May 20, 2013 by Eric DyeIf you like clean lines and minimal design, you’ll like these three minimal web UI element kits. These kinds of resources can save time and even provide some inspiration for your next web design project. Thanks for the various assets, I do love any posting with the best of anything (especially title FREE!).
The 3D Isometric Map Mockup and Pinball Responsive Grid Style Blog PSD really caught my eye as I scrolled through the entire list.
I want to contribute my grain of sand to a website, where you will find them a lot of free resources for designers, free, current and full of quality.

Web design is getting better by the day and as you all probably already heard, Microsoft is about to release new version of Windows that brings us entirely different approach in UX experience and design called the Metro UI Design.
As a web designer I was searching for ways to implement Metro Web UI Design great design philosophy into my own work and found a lot of different Metro Web UI Design resources that were already available on the web.
I ended up developing my own  metro web UI Design resources becouse I was working on a very special enterprise application that needed a lot of custom work. I spend most of my time as Programs Director for Open Church, but you'll also find me as a writer and editor for ChurchMag and ChurchMag Press. In the last 2 months, I took on the task of compiling the newest free, high-quality web and UI design resources I could find that feature the latest design trends (flat UI, long shadows, iOS 7, minimalism, etc.).

Microsoft spent a great deal of money and invested a lot of research and work hours into developing a completly new Metro Design Pattern that is about to replace the old UI with classic bar button pattern.
I am a design freak and I love to watch and use great products and I must admint that I am very impress with the way Microsoft made their new concept look like and I think this is one of the most trending news in web designers world at the moment and in near future.

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