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This article describes how to subscribe the Web Service into the COM+ Event System using the C# language.
The Web Services are a url-address driven resources to perform a specific application service.
The concept of the LCE Web Service is based on using the Web Service proxy as a subscriber to the Event System.
The Event System is a consumer to the Subscriber Web Service to invoke the Web Method in the callback manner. The implementation of the LCE system using Web services is based on the loosely coupled design pattern contracted by the Event System interfaces and Event Meta class. This assembly contains all abstract definitions useful for publisher and subscriber components. Enable properties for object construction and set the construction string for the url address of the Web Service Subscriber.
Then start these applications and check if the number in the Pooled column of these components is 10. Each time when you click the Invoke button (with some parameters) on the Publisher page you can see the Trace messages on the DebugView screen. In this example is shown how simple can be the Web Services integrated into the Event System using the LCE design pattern. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. It can and should be used any time two systems (apps, machines) need to exchange information, basically. Your ultimate destination is the MSDN Developer Center for WCF which has a ton of tutorials, articles, sample code, screen casts, videos and much more.

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The LCE system during the run-time is driven by the abstract (meta class) of the Event Class and data of the Subscriptions (which it represents a logical connectivity) stored in the Event System.
This abstract is built into the common assembly and installed into the Global Assembly Cache.
There is only one simple Web Method - WriteLogMsg, which has to have the same method signature as the Event Class (it simplified the SOAP formatting). Note that the Event Class component has to be installed in prior (see the proxy static method RegisterSubscription implementation). You can play more with the Publisher and Subscriber to verify capability of the loosely coupled design pattern and asynch processing in the local, over Internet and mix environments. This question is ambiguous, vague, incomplete, overly broad, or rhetorical and cannot be reasonably answered in its current form.
This is great network distributed system developed by Microsoft for communication between applications.Here you can find the good tutorial about WCF.
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If you have any ideas concerning how you wish to use web commercials to reach your prospects, please share them with us. The application business behavior can be notified using a loosely coupled event (LCE) system supported by COM+ services. From the application model viewpoint they are handled by the Publisher respectively Subscriber component.
The Web Method is mapped back and forth between them using the SOAP technologies on the http communication channel. In this event notification sample, the Publisher and Subscriber are running in the asynch design pattern, which it will make a full process isolation and concurrency on the Subscriber side (using the queueable object).
Using the LCE Web Services in the distributed event driven architecture is full transparent to the application components, which they can be developed incrementally and independent.
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In the Web notification design, the persistent subscription is the better choice, where each event call will initiate a new instance of the stateless subscriber (using the poolable object). The other advantage of the persistent subscription is its lifetime in the Event System store.

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