last-Modified headers for static files using a timezone other that GMT results in Internet Explorer treating static files as uncachable.
Try upgrading your web & application servers, as it may be likely this problem has already been corrected in a patch update. Users who have an Apache web server in front of their application servers may find that Apache corrects this problem automatically.
When all else fails, changing the local time zone on your server to GMT will probably make it do the right thing.
I hope that this helps other users understand this problem if they’ve seen it in their own sites.
Our experienced performance engineers have tuned hundreds of systems for companies large and small, and know just where to look, saving you time to market and money. Step 3 – Disable all non-essential programs that start upon reboot for the Windows OS except for the computer’s anti-virus or computer security software and save the settings. Step 4 – Open Windows Control Panel, click “Start,”  “Settings,” then “Control Panel” in order to restart the computer.
Step 5 – Choose “Add or Remove Programs” then select the “Microsoft Internet Explorer” menu choice.
Step 6 – Choose “Repair Internet Explorer” then click “Ok.” This forces the Windows OS to scan the copy of Internet Explorer installed on the computer for errors and to automatically repair the issues discovered. Step 7 – After Windows is repaired, double click the “MY Computer” icon on the computer’s desktop. Step 8 – Right-click the “C” drive on the computer and choose the “Defragment” menu option.
Make a new account from the User Accounts section of Control Panel, log into it and try the same sites again under the various browsers. If you could explain it a little further, just to satisfy my curiosity, that would be cool. Today’s internet speeds are staggeringly fast in comparison but your pages need to load blindingly quick. Low quality and cheap hosting will have an effect on speed, especially shared servers which host thousands of sites. This is a frustrating situation to be in, so here are a few things you can do to try to get back to your favorites websites.Check Your Internet ConnectionYour internet connection should be the first thing you check for this problem. Note also, these files don’t come back with a 304 (Not Modified), but instead the full content of the file is sent over and over again through a HTTP 200.
For end users, the browser must load more, and users must wait longer for each page to render.

Thus, even though IE is re-requesting the file, it is requesting it the same way as if it had never requested the file before.
Our first step to replicate the environment is to set up our own IIS 7.5 server, and allow it to serve the files directly. The other headers appear the same – except for the Last-Modified header, where Apache has modified the time zone. The file “uncachable.html” is the only file where the Last-Modified is written using the local timezone.
Using current versions of FireFox and Chrome, it appears that both browsers will accept local time zones and cache the responses.
Thus, it would seem users using the Apache webserver as their front-end may also escape having this problem.
This in turn leads to Internet Explorer users consuming substantially more bandwidth from the server than would be reasonably expected otherwise. We'll run your website through a complete performance evaluation, then tell you exactly how many users your site can support, including such important details as the effects of "the last mile." We'll also pinpoint potential problem areas and give you a full report detailing what needs to be fixed and where. The software is bundled with the Windows operating system (OS) and is one of the oldest browsing software brands on the market.
If the computer’s hard drive was not defragmented recently, this step may take several hours to complete.
After a successful operational test, consider adding third party applications to the computer’s start-up options in single additions. The sites I frequent most are not displaying properly in any of the browsers I use: IE, Firefox, Safari. Yahoo, MSN, and Facebook will actually load, except they take an extremely long time (like back to the dial up days) and they only display an abridged, text only version. I finding the same problem with Facebook and PayPal displaying in a text only mode, like it failed to grab a CSS file from somewhere when it tries to load.
If your web page does not fully load within a few short seconds, research shows that a large percentage of users will leave your site.
As web developers we had to optimise everything for size and speed – otherwise a page could take minutes rather than seconds to load.
The increase of mobile use has pushed this trend, with consumers often having slow bandwidth and limited data contracts. The templates we are introducing now are totally free with remarkable capabilities like flat design, responsive layout, jquery sliders and so on. A router (the device that connects you to the internet) in your place may have been turned off, disabling the internet. Normally, the browser should load these files once, and not need to request them again within the same user’s session. For servers, it means Internet Explorer users are consuming much more bandwidth than would normally be expected. The response headers seem pretty mundane though: there are no “Cache-Control” or “no-cache” directives, and a “Last-Modified” date is supplied, though an ETag is not. Since we’ve tested IIS earlier, it seems unlikely that the difference in the server header is causing this behavior. So far, we have not found any other browser that does not cache files served with a local time zone other than IE.
Of course, if you have any questions, our friendly support staff will be available to answer them!
A common problem that Windows users face is how to properly deal with Microsoft Internet Explorer not responding while they surf the web despite the ongoing development and upgrades Microsoft Corporation makes to the browser. Actually restored system back to 2 different dates where Facebook worked fine and the problem persisted.
The problem persists throughout all the browsers I have (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), and has not resolved through the methods suggested thus far.
Totally free doesn’t make it any bad as you can see most of these html templates look like premium templates. Testing the customer’s system again, we still get current date headers back, and we can rule out the Date header too. Further testing shows that this behavior is consistent for current versions (at the time of this writing) for both IE 8 and IE 9. After trying a similar configuration using a current version of ColdFusion both directly and behind IIS, we were not able to replicate the behavior.

We have took a small extra time to get new HTML templates in this fascinating listing of freebies.
Thus, it would seem that upgrading the application server resolves the problem in this case. Down load, share these templates with your friends and you have complete flexibility to modify the concept to your venture demands without any attributions. As with IIS, we still see the Internet Explorer will request static files only once per session.
Significant excellent concept with retina completely ready solutions may perhaps be of desire these times for vast majority of the viewers and you can obtain numerous template remaining remade for this solution alongside with responsive layout.In this article you will obtain all over fifty free responsive html5 css3 internet site templates which can be employed on your new internet site to change, generate significant excellent templates of your have without working from scratch. Be it for portfolio sites, program & product app landing pages, corporate internet site demonstrating solutions, uncomplicated web site, pictures galleries or even searching sites you can use this brilliant established of templates we have launched for you to create just about anything imaginative. Get again to us if you obtain any new HTML five template for free and share with us in the comments under.
It could be that the hosting provider for the website (the company that maintains the domain name on the internet) is experiencing a downtime.
Or it may be that the website (the company that the website belongs to) is now out of business.If you find that you cannot access other websites like Google, chances are that your own internet connection is at fault. With a clear design layout carried out with a a few column regular layout and attractive parallax effects to completely show the page.
If you use a wired connection, check to see that the two ends of the cable is connected properly and the router is turned on.If you are using a wireless network, you can find on the bottom-right corner of your screen that you are not connected to any wireless networks.
Click on the bars icon to look for available wireless connections around your area and connect to the one you are familiar with.
If the connection is encrypted, input the password to gain access to the network.Once you are connected to a network using a cable or wireless connection, wait for a while for the connection to take effect into your computer and try connecting to the desired web page(s) again.
If you are still having a problem, the possible cause may be bad hardware in the computer, cable, or router, which may require the help of a professional.Additional HelpHopefully this guide has helped you find your problem. If not, TalkLocal will connect you with up to three local computer technicians who are available to help you when you need them.
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For some it maybe a passion to showoff but for some others its a strict portfolio show of their tasks.
Developing a responsive internet site has turn out to be less difficult these times with most recent frameworks and as a result only issue to look out in a internet site is performance. Then this might be a likelihood to get a free template for your enterprise web page having a totally unique handcrafted design.
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