We do the complete range of video production services and can help you create: Product Review films, web based Product Presentations, Company Testimonials via web clips, Company Interviews and talking Head films, Comedy Sketch viral clips and Music Videos.
We offer the complete solution for online video and web video films, from concept and shooting through to uploading and promoting.
We have used the Online Video Company for all of our vox pops work and event coverage: top draw brilliant work.
With a quick turn around and options to suit any budget, The Online Video Company is for you. A new and exciting company formed in 2011, we have a full product studio and online video team. We had three new leads for our App Design services that came direct from the videos that the OVC did for us just a few days after uploading them. Given the importance of rich content like video to search rankings, we'll be working with the Online Video Company on a regular basis. Naya 'N' Purana-A free e classified site targeted towards Indian Audience with categories ranging from mobiles to electronic appliances,real estate to Vehicle and much more.
Looking for high quality video in SharePoint that is accessible on any device, easy to manage and that works with all of your existing SharePoint functionality? Ravnur’s Media Manager for SharePoint gives you more than just the ability to view high quality video. The Ravnur player delivers high quality adaptive bitrate streaming video exactly where you need it.

When commenting is enabled, user comments posted in SharePoint are synchronized with the Ravnur Video Platform, making them immediately available to any publishing point.
Ratings, like comments, can be enabled and are synchronized with the Ravnur Video Platform so that ratings made in SharePoint contribute to the item’s overall rating.
The videos published to SharePoint from the Ravnur Video Platform can be managed in SharePoint. Users can upload media items directly to the Ravnur Video Platform via the in-page uploader. Ravnur sells its solutions through its certified partners and offers its partners an attractive partner program.
Below is the user manual for new series player themes: Featured List Series, Single Video Series and Thumbnail Style Series.
Besides, we have also prepared new player themes: Featured List Series, Single Video Series and Thumbnail Style Series.
These new series player themes: Featured List Series, Single Video Series and Thumbnail Style Series have the similar parameter settings (some have the same), but they are different from the settings of all previous player themes.
You already know that web films and videos are everywhere on the net but did you know that we can help you to make sure that your viral clips and online videos not only look great but are ultra-affordable. Our web and online video production team are up to date with the latest video, web and social media trends and this is just one of the reasons why The Online Video Company can help you.
Using video and social media, the project proved to be highly effective in engaging online audiences and increasing brand contact.

With Ravnur’s Media Manager for Microsoft SharePoint you can add video and other multi-media assets to SharePoint. You can view videos and playlists, add audio podcasts, enable commenting and ratings, display custom metadata, upload from SharePoint to the Ravnur Video Platform and manage the media items published to SharePoint.
Attributes, settings and permissions can be customized for the SharePoint site without changing the global attributes in the Ravnur Video Platform. Once in the system, the video can be published to SharePoint or any other authorized publishing  endpoint. We offer our customers a leading cloud-based enterprise video content management solution based on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud services platform.
After you change the parameter, click preview button and click to play video to preview the changed effect and you may notice that the button color has been changed. After you change the parameter, click preview button and click to play video to preview the changed effect. The Ravnur Media Manager runs in Microsoft Azure so there is no burden on SharePoint storage or servers.

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