The circuit I have designed is an inexpensive web radio player with high quality stereo sound. The WebRadio player is controlled by two switches for going to the next or previous radio station.
So far, the WebRadio player supports sound streams up to 64-kbps (audio streams over internet). The WebRadio player  successfully managed to play  320 kbps mp3 audio streams that are stored on my local network! Open the WebRadio_player.ino sketch and change the IP and Port numbers you copied previously. William Dudley had made some modifications to the webradio player by adding new features. You can toggle the SH (shuffle) and RPT (repeat) buttons to shuffle between the playlist and repeat the entire playlist for continuous playback.
This site and the music is very lightweight on your computer's resources, meaning you can play from the site in the background with nearly no interference to any further work carried out on your computer. Readon TV Movie Radio Player contiene cientos de canales de television y radio de todo el mundo.El programa trae a tu ordenador en directo la senal por satelite de gran cantidad de cadenas de television.
Estamos trabajando para mejorar el sitio, y brindarles a nuestros usuarios la mejor experiencia posible, durante este tiempo se pueden experimentar fallos y repentinas caidas en el sitio, desde ya agradecemos la comprension y paciencia saludos! We are proud to present the new radio player with thousands of preinstalled radio stations!

Neste tutorial irei ensinar como colocar o player de web radio fixo no topo do Blog, simples e pratico. To listen these radio stations you will need a personal computer or tablet or smartphone or a stand alone web radio player. That WebRadio has 14 pre-defined radio stations that can be replaced with the radio stations of your choice by re-programming the modified sketch to the arduino pro mini. Choosing radio stations that broadcasts AAC sound streams instead of mpeg (mp3) will give you the best sound quality.
The ENC28J60 is connected to the webradio server, sends the request and waits for response from the server. The VS1053B automatically recognizes the kind of the received format, decodes it and outputs it to the speakers. Using the time guideline ( 2 ) in the playlist (which opens in a new browser window) you can drag the progress bar ( 3 ) to any point in the program (provided it has loaded into the player). The only condition is that you have a broadband connection to stream the music comfortably! With the receiver loaded to your computer (a very small bit of software) you can hear the show as it happens! The response will be the header information of the radio station followed by the audio stream (mp3, aac etc). On LCD is appeared the WebRadio station number (1-14) and the first 122 characters of the server header response.

That will cause some delays in audio playing in case the internet connection between the server and the webplayer is not fast enough.
Solucion: los usuarios que no son capaces de reproducir cualquier video PPStream utilizando versiones anteriores de Readon Jugador puede ser capaz de jugar con esta version. Los usuarios que tienen este problema deben ir a los archivos-> Configuracion y ajuste "de conversion de la fuerza local para el SPP"2.
IMPORTANTE: Todas las versiones anteriores del reproductor de Readon ahora no puede informar los canales de muertos y nuevos a nuestros servidores.
Esto se debe a que en todas las versiones anteriores, estamos utilizando Gmail para enviar datos a nosotros. Vamos a desactivar deportes en vivo para todas las versiones anteriores de Readon Player en una fecha indefinida en el futuro. Ciertos de Windows Media Streaming url (url constante cambio) solo funciona en la version actual.5.

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