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Google Search is the most used search engine on the planet, with approximately 900 million unique visitors each month. Google Docs, or Google Drive, is an online equivalent of Microsoft Office that can be used to store files in a cloud and share documents among multiple people to be edited by them. Google Sites is a free, easy to use tool designed to enable people to create websites without any knowledge of more in depth features.
Slide Rocket lets you create presentations online and share it with other people with a gmail account.
One of the more interesting quarterly earnings calls to watch carefully is going to be Time Warner’s in two weeks. More importantly, though, is what AOL’s performance will mean for the attempts Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes has tirelessly been making to trade it away.
Last quarter’s results were not too promising, to say the least, and it was due in large part because AOL dragged Time Warner (TWX) down badly. There were declines in both revenue and operating income at AOL, which were luckily offset by strength in Time Warner’s cable television and movie studio divisions.
AOL saw its revenue drop to $1.1 billion, a 16 percent dip, with operating income off 36 percent, to $230 million. Time Warner began to separate the two sides of AOL, an effort still in process, in order to sell them both off. John Malone of Liberty Media (LINTA) said this summer that he would make a swap for the cash-generating access business, and there is also Earthlink (ELNK) and United Online (UNTD) in that mix.
And, principally these days, Yahoo, with which Time Warner has been locked in endless discussions about a possible merger for months. But, while every week the AOL side leaks the breathless news that the union is just about to be struck, that has yet to come to pass. Still, even this past week, various execs from both companies have been meeting, discussing what the new Yahoo-AOL combo might look like. The deal, on some level, makes sense, putting together the top graphical ad businesses online and uniting powerful content assets, as well as dominant online communications offerings. The pair also share a strong relationship with search powerhouse Google (GOOG)–it owns five percent of AOL and does its search, and is trying to launch a controversial search ad outsourcing deal with Yahoo.
Of the pair, despite its weak results last week and endless turmoil over the last year, Yahoo (YHOO) is decidedly the stronger business, with obvious prospects of revival.
But its moribund stock, now hovering in the $12 a share range, has put a damper on talks, given how much Yahoo would have to give up to get AOL. For its part, Time Warner is foolishly holding onto an $8 to $10 billion price tag from days long gone by. In 1999, you can see Google realizes its search engine can stand on its own, and focuses on something the competitors at that time were slowly losing: total focus on search, with a completely uncluttered homepage.
In 2000, after having survived the Y2K bug (and about to be surviving the dotcom crash), Google localizes with a language box, and also offers jobs and an About page highlighted with blue bullets. In 2002, Google changes its mind about where to put additional links (which grow in number), and introduces blue tabs on top of the search box. In 2004 (here showing with an Olympics logo), Google got rid of its tabs on top of the search box, making the page simpler again, while taking their company public.

In 2006 (the year Google somewhat lost their innocence due to search censorship cooperation with the Chinese government), chances are high you’re logged into one of the many Google services with your Google Account.
In 2009, the Google search box and buttons got bigger, and there’s more spacing in-between the buttons. In late 2009, Google rolls out one of their biggest changes so far: a clutter-free homepage showing only the logo, search box and two search buttons. In June 2011, Google turns their top navigation bar dark (the bar had been reintroduced a while ago after the ultra-minimalist, fade-in from white design had ended).
You know that whichever sites you visit, or whatever you search on the net is stored in your browser history, right? We talked about turning on private browsing in Firefox permanently so that no one can see your browsing history. If you are an Internet Explorer user then you can delete history by going to Tools->  Internet options. Note that IE will delete all your save password so if you don’t want to delete it, click the buttons one by one except “Delete passwords” button. Now check all the box except “clear saved passwords”(if important passwords are saved in Chrome that is).
You deleted your Google search history from IE, Firefox and Chrome browser, but still there are some reasons to worry about.
If you aren’t logged in, then Google cannot record your web history (well, officially at least). When you click on Remove items link on the left, Google will again ask your login credentials and when you enter it correctly, a remove button will appear. In this way you can delete all the traces of Google search history from your computer and Google server. Well, in the digital space, it’s because of its long-suffering online unit AOL and what results it will show. There were more subscribers lost from its slowly dying dial-up Internet service–incredibly AOL has lost 14 million in the last three years. What was not so figured out was how badly its business would be struggling to make a better margins from advertising, even as its access business dwindled.
So, if a Yahoo-AOL deal is to be struck, sooner or later, for Time Warner, it had better be sooner. Along with the Madrid bombings years later, this would be about the only time Google shows news and support links on the front-page.
Above the search box, Google now shows you how many pages they search through (another feature that didn’t survive). The index size is now advertised in the footer position, and the three links to the right side of the search box are what we’re having today (advances search, preferences and language tools).
Not much else is new on the homepage, but the index size increased a whalopping 1 billion pages (not a huge increase by today’s standards perhaps, but those were different times only three years ago).
That means you’ll also be seeing the somewhat awkwardly positioned personalized links pane in the top right. The context navigation links now adjust to where you are, meaning they’re context-sensitive but also inconsistent (a potential issue from the point of view of usability). In fact, your Google searches are stored online too (if the web history in Google is enabled).

The advantage is that it is searchable and you could lookup the site you visited, or the search term you used, if you are having a hard time recalling things. This tutorial explains how to go about deleting your Google search history through your browser and Google account manually. Click on “Delete History” button if you want to delete record of all the websites you visited.
Go to Tools-> Clear Recent History or simply press Ctrl+Shift+Del button of your keyboard. Remember that if you are logged into Google sites like Gmail or Orkut then you are automatically logged into your Google account and Google could record your web history easily.
You can click on “Pause” link on the left pane to stop Google to record your browsing data and on Remove Items to delete all your saved web history. Search Engine Optimization has the lowest cost per sale acquisition than any form of advertising, online or offline!
It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.
Also, right on the front-page you could subscribe to the now extinct Google Friends newsletter. Now if I had to put a date on it, I’d say 2001 was the year when truly every internet surfer (and their mom) would start to get to know about Google, but of course its growth was steady ever since it began. Also in 2002, one of the first (the first?) weblog on Google started, and it soon became highly popular. This approach scales a little better, but still only the most popular Google services (by the traffic they get, from what we know) will ever make it on the select few homepage links.
After testing several prototype variants of this design to random users, this is the one Google decided performs even better for people in the long run, once they got used to it. Click on Delete password button, if you want to delete cookies, temporary internet files, form data and passwords. We recommend you to check Browsing and Download History, Form and search history, Cookies, Cache options. You can clear it by typing any letter in the search box and then clicking on “Clear History” link. If you are too concerned about your privacy then you could go all the way and clear Google web history. When you search for elvis presley, for instance, the search types web, music, video and images will be suggested, but when you search for iraq, the suggestions will be to further research in news, blogs, video, maps and images.
If you are signed into your Google account then click on Settings-> Google Account Settings. More than 85% of all Internet purchases begin with a search engine, but 93% of these consumers do not look past the first two pages of search engine results. 33% of users think that if a company has a top ranking on a search engine, it is a leader in its field.

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