Asterisk Password Recovery is a universal password recovery tool that allows you to show passwords hidden under asterisks in password fields! In addition to supporting high resolution printers, our component prints extremely accurate barcodes on high-speed, low-resolution printers such as the 203 DPI printers.
The DataMatrix-ActiveX Control supports data binding so you can bind fields in a database to the Control and generate barcodes for each data record automatically. Developers intending to distribute our control with their applications will be glad to know that all functionality of each barcode control is implemented in a single, small file. DataMatrix-ActiveX can be used as ASP server component for IIS to create barcodes dynamically on the server.
Our control was created in Visual C++ using ATL, the file size of the controls is very small (which makes them easy to distribute), they use less CPU cycles than other controls and give greater performance.

The DataMatrix Barcode ActiveX Control allows you to save bar codes to disk in all major graphics file formats including GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, EMF, WMF. This functionality is automatically achieved in the component by drawing the symbol according to the resolution of the printer. The data binding capability makes it trivially easy to produce reports and labels containing bar codes using any database that supports ActiveX technology including Microsoft Access or Visual Basic. To do it, you should install DataMatrix-ActiveX on this computer (a Single User License is required), after that you can create barcodes in IE. The GIF, PNG and JPEG capabilities allow the control to be used as a bar code graphic engine on a web server. It supports advanced encoding and error checking with Reed Solomon error correction algorithms.

The barcode will be created on the server as PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF or BMP image and sent to the browser.
The test revealed no memory leaks at all together with a high RPS rate (requests per second). No temporary files will be created on the server and the client does not need any plug in's.

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