What better way to promote your mobile app to our visitors who are already browsing from their phones! This ad is only shown on the mobile optimized version of our website, which accounts for more the 500,000 monthly impressions. This is a premium size ad located below the fold, in the right sidebar adjacent our list of expert writers. Note: if we have not reviewed your app we can place your app with brief version of the description found on Google Play.
This premium creative advertising allows your brand to literally take over our website background and header area! Do you have a smaller budget but want the same advertising performance impact as the Website Takeover? This ad is placed just below the fold right under the Big Box in the sidebar on every page of our website.
Although we place this near the bottom, it does offer full share of voice and is massive in size (950?100 pixels!) Get Started! Insert your 15 second video ad in our next video (plus it is a one-time fee for the life of the video)!
Insert your 30 second video ad in our next video (plus it is a one-time fee for the life of the video)! This option combines Annotations with 30 second video ad, your brand embedded in the video lower thirds, in a addition to our host announcing, “Sponsored by YOUR COMPANY” We can provide our video schedule so you can Get Started! Video Specs: We prefer full HD 1080p video ad, we can accept standard definition 480i or 480p (note the visual quality degradation will be visible).

Prices subject to change without notice, updated monthly based on website traffic & popularity. AndroidTapp is the best Android App Reviews, Android Apps, Android News, Android App Recommendations, and Interviews with mobile app developers. Shocked Website Design Business Cards Print Advertising Online Marketing – about design wallpaper size Website Design Business Cards Print Advertising Online Marketing, . You are cordially invited to attend a Community Group meeting with coaches in your local area.
You can find us on the first page of Google search results (often times outranking original creators of the apps or app store listings).
We recently launched our own Android app, Best Android Apps, which recommends the top apps in a beautiful and curated guide. You write the content that is unique, relevant and catered to our audience and the article will stay on our site permanently. Get Started!This ad is placed below the fold right under the Sidebar Premium placement and shown on every page of our website. The more you update your site and make the pages change, the more you get indexed by the search engines. If content is difficult to generate for you, site updates should be done carefully so you don’t waste the content you do create.
If you have a retail site and you added a bunch of new products, I do not recommend posting a link to each product at the same time. Our loyal reader base consists of consumers who genuinely want to know about, gain help & support for, plus download and buy Android Apps.

This is prime targeting oppurtunity to place your app, game, service or brand in front of an engaged audience. This is a premium placement located above the fold just under our member registration form. Promoted Post allows your app review on our desktop website, mobile website and mobile app to stay pinned near the top of the list of app reviews. We assume there will be link(s) to your sponsor thus they must be relevant and are subject to approval. If they see you’re frequently serving up fresh, relevant content, your rank will improve. They will only see the current page and determine if it is different than the last time they were there. The other thing to consider is that not everyone will see one bulk update of products because not everyone is online at that time.
By spacing them out, you increase your visibility to your audience, and you don’t annoy them.

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